Out of the sea of ​​death ice

  In 1984, my country sent a scientific expedition team to Antarctica for the first time. The task was to establish China’s first Antarctic scientific station and conduct a scientific expedition to the Southern Ocean. This was a major event in the field of science and technology in China in the 1980s. The Chinese Antarctic expedition team met at Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost tip of South America, and then took the scientific expedition ship “Xiangyanghong 10” to Antarctica.
  Tuyu storm
  arrived at 1985, this time into the vessel has the Antarctic – latitude 66 ° 33 ‘in the ice. The weather is getting worse and worse, and the wind and waves begin to accumulate strength to exert its power. When the ship completed the comprehensive survey at the southernmost station and turned its bow to sail north, a terrible storm surrounded the ship.
  In fact, the storm started to increase in the second half of the night. The “Xiangyanghong 10” ship broke into the treacherous sea of ​​Belings, and the captain Zhang Zhiting woke up from his dream, went straight to the bridge, and immediately realized that the situation was not good. He picked up the microphone and issued an emergency notice: “Attention! All crew members, close all watertight doors, all crews in the engine room are on duty, and everyone is on duty. Anyone on the ship is not allowed to go on the front and rear main decks without the permission of the bridge… “Although the voice was calm, this unusual order came from the captain’s mouth. All the people on the ship-crew and sailors on duty, greasy mechanics, scientists sorting specimens in the laboratory, busy in front of test tube beakers The laboratory staff, even the crew members who were resting in bed after the night shift, their nerves were as if they were scalded by a soldering iron, and they suddenly jumped wildly. People thought in unison that this was a terrible signal.
  I staggered out of the turbid air cabin, and climbed up the first gangway with difficulty, taking every step I took to prevent falling. The center of gravity is uncontrollable, and the body swayed from side to side, as if drunk and completely lost control. Especially when climbing a gangway, due to the violent shaking of the ship, sometimes the feet cannot be lifted like a chain of iron mounds, and the chest is suffocated, as if climbing to the top of a hypoxic mountain; sometimes on the contrary, the footsteps are brisk and flying, like clouds and fog. , You can jump high in one step, but you must be especially careful at this time. Your hands must be tightly held on the armrests and move up step by step. Otherwise, if you don’t pay attention, you will fall to the ground. I walked to the top floor and pushed open the door of the cab. A strange and tense atmosphere rushed towards my face. There were more people in the cab than usual, but it was silent. All people, from the captain to the helmsman, from the commander-in-chief to the captain’s advisor, all had their eyes condensed to one focal point, which was the sea outside the windshield.
  in front of the Bellingshausen Sea, choppy, a Murder. The windshield was blurred by waves and mist, and a strong center of low pressure was forming above it. The mercury column of the barometer is falling unstoppably, like the blood pressure of a dying patient. The weather forecasters were looking at the falling mercury column, and their hearts were sinking.
  I stayed motionless against the windshield, staring at the rolling waves. The swell was moving towards the bow, like death squads lined up in a neat square, rushing toward our bow one after another. This is a thrilling picture, the strong wind and the sea play tragic military music, and the clang of iron armor and the beast shouts are faintly heard from the roaring wind. The raging waves roared wildly, raising the waves, accumulating a mighty force, raising the head, step by step, and finally attacked the ship’s hair. In an instant, the steel body of the ship was slammed, and its bow was raised high, and the rushing surge was shattered by the sharp bow, immediately like a waterfall falling into the abyss and splashing with silver. The water mist sent out a scream of earth-shaking anger. I saw that the bow of the ship was lifted to the top of a wave more than ten meters high, and then fell into a deep trough. When it finally struggled out of the surrounding waves, the waves suddenly jumped onto the deck, attempting to steal the door and plunge into the ship’s command center…
  It is the first time that many crew members and I have witnessed such a ferocious face of the sea. It is not the lovely “Elements of Nature” praised by Pushkin, nor is it the “Dear Mother” sung by the singers. It is from the heart of the earth. The black magma gushing from the depths was restless for a moment, shaping the rolling peaks as they pleased, and the peaks turned into deep valleys for a while, followed by new peaks and new valleys. Our research ship is in an extremely disadvantaged position. It swayed from side to side, bumped up and down, struggling in the wind and waves.
  The captain Zhang Zhiting had been standing on the bridge for several hours. This cheerful middle-aged man had an unusually stern face and his smile disappeared from his mouth. He lay in front of the windshield, staring at the surging waves, like a statue of a warrior ready to attack. In decades of sailing career, he has experienced countless dangers, typhoons in the North Pacific, dark storms, and many times in the wind and waves. However, this was the first time he encountered wind and waves in the Southern Ocean.
  The air pressure is still dropping. Zhang Zhiting calmly listened to the weather forecaster’s report every 15 minutes. At this tense moment, the forecaster ran to the top of the bridge to make weather observations every 10 minutes. Climbing from the outside gangway to the highest meteorological platform is risking your life.
  Against the wind chop waves
  Zhang Ting eyelids did not even blinking, but the heart was parched intolerable. He clearly knew that at the moment we were involved in a terrible vortex of air currents, and the surrounding swells, like enemies in ambush, had surrounded the ship. And the hurricane above level twelve, like an invisible wall blocking his way. He can’t turn the bow of the ship to escape the terrible trap. Although going downwind is an ideal sailing plan, if the ship deviates from its course at this time, the swelling waves will lift the ship when it turns around. turn.
  Satellite cloud images and weather fax images ruthlessly announced the reality: on the east side of the ship, there is a greater storm and waves, and the low-pressure center is laying terrible traps on the east side; while on the west side, it is getting farther and farther away from the Antarctic continent. The time of wind and wave fighting will be protracted, and the danger will increase unabated. It seems that the only way out is to go against the wind in the direction the surge hits and fight desperately against the wind and waves. This is the only good way to prevent the ship from being overturned by the surge at this moment.
  The ship slowed down and the engine room entered the first level deployment. The radio transmitter pressed the key and sent an urgent message to the motherland thousands of miles away: “My ship is in danger… the whole ship is fighting stubbornly…” At this time, the heart of the ship could not malfunction for a moment. . The 630-kilowatt generator has been combined with two vehicles, and two powerful main engines have also been put into intense operation. Twenty-seven crew members are on duty, from chief engineer to mechanic, closely monitoring every machine in the stuffy engine room. We know that once the machine fails, the consequences will be disastrous.
  Suddenly, a terrible roar overwhelmed the roar of the engine room, and the deck tilted high. This terrible roar came from the stern of the ship, and the stern was lifted up by the surging sky, lifted off the water, and the bow was buried in the deep sea. This is a dangerous moment. The propeller at the stern leaves the sea and rotates in the air at a high speed of 200 revolutions per minute. This is the taboo of sailing-“empty car”. In the event of “empty car”, the main engine’s connecting rod may be broken due to the heavy load, the ship will lose control, and the situation will be out of control. Our boat leans forward and backwards like a seesaw. As long as it loses its balance a little, its own weight and the surging waves will instantly overturn it in the cold water.