Old Love

  Prince Genji was once an amazingly beautiful man. At the age of fifty, he realized that he didn’t have much time left, so he divided up his property, distributed pension money to the attendants, took three faithful servants, and retreated to a secluded temple in the mountains. Ready to be here but the rest of my life. From early morning to dusk, Genji chanted sutras in the dim light of the brazier. Before long, he realized that his vision was declining, and for him, darkness would come before death.
  There are two or three lovers in the past who have asked to live with him this lonely life immersed in memories of the past. The most tender letter was from Mrs. Hua Sanli. She is not of noble birth, and her appearance is not amazing. She has served Genji’s other wives loyally, and has always loved Genji for eighteen years, and has never been impatient for enduring pain. Sometimes Genji would visit this lady at night, although it was as rare as the stars on a rainy night, it was enough to bring light to the unfortunate life of Mrs. Huasanli.
  Since there was no reply to the letter she wrote, she rented a carriage and went to the hut where the lonely prince lived in seclusion. This woman evokes Genji’s sad memories of the past, and for the first time in his life he ruthlessly drove her away. It was the first time in her life that she was so cruel and ruthless. She waited anxiously for Genji to go blind in the distance, like a woman eager to meet her lover anxiously waiting for the night to come.
  After learning that he was almost completely blind, she took off the clothes she was wearing in the city and put on the coarse tutu worn by the village girls, and her hair was braided just like them. After dressing up, she took the car to the place where the prince lived in seclusion. At this time, Genji was wearing an authentic monk’s clothing and was walking along the mountain path. Due to blindness and old age, his face lost its luster, like a lead-grey mirror. Seeing Genji’s appearance, Mrs. Huasanli cried. Genji couldn’t help being startled when he heard the woman’s whimper, and he walked over slowly. He asked anxiously: “This woman, who are you?”
  ”I’m the farmer’s daughter, and my name is the pontoon.” She said in the accent of a countryman, “I went to the city with my mother to buy cloth and pots. , Because I will be married next month. But I got lost on the mountain trail.”
  ”Your clothes are soaked, girl.” The Prince said, putting his hand on her shoulder. The touch of her very familiar hands made her tremble from the tips of her hair to the toes. However, Genji thought she was shaking with cold.
  Genji sighed and said, “I’m a blind man. Girl, you don’t have to be shy, take off your clothes and roast yourself.” In
  this way, Mrs. Hanasari became Genji’s lover again. Early the next morning, she cooked a pot of hot porridge for him, and the prince said to her: “Madam, you are both capable and considerate. I believe that even the prince Genji, who is very lucky in love, is not more tender than you.
  ”My lover.” She shook her head and said, “I have never heard of Prince Genji.”
  ”What?” He cried out in pain, “Is he forgotten so soon?”
  Autumn is here, and Mrs. Hana Sanli often Make up some delicate garlands, make some simple but exquisite meals, and add new words to the moving and sad old tunes to make Genji happy. In the past, she used these charms when he even stayed in her residence, but he was still distracted by other women at that time, so he didn’t pay attention.
  In late autumn, Genji fell ill on the bed with dead leaves. Knowing that he would never get up again, he had to let this lady serve him. At present, their love is sweet, but what he now realizes is another kind of feeling, a feeling brought about by a new but miserable staying together.
  One morning, Mrs. Hua Sanli was massaging Genji’s legs. He sat up and fumbled and grabbed her hand and said, “Madam, you are caring for a dying person, but I deceived you. I am Prince Genji. “The
  lady said: “When I came to you, I was just an ignorant woman from outside the county. I didn’t know who Prince Genji was. Now I know that he is the most handsome and admirable man in the world. But even You are not Prince Genji, and I will love you too.”
  ”I’m going to die.” He said difficultly, “I always miss you, my first wife, Mrs. Kwai Ji. I didn’t believe in your love for me until after you died. And you, Xi Yan, you died in my arms because I was jealous of your rival and wanted to enjoy my love alone. What will my guilty miss for you become? And you, beautiful stepmother and young wife, me I always think of your scheming. It was you who let me know what kind of pain you have to suffer when you collude with fornication and be deceived by your wife. And you, Mrs. Sora-chan, I always think of your agility. And you, dear Akashi Ji, you are so gentle. And you, you who are massaging me at this time, have not had time to leave a memory in my mind…what will happen to you after I die?”
  He was very sad, and lay his head down again. On the hard pillow. Madam Huasanli leaned down and whispered in a trembling voice: “Is there not a woman in your house whose name you didn’t mention? Could it be that she is not gentle? Isn’t she called Madam Huasanli? You Think about it…”
  However, Prince Genji’s face already showed a serene look that only a dead man had, and all the pain was over.