No distractions, everything can be done

  Many years ago, an Italian businessman bought an extremely rare diamond in South Africa at a big price. This diamond was crystal clear and dazzling. But the fly in the ointment is that in the middle of this diamond, there is a subtle crack that is not easily noticeable. Although it does not affect the value of the whole diamond, it always looks a little awkward.
  After returning to China, the businessman took his beloved diamond and found a very famous diamond cutter in the local area, hoping that the other party could find a way to deal with the crack in the middle. After the cutter took the diamond, he praised its nobleness and magnificence again and again, and finally he suggested to the merchant: “We can completely follow the crack and divide the diamond into two, which will not affect its nobility, but also It can make it more perfect.”
  After listening to the cutter’s advice, the merchant also felt that this was the best of both worlds, so he left it to the cutter. However, the cutter sighed and said at this time: “Because the price of your diamond is too expensive, I am worried that I will make mistakes in the operation. If this happens, I can’t compensate for it anyway. . So, in order to keep the diamond as perfect as necessary, I suggest that you find other more skilled cutters to help.” After listening to the cutter’s words, the merchant could only leave with his own diamond regretfully.
  After that, the merchant found several cutters one after another, but still no one dared to take this risk. Everyone was worried that the operation failed and the diamond would “smash” in their hands. Just as the businessman was about to despair, a friend of his introduced him to an elderly cutter, but his friend specially reminded him: “This cutter has a weird temper, and sometimes he does things uncomfortably. Don’t go, make your own decision.” The
  businessman thought about it for a long time, but finally decided to go there to try his luck. After the past, the gray-haired cutter took the diamond and looked at it. Without saying a word, he agreed to help the businessman solve the problem. However, what worries the businessman is that the cutter did not do it himself, but directly gave this very important work to a young apprentice who looked very young and was polishing it. Before the businessman could question, the little apprentice picked up the diamond at will, and, apart from anything else, he directly picked up the small hammer in his hand and smashed the priceless diamond into two pieces at once. Finally, the little apprentice gave the diamond to the master blankly, then turned and left.
  The businessman was stunned by what was happening in front of him. He tremblingly asked the cutter: “How old is your apprentice and how long has he studied with you?” The cutter was obviously unhappy with the businessman’s question, and he wrinkled. After a frowning glance at the businessman, he replied very reluctantly: “My apprentice is less than 20 years old this year, and it takes less than a month to come here as an apprentice.” The
  cutter’s answer surprised the businessman again. He opened his mouth wide, and finally he said to the cutter a little angrily: “Such a valuable item, why would you give it to an apprentice to complete it?” The cutter replied sharply this time, and he showed a trace of imperceptibility. Smiled and said: “It is precisely because the apprentice does not know the value of this diamond that he will not tremble when he starts his hand, and of course his movements are accurate and decisive. As long as there is no distracting thought, anything can be done.” After the cutter’s answer, the businessman let out a long sigh, admiring the cutter’s ingenuity in his heart.
  When you do anything, as long as you can calm down and focus on yourself, there is no unsuccessful thing; on the contrary, some people always go wrong. In many cases, it is not because of their own failures, but because of utilitarianism.