“Never interfere” may be another kind of interference

  The BBC’s nature documentary is a must-see episode for many people. The four-year film “Dynasty” released in December 2018 is the focus of everyone’s expectations. However, in the latest episode, the crew ’s continuous shooting of the documentary “Never Interfere” and the inability to intervene in nature have broken. Hundreds of millions of viewers have chosen to forgive because of the move and expressed a sincere sigh: “It ’s crazy to shoot like this ! ”
  The protagonist of this episode is Emperor Penguin. In the film, the crew wanted to seize the time while the weather was improving for a short time, but before they reached the shooting location, they heard howling penguins in the distance. It turned out that about 50 emperor penguins were trapped in an ice pit on the side of the emperor penguin army. To get out of the ice pit, you must climb up the surrounding steep slope, but facing the slippery and steep slope, Emperor Penguin just wanted to climb up two steps, then it will slide down three steps. Emperor penguins lined up to explore different routes, hoping to find a way out of the predicament, but to no avail.
  At first, the audience was amused by the funny appearance of the Emperor Penguin slipping and falling, but soon everyone couldn’t laugh. The temperature at that time was minus 60 degrees Celsius, and some of the emperor penguins were still carrying cubs, and these emperor penguin babies must step on their parents’ feet and hide under their warm abdomen to resist the severe cold. However, during the difficult climbing process, the emperor penguin parents had to abandon their babies. In such a harsh environment, it won’t take long for baby emperor penguins to be frozen to death. Moreover, the weather in Antarctica is volatile, and for two days, the trapped emperor penguins still did not climb out of the ice pit, causing more casualties. If it continues, they will most likely be wiped out.
  When they saw this, the audience couldn’t sit still anymore, and they all sent messages under the official Twitter of the BBC, asking the film crew to rescue the trapped emperor penguins. But at the same time, some viewers said that humans should not interfere in the natural environment. In fact, this is also the concern of the film crew. There is a rule in the natural documentary industry that is the principle of “never interfere”. To put it simply, it is to respect everything that happens in the natural environment, and the staff must not interfere with species activities in the natural environment.
  However, when looking at the bodies of trapped emperor penguins and frozen emperor penguin babies, the crew photographers, who were used to natural selection and weak meat, choked with tears. They are in the same mood as the audience, thinking that they cannot watch such beautiful and tenacious creatures step by step to death.
  After careful consideration and weighing the pros and cons, the film crew decided to take action to help the trapped Emperor Penguin. They reasonably took a compromise measure-indirect intervention. Several staff members used a shovel to dig a shallow ditch on the slope around the ice pit. It was like a staircase, which allowed Emperor Penguins to have a place to step on and step up in the shallow ditch. Sure enough, the clever Emperor Penguin soon discovered this life-saving “staircase”, and they used their own efforts to use the shallow ditch to finally get out of the ice pit.
  The film crew’s behavior won the support and praise of many audiences, and of course there were some voices of opposition. In this regard, Mike Gunton, executive producer of Dynasty, talked about this matter and thought: We have corresponding principles, and it is indeed very dangerous to intervene. But if nothing is done, the emperor penguins will die because of the special circumstances created by nature. Most of the time, as professional practitioners, we will strictly abide by the principle of “never interfere”, but in very special cases, human nature will prevail in the game of reason and human nature. At this time, some indirect intervention to save precious lives is the most appropriate choice. If you insist on the principle of “never interfere” under any circumstances, it may just be another kind of interference.