Restart Windows 10 diagnostic policy service

1. Use service application or system configuration program

  First, we can use the “Services” application of the Windows 10 system to open the diagnostic strategy service (Figure 1); or we can also open the diagnostic strategy service through the “Services” tab in the system configuration utility.
2. By fine-tuning the registry entries

  Start the Registry Editor, and in the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following path in sequence:
  HKEY_LOCA L_MACHIN E\SYST EM\CurrentControlSet\Services \ DPS
  Next, in the right pane of the window, find the name “Start “‘S REG_DWORD entry. Double-click the item and modify the corresponding numerical data according to the data corresponding to the startup type of the following table. Finally click the “OK” button (Figure 2).
  Note that if you change to the “automatic (delayed start)” type, you also need to create a new item DelayedAutoStart, and set its value to 1 (Figure 3).
3. Solve in the administrator command prompt window

  To control the diagnostic strategy service, execute the following command in the administrator command prompt window to automatically start the diagnostic strategy service:
  REG add “HKLM\SYSTEMC rentControlSet\Services\DPS” / v Start / t REG_DWORD / d 2 / f
  If you want to manually start the diagnostic strategy service, just change the parameter 2 in the above command to 3; if you want to disable the diagnostic strategy service, change it to 4; if you want to set to automatic (delayed start) diagnostic strategy service, change 2, but also to create a command using the following numerical data DelayedAutostar 1 t of items:
  REG the Add “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\DPS” / vDelayed the Autostart / tREG_DWORD / D1 / F
  as from “automatic (delayed start) “To” Automatic “, you need to change the DelayedAutostart value to 0.