Raise a pen

  If it was also a creation-a summer night when I was four years old, my mother held me in front of the door to watch the stars and saw a meteor across the sky. I said, “How beautifully the stars roll down.” I can imagine how surprised my mother was. And it was so funny that she still mentioned it to her friends now and again twenty years later.

  Anyone with children in the family knows, which of the three- to five-year-olds is not a genius. A friend of mine made an early fried egg, and accidentally the yolk flowed out. She called out: “Oops, broken!” Her son who was in kindergarten said, “It’s okay, Mommy, we’ll fix it.” Another friend’s niece told me: “Two small fish in a fish tank, this one is a male fish, that one is a female fish.” He also said seriously, “Because the female fish is wearing a skirt.” There are two thin eyebrows. Every time these little geniuses are so startled, they want to have a child. Just write down the child’s sentence, and it will be enough to produce a good book. So I was always at a loss for babies and children, as if they were magic mirrors, and they reflected me, this monster.
  I remember one time, it was the afternoon of the sun in the early spring. The family was drying the bedding in the yard. There was a female doll in a red cart next to the door. Yuzhuo made a group of fans. After a while, they danced fist for a while. Kick the foot, laugh again for a while, there is almost no pause, every inch is absolutely smart. Her eyes are very enviable, the white porcelain crystal clear blue, is the kind of blue only in the baby’s eyes. I looked at it but felt melancholy, thinking that this moment could not be kept forever, and she would never know. Of course, what I left behind is not counted. In the end, I only saw, knew, and foreseeable. She grew up day by day, and a genius died in Yan, and no one knew it.
  In life, I don’t know how many such moments I want to keep, like the vigorous bang in the Beijing opera, the appearance, like a knife cut off the water-the water flows more. I am very sad to find that for the fleeting moment, there is almost no way to keep it except for the pen. If there is a so-called writing motivation, maybe I am doing this.
  As the saying goes, adults do n’t lose their heart. When I read the sentence “Shadows come to the pool and flowers fall into the shirt” in Yu Xin’s “Chun Fu”, my eyes lit up, and I realized that the heart of Chi Zi was like this. Called Shui Shui Ying, all the creatures came to the pool like a shadow, surrounded by falling flowers, and turned out to be their own family, their own affairs, how lively and happy. “Historical Records” described Liu Bang as “being kind and loving”, and Sima Qian himself was criticized as “too much to endure.” Sure enough, there is no history written like Ranger, Assassin, and Cool Official, which is so beautiful and literary. I never believe that writing good articles with feelings of hatred or oppression can even pretend that some people like to talk about the sense of salvation or the sense of worry. The joy of life and the joy of the material world is such a heart of the naked child, which can not only become an inexhaustible source of creation, but also make people worry and fearless in the stormy waves.