NPPA cuts down prices of vitamin C, revises rates of 183 formulation packs

309 per kg, as per the notification by the NPPA. The regulator also revised the prices of 183 formulation packs based on bulk drugs like rifampicin, penicillin, prednisolone, and methyldopa. Other formulations whose prices are revised included …

“Are our TB screening measures for foreign workers enough?” (May 4). Screening requirements for tuberculosis vary according to the TB situation in each country. luoherifampicin, rifampicinluohe, shenyangrifampicin, rifampicinshenyang, rifampicinbp

Our screening policy for foreign workers aims to detect lung TB (active TB disease of the lungs) before they start work here, as these are the infectious cases. Such cases can then be referred for prompt medical attention.

The vast majority of lung TB cases will have abnormalities in their chest X-rays and will thus be picked up during screening. Lung TB cases are required to undergo treatment under strict programmatic conditions (directly observed therapy).

We wish to clarify that the United States does not require a chest X-ray with blood test/skin test for lung TB screening. Our screening policy is, therefore, consistent with the US Center for Disease Control’s recommendation for diagnosis of lung TB.

Dr Chia expressed concern that some TB cases may be missed due to lack of radiographic evidence of lung TB.

The current screening algorithm requires that high-risk individuals with ambiguous chest X-ray findings or scarring be referred to the national TB treatment centre, the TB Control Unit at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, for further assessment.

Even in the absence of bacteriological results for TB and/or symptoms, such individuals can be started on treatment based on radiological findings if the index of suspicion for TB is high.

We agree with Dr Chia that the TB screening process must be reviewed and tightened where possible. We will continue to monitor changes in TB disease trends in the foreign worker population, and to review and tighten screening requirements where necessary.

Greater efforts will also be made to educate and create awareness among foreign workers about TB and its symptoms so that they can seek medical attention early to prevent transmission in the community.

We urge employers to be supportive of TB treatment for their workers, by granting them the flexibility to go for treatment, when necessary.