Our youth

We are all painters in a hurry, using wonderful brushes to leave brilliant colors on the picture of youth. I spread out the picture scroll and found that it was colorful, and it was painted with vitality, tenacity and stubbornness…

I still can’t forget that summer, the feeling of the breeze blowing the tips of the hair, let alone the news like a bolt from the blue: the first women’s relay group stage, we won third place. After the sports committee announced the result of the game, the classroom was suddenly silent. Obviously, this is not a good place in a group with only three teams. The boys laughed disdainfully from time to time, and more than twenty pairs of eyes looked at each other hurriedly, and they drooped down, each of their faces resembling red tomatoes. And the person on the podium is watching all this silently.

In the early morning of the next day, I was walking across the playground talking and laughing with a few girls, and suddenly I found a familiar figure flashed across, rushing along the runway. Looking closely, it turned out to be the sports committee member of our class! We stepped forward and asked in amazement why she suddenly started running in the morning. She wiped the crystal beads of sweat on her face, looked up at the rising sun, and said: “Because we have youth! Even if we fail, even if we blush, we will never give up youth!” Suddenly, early in the morning. The sun seems to have become warmer, and the sun shines diagonally through the gaps in the leaves, reflecting our eyes brightly.

So, since then, a unique landscape has been added to the playground. More than twenty girls, in the early morning, afternoon, and evening, stepping on the pace of youth, sweating on the playground to their heart’s content. Sometimes we cheer each other up, sometimes we get angry together, and sometimes we share the coolness we bought from the commissary after practice… Our enthusiasm rises as the stopwatch value drops during daily practice.

On the last day of practice, I couldn’t help feeling: “Youth is us, we are vitality, tenacity, and stubbornness!” The girls smiled knowingly, and the breeze blew gently, messing up the hair, and floating the taste of youth.

Huang Tian paid his attention. In the exclamation of the boys and the approving eyes of the teachers, we scored the second best grade in the grade. Nowadays, whenever I see that golden certificate, I will think of that passionate and unforgettable summer. That period of time will always shine in our youth picture scroll.

This is our youth; this is the color of youth. Youth is full of magic and unknown, let us-live up to our youth and move on!

Comment: The author showed us the undefeated youth with beautiful language. The narration is natural and vivid, compact structure, natural coherence, prominent center, rich and real emotion.