“Noisy Ghost” is coming

  Since the beginning of the new century, with Harry Potter’s “massive invasion”, magical and mysterious literature has become popular, and ghosts and monsters have come from the “nether world” to the sun. In fact, “ghost” has always been a topic of interest to everyone, and it can be said that it has a long history. But everyone also understands that all starving ghosts, hanging ghosts, etc., are all fictitious, so apart from talking about them, no one really regards them as the same thing.
  However, scientists have developed a keen interest in a peculiar “ghost” phenomenon, and devoted great enthusiasm, it is the mysterious “noisy ghost”.
  The “Noisy Ghost” has a long history.
  On September 26, 1986, the “Paris Competition” published in France published an article entitled “Documentary and Scientific Exploration of the Mysterious Pordejes Phenomenon.” “The first comprehensive and public report of “The report immediately caused a lot of response.
  The original German meaning of the Pordejes phenomenon is “noisy”, which refers to spontaneous sounds, movement of objects, and other unusual phenomena. The characteristics of “Noisy Ghost” are: the furniture and utensils in the house will move by themselves; the strange footsteps and crying will be made in the empty closed room; there will be no trace when someone knocks on the door and opens the door… …
  All these phenomena can not help but remind people of words such as “ghost” and “ghost”, and “noisy ghost” has naturally become a confusing mystery.
  Over the past few decades, the police have received reports of “noisy ghosts” being “being guilty”, but they have not announced a case. However, “noisy ghosts” have inspired artists, among them the familiar Hollywood director Spielberg Two films about “Noisy Ghosts” were made, which caused a worldwide audience.
  Critics encounter strange science
  published in Japan “the world’s seven mystery,” a book cited one night in May 1932 science critic Eric · F · Russell introduced, strange things happen in his house – This should be a relatively complete description of the “noisy ghost” phenomenon in the early days.
  Russell said–
  That night, as usual, I rested in the second floor bedroom. Suddenly, “Clang!” There was a loud noise from the kitchen downstairs.
  I quickly went downstairs and took a look. It turned out that a large copper filter in the kitchen fell off the right-angle hook and fell on the tile floor.
  I re-hanged the filter on the hook, carefully hanging it, for fear that it would fall off again.
  But I didn’t expect that when I hung it up, I turned off the lights, and just stepped up a few stairs, there was another loud noise.
  I turned back to the kitchen again and saw the filter fell off the hook again and fell to the floor.
  I thought the hook might be deformed. I checked that although it was rusted and mottled, it was not deformed at all, and it could not be bent by pulling it hard.
  To remove the 10-pound filter from the hook, it must be raised 3 cm.
  When I hung the filter on the hook for the second time and listened to the movement downstairs with my breath held on the second floor, there was no sound of falling objects all night.
  Unexpectedly, when I got up and went downstairs in the morning, I was stunned: the filter fell off the hook again and fell to the ground!
  In the next week, the filter fell off twice again inexplicably.
  There is no sign of an earthquake during this period. It is unbelievable how weird things can happen at home.
  Will “dance” in the table
  now, let’s look at the “Poltergeist” is how “haunted” it! There was a ghostly scene in Mogg’s home in the outskirts of New Zealand-on
  this day, Mr. Mogg held a family dance at home to celebrate his wife’s birthday.
  Many relatives and friends have come to participate. People gather together, chat and laugh, taste delicious food, and dance to beautiful music from time to time. It wasn’t until late at night that the guests were happy and scattered.
  A few guests from afar stayed at Moge’s house because of the host’s insistence on staying. After a while, people fell asleep soundly, and the whole building was silent.
  In the second half of the night, suddenly, there was a loud bang, which awakened the people sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor. “What happened in the middle of the night?” The
  guests rushed towards the restaurant in their pajamas in amazement, only to see one. The large dining table made of peach wood came trembling and “dancing”, leaving its original position 60 cm. The Mogg family has never encountered such a thing. Why did the strange phenomenon of table dancing happen at this time?
  The sleepy-eyed people looked at each other, puzzled.
  Professor Bond adventure
  Professor Hans Bond, a psychologist, MD, also a study on behalf of Sagesse Boer phenomenon experts. A scientific research team led by him had an unexpected encounter with the “noisy ghost” in an apartment in Frankfurt.
  The thing is this: Carl and Sophie, Marta and Elvina are two couples living in this apartment. One day, they bought a record of “Please Put Your Hand on My Shoulder” to enjoy it. Suddenly, the tea cup on the table turned wildly and danced.
  That night, strange things happened again: the furniture in the room, especially the armchairs, moved back and forth, the cups on the kitchen table fell to the ground, and the clothes of Karl and Sophie ran to Marta and Elvina’s rooms. Here…their living environment is disturbed by “noisy ghosts”.
  Professor Bond rushed to investigate, but he did not expect bread, handkerchiefs, tableware, books and periodicals… to be dropped from the ceiling. What’s even more strange is that Sophie sticks her body to the wall for no reason, and no one pulls her to move; Karl loses her temper inexplicably and even threatens others.
  Sometimes, there will be a man’s voice in the room, talking to them, but he doesn’t see him, and the voice doesn’t come from? Facing these strange phenomena, Professor Bond was also helpless.
  ”Poltergeist” in China
  from the beginning of 1956, Mid-Autumn Festival, the villagers lived for generations in Wenling county Rossi New River Village, Zhejiang Province, it is often strange things happen in every household plagued –
  all kinds of utensils inexplicably self Move, and sometimes burst into flames;
  Mosquito nets will fall on the bed by themselves, altars, pots and pots will be smashed by force from nowhere;
  stones are flying in the air, falling from the roof from time to time, smashing tiles; I
  often hear strange noises in the straw pile, open it , But there was nothing; what’s
  more terrifying is that sometimes the kitchen knife would hang in the air by itself and then fall again… The
  villagers were unable to bear it and reported it to the county authorities.
  In March 1961, the County Public Security Bureau sent personnel to form an investigation team and stationed in Luoxi Village. After entering the village, they not only learned more facts, but also witnessed and experienced some strange phenomena.
  A week later, the investigative team did not find the reason, and had to go back down. The strange things in Luoxi Village happened intermittently in this way, and it wasn’t until the early spring of 1966 that it gradually calmed down.

  When the “new ghost” appeared, it was really extraordinary. Everyone was asking: what is the sacred “noisy ghost” and how did it “make trouble”?
  Since scientists have “seen” the “ghost trails”, of course they will not easily let them go, so they have to find ways to explain the “ghost mystery” clearly. An “active” “noisy ghost” in Brazil opened up everyone’s horizons.
  A “masterpiece” of UFO?
  There is a small village called Bangtaplan in Brazil, located at the border of Brazil and Paraguay. Strange things happen frequently here: furniture and debris in the house are flying, and stones are fluttering outside. Unbelievably, something as heavy as a jeep would fly up and be thrown into a warehouse 50 meters away. Is it weightlessness, or is it caused by the “ghosts” that the locals call? People are puzzled.
  The weird incident in Bangtaplan Village was disclosed by the media under the title “Brazil: Passage of UFOs”, which attracted the attention of UFO experts.
  Historically, Brazil is one of the countries with the most UFO phenomena in the world, and there are particularly many weird phenomena caused by UFOs. Therefore, some people think that the reason for the strange incident in Bangtapurang Village may be-
  ”alien” is conducting some kind of scientific experiment related to gravity and gravity;
  some kind of mysterious information sent by UFO or transmitted to human beings.
  Critics encounter strange science
  , there are many experts pointed out that it was the possibility of mischief.
  In the farms on the coast of Normandy, France, the miracles of “Midnight Ghost Screaming” and “Midnight Ghost Knocking on the Door” have also happened before. After investigation by the police station, it was discovered that it was a prank by some urchins.
  Others also like to create “ghost dramas” with “horror atmosphere” and “mystery”. Their tactics are naturally more ingenious, sophisticated, and concealed, and they are often difficult to expose.
  Possibly related to radioactive pollution.
  In the early morning of April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion that shocked the world occurred in Kiev in the Soviet Union.
  In recent years, the area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has often seen “noisy ghosts”. In Orucci, 50 kilometers away from the accident site, some household candles, food and other items will fly around in the air, as if “ghosts” were “tracking”.
  Pokov, a scientist who investigated this phenomenon, pointed out: “The theory of haunting is absolutely impossible.” As for “noisy”, it is the metamorphosis caused by the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which is a large amount of radiation and nearby swamps. The result of the interaction of biogas in the ground.
  Radiation participates in “haunting”
  and nuclear radiation has the same effect as nuclear radiation. Electromagnetic radiation can also cause “noisy ghosts” to appear.
  In Vancouver, Canada, the physicist John Hutchison discovered that a huge lesila coil can generate huge electromagnetic radiation and make nearby objects float. Hutchison said: “The object either floats in the air, or rotates in place, or moves along the target area, or it breaks and shatters.”
  In order to reduce the resistance when the current is transmitted through the wire, Hutchison designed a coil to allow the current to pass through. When the energy of the coil was concentrated in the corner of the laboratory, Hutchison discovered the above-mentioned “noisy ghost” phenomenon.
  ”Haunted” related to granite
  Not only that, “Poltergeist” and also about the radioactive granite. Dr. Dean Reading of the University of Nevada believes that granite buildings are naturally radioactive and often emit strong electromagnetic fields, and the structure of granite is crystalline. The subtle movements of the buildings will cause friction between the crystals, which will lead to the generation of electromagnetic fields due to micro-charging. , Coupled with radiation, this effect is called a pressure phenomenon, which can explain the so-called “haunted” phenomenon of many rock buildings.
  The product of spiritual consciousness?
  ”I saw a shoulder and buttocks running towards the turn. When I went to look for it, there was no one… I was terrified. I couldn’t speak or move.” This is the hostess of a hotel.
  It is said that 35 years ago, a self-proclaimed doctor David Bell lived in this hotel and died here. Since then, some strange things have often occurred in this room, so that the tenants dare not move in. The hotel owner turned to the scientist Dr. William Lowe, who has been studying the so-called “spiritual” phenomenon for 50 years.
  Dr. Lowe believes that the descriptions of the waiters are all typical “spiritual” phenomena, unidentified noises, vague figures, the feeling of “ghosts” approaching, and in addition, there are also the phenomenon of items flying randomly.
  Dr. Dean Reading’s explanation of this “haunted” phenomenon comes from the aspect of spiritual consciousness-
  one explanation is due to psychological effects, including cognitive errors caused by delusions and hallucinations; the other is psychopathological effects , That is, brain organs are damaged, leading to forgetting and mental disorders.
  Dr. Dean Reading also speculates: “The third possibility is related to environmental changes, mainly due to changes in electromagnetic fields.”
  Dr. Reading said: “Electromagnetic fields acting on the human brain can cause different emotions: fear, anxiety , tension, etc., gives rise to the illusion that these emotions such as ‘ghost’ of. ”
  divergent views
  , of course, scientists have also made a number of other points of view, trying to figure out” poltergeist, “the reasons for the formation – ”
  poltergeist “is certain Auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, or parallax illusions caused by people due to extreme fatigue, fear, hunger, long-term loneliness or the action of certain drugs;
  ”Noisy ghosts” are caused by natural phenomena such as the earth’s magnetism and air swirl in certain environments and situations Caused by the next.
  Scientists pointed out: There is no need to panic about the “noisy ghost” phenomenon, it will not cause serious consequences, and it must be handled calmly; treat it with a scientific attitude, and you will find that “noisy ghost” is very common.
  As one of the categories of “mysterious culture”, the phenomenon of “noisy ghosts” will surely be a day when the mystery will be lifted and the truth will be revealed to the world.