Past life

  One day, walking on Tianshan Road in Shanghai’s Hongqiao Development Zone, two old ladies greeted each other on the side of the street downstairs in an old studio residence. One of them took a small aluminum pan in his hand. The aluminum pan seemed to be old, and the bottom was changed, and there were some pits on the lid.
  The old lady said to the old lady that the bottom of the pot was burnt carelessly when cooking rice. She was about to go to the construction site there and asked someone for some yellow sand to wipe. The two elderly people were talking, and behind them were tall buildings in the development zone.
  The new and clean building materials, as well as the abstract and rational building lines, are like a huge curtain of modern drama. These two old people are vivid. They lead a concrete and careful life, which is the life of the past.
  At that time, life was actually quite meticulous, and everything was considered long-term. In the late summer and early autumn, the cowpea is old and about to go out of the market, and the price will follow. Therefore, the industrious housewife bought baskets of cowpeas, picked them up, and washed them. Then, pierce a long thread with a needle, thread the cowpea one by one, and dry it in the air, so that you can eat it in winter. For the used thread, wash it in clean water, straighten it out, and use it again when the cowpea is dried in the coming year.
  The thread used to sew the quilt should be measured horizontally and vertically, and then cut until it reaches the end. When removing and washing the quilt, take it out one by one, straighten out, wash, dry, and sew on. The lines used by farmers for planting and pulling rice seedlings must be collected even more. It is a one-year plan and can be passed on for several generations.
  Most movie theaters do not have air conditioning, but paper fans are provided in wooden boxes at the ticket gates. Pick up a handful when you go in, and throw it back when you come out, so that the people in the next game can use it again.
  This kind of life nurtures the hope of life. After this year, there will be next year, next year, and the next year, it is not easy to get by. Unlike today, there are disposable utensils everywhere. After you have used something, you have passed it today, but you can’t do it tomorrow. This kind of short-term behavior, not to mention squandering resources, but also squandering the interest of life, is somewhat “confused”.
  During the rainy season, the nylon umbrellas are full of flowers, but most of them are ruined. Either the umbrella was broken, or the surface of the umbrella fell off and turned halfway up. Rain poured down from the non-draught chemical fiber surface. Most of the umbrella was small and had a short handle. People slumped inside to hide from the rain.
  In the past, the umbrella was not as bright and beautiful as it is now, and there are not so many tricks: two folds, three folds, and automatic mechanisms, which opened with a “wow”. Umbrellas at that time were mostly black cloth umbrellas or waxy tarpaulin umbrellas. They were big and sturdy, and when the rain hits, the sound was strong, snapping, snapping, snapping. There is a kind of oil-paper umbrella, which is more colorful, but also more fragile. It will poke a hole if you are not careful. But the wooden umbrella ribs of the oil-paper umbrella are very finely arranged, and people at that time used things very much. Unlike people nowadays, things are inappropriate. At that time, after people used umbrellas, they had to open them to dry them before putting them away. The wooden umbrella bones and handles gradually seemed to be oiled, and the longer they were used, the stronger they became. The iron umbrella bones will never rust. If the umbrella surface is broken, the craftsman who repairs the umbrella will be asked to repair it. They all have a pair of skillful hands, which can be subdued and smooth. Pushing it out is another good umbrella for shelter from wind and rain.
  At that time, there were many artisans, and there were still people who made up bowls! There is a broken bowl, as long as it is not broken into slag, he has the ability to match the stubble, and then put a row of nails, without any leakage. People today sound like a myth. If a child’s ball is broken, he can also find a cobbler to fix it. The rattan chairs, rattan couches, and even the scouring baskets are broken, so I have to find a sealer to repair them. How many good craftsmen there are!
  It’s all gone now, and the result is a pile of waste products. Life is actually much rougher now, with a lot of material being hurriedly swallowed. At that time, life was a bit slow.
  At that time, eating was restricted. For people with good family background, large ribs are also one piece per person per meal; one fish requires one family. At that time, eating a chicken was a big deal, with a grand atmosphere. Now there are too many chickens. I peck at artificial feed from the conveyor belt. I haven’t practiced my legs and feet. The meat is loose and tastes like chewing wax. At that time, a piece of tofu was ordered with brine. Mung bean sprouts are very labor-intensive to eat, and the roots are removed one by one. The current mung bean sprouts do not have roots, are fat, and taste good, but they are not like mung bean sprouts.
  There are so many things now, it seems that they will reproduce, things will give birth to things, and they will continue to grow infinitely. However, there are still so many good things, if you want more, you can only dilute.
  This night, I went to a frequently visited restaurant for dinner, and because of something, I only had two bowls of cold noodles. At that time, the business was booming, and the boss and the mate ran up and down, sending live snakes and fish to the guests for inspection, and then went back. After a while, they served hot fish, shrimps, snakes and turtles. Just don’t give you cold noodles, you won’t be reminded of life and death, and you will be sent away.
  The same is true for business now, which is a one-shot deal. Unlike the more distant past, the guests will get acquainted with each other once they come, and the next time they will be familiar with you. Stores rely on repeat customers, which is the long-term business. It’s not like now, if I did it today, it will close tomorrow, and even a shadow will disappear the day after tomorrow.
  Life becomes hopeless.