Reject the addiction of hoarding, life can be easier

Crazy Hoarders Dana and Lu
Dana and Lu met and fell in love while studying in Barcelona. After a few years of being together, the two were not satisfied with the living conditions at the time, so they negotiated to buy an RV and started traveling in Europe.

Since becoming a travel blogger, the two have traveled very rarely to go home. This kind of life makes people yearn for. They create their own accounts on the Internet and often share their journey experiences. Everything is so beautiful and comfortable. Until one day Dana and Lu returned to their home in New York in the RV, this beauty was broken.

The homes of the two people and netizens imagined them completely different, more like a messy “warehouse”. They have been traveling abroad for a long time and are not at home. They really don’t know where to start when they face strange and familiar items. Fortunately, Dana met Marie Kondo’s “Puzzling Life Arrangement Magic”, and this time she chose to try to get rid of these hoarded items.

Dana and Lu have been travel bloggers for several years, and they continue to meet various new challenges and have new breakthroughs in their hearts. When faced with the problem of hoarding, Dana and Lu became different from before. They no longer chose to escape, but thought about how to overcome it. Affected by the admission queen Marie Kondo, Dana began accepting a house that had lived for more than ten years, which was the first time in history.

Regarding the items hoarded at home, the two seemed to no longer hesitate. Dana gathered all the clothes in the room and started the large-scale throwing “action”. In this process, Dana who throws things is not easy. She feels very sad and reluctant to throw these things away, like an important part of her heart is missing. When faced with clothing full of memories, Dana still suffered from entanglement.

When faced with the fate of items, it is always easy to hesitate whether to throw them away. Many people feel it is a pity to throw them away, so they hug them in their arms for fear of missing them. Once these items that do not contribute to daily life are out of sight, they will gradually fade out of the “home field” of life. No one cares where they are placed, and they have no use to play. After some storage, Dana cleaned up a few large bags of clothes, which can also be donated to people in need, Dana and Lu instantly felt a sense of accomplishment.

In addition to clothing, there are various boxes and shelves filled with books and letters. Even a piece of waste paper from 19 years ago is still left. There is no doubt that this is another pile of emotional objects. Just cleaning a small box, Dana spent 3 hours.

When every corner of the house was cleaned up, Dana and Lu couldn’t believe that this was their own home! The cleanest ever. Cleaned up the bedroom from childhood to the present, from clothes and books to boxes filled with emotional items, completely improved the extremely messy home environment, minimized things, and kept only those things that make Dana happy. It was also because of this brave attempt that I found that throwing objects has such a huge charm. Now Dana feels a lot more relaxed in her heart. She no longer lives in a messy world, doesn’t think about complaining anymore, or feels anxious.

Because of “The Striking Life Arrangement Magic”, Dana learned how to keep valuable items and how to get rid of useless items. These series of actions have become very valuable and let Dana learn to solve it. The problem is not the choice to escape.

Hoarding is a disease that can be cured
Compared with other patients with severe hoarding, Dana and Lu’s situation is still “optimistic.” Some people even hoard tissues, empty bottles, plastic bags, etc., and can’t throw them away. Over time, the home becomes a garbage dump full of debris, and there is no room for movement.

According to the World Health Organization, hoarding is a mental illness. Hoarding disorder is different from over-saving and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a compulsive behavior that over-collects, likes to buy and cannot abandon items. Serious people may also cause depression and serious anxiety.

Hoarding patients like to collect all valuable things, even worthless items, such as unworn clothes, unused waste items, or even garbage. They cannot give up. Throwing this action is very important for them. Painful and difficult.

The behavior of hoarding is actually a manifestation of mental trauma, reflecting an inner phenomenon of insecurity and extreme emptiness. Perhaps these people are trying to use material to make up for the vacancy in their minds and gain a sense of security. Once they are asked to abandon their things, it takes a lot of time to make choices, and they are prone to anxiety and anxiety. The speed of discarding items is far inferior to the speed of purchasing items. In the long run, the items cannot be thrown away at all, and normal cognition cannot be obtained.

For patients with severe hoarding disorder, they can gradually change their perceptions of themselves through psychotherapy. At the same time, it is very important for the family to give respect and patient guidance. For those who like hoarding, how can we avoid these “hoarding minefields”?

Don’t shop blindly

Think carefully before buying items? : Questions about whether there are similar items at home and whether they are needed or not. Resist the temptation to reduce prices, and don’t hoard a large amount of reduced-price goods crazily as soon as the prices of items are on sale. Generally, these business activities are cyclical, and it is the same for hoarding a small amount of items until the next event.

Get in the habit of cleaning things regularly

Some people become addicted to hoarding, they only collect things and do not develop the habit of throwing things away. It’s easy to lose balance in life when items are “only in but not out”, and unknowingly reduce the quality of life, so when you buy new items, you need to regularly eliminate useless items.

Do not use shopping to decompress

There are many ways to relieve stress, not necessarily at the cost of “impulsive shopping.” When you feel stressed, you can try to switch to a positive and positive way of relief.