NASA official announcement: Will join forces with Tom Cruise to make a movie in space

This time, Tom Tang, who was flying the plane, seemed to be preparing to rush out of the earth and make a movie in space. On May 5th, local time in the United States, the NASA director confirmed that NASA will cooperate with Tom Cruise for filming on the International Space Station.

The news was first reported by Deadline. The report mentioned that Tom Cruise will work with NASA to shoot an action movie in space. At present, the plan has not confirmed the producer, but it can be determined that this is not a “Mission Impossible.” 》Series of movies. The report also mentioned that Musk’s SpaceX also participated in the plan.

The movie “Mission Impossible 6” starring Tom Cruise

This news has not yet been confirmed by SpaceX, but Musk has interacted under the Twitter of the NASA director, and the move has released ambiguous signals. After all, SpaceX’s manned spacecraft is ready to launch. If you really want to make a movie in space and SpaceX undertakes the transportation task, it is also a logical speculation to provide the spaceship as a prop.

The appearance of Tom Cruise’s name in this plan seems to be a “reasonable” result. Judging from his past film experience, Atango used to pick-up planes in various action movie shootings, repeat skydiving at 25,000 feet, high-speed drag racing, and personally start flying airplanes, which eventually became known as “Desperate Saburo”.

Tom Cruise is almost 60 years old now. If the plan can be successfully implemented, Atago will be expected to achieve the achievement of “the first person in a space movie”. For NASA, using the International Space Station as a filming venue is also a very reasonable commercial attempt.

Starting in 2018, NASA has targeted the new round of lunar exploration and Mars plans in its space exploration plan. Previously, NASA has prohibited the use of the International Space Station for any commercial purpose. In this ambitious plan, NASA made it clear that the existing low-Earth orbit International Space Station will be commercialized. In June 2019, NASA announced that it plans to open the International Space Station to the public and private companies. As soon as this year, NASA will open the space station to more American citizens, businesses, academia, and international partners to meet their needs for staying in space, including commercial development such as product development and product advertising in the space environment. activity.

NASA also recently updated the International Space Station’s commercial use policy in order to expand the Earth’s low-orbit commercial market. In addition, NASA’s own astronauts can even be considered as a part of commercial services and can provide necessary cooperation and support in future commercial activities.

Space has never been a cheap place. Judging from the preliminary prices currently announced, each space tourist needs to pay more than US$10,000/day for using the various infrastructure of the space station. Resources such as air and water are also hard-won for the space station, so in this regard, the space station charges about 22,500 US dollars / day.

The International Space Station also provides network services intimately. However, the traffic of this “interplanetary roaming” is not cheap, about 50 US dollars / G, calculated, the single price of staying on the space station is about 35,000 US dollars / day. If you stay long enough, NASA can also provide a “package price”: about 1 million US dollars / month.

Of course, this is only the “accommodation fee” and “service fee” of the space station, and the round-trip transportation must be calculated separately. In the past few years, due to the lack of manned spacecraft, the United States has to take the Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station. The “fare” paid for this has risen year after year, and the price per seat has now exceeded 80 million. US dollars.

However, as SpaceX and Boeing’s manned spacecraft are put into use in the future, the price is expected to drop significantly. It is expected that the cost of taking the spacecraft to and from the space station will drop to about 58 million US dollars. Overall, the opening of the International Space Station is only one part of a long commercialization. In recent years, commercial forces have played an increasingly important role in the aerospace field. As an official agency, NASA has also seen more opportunities. With the development of commercial space companies such as SpaceX and Orbital ATK, the reduction in commercial rocket transportation costs has allowed NASA to save significant costs in transporting cargo to the space station.

SpaceX’s manned spacecraft plans to carry out its first official manned mission at the end of this month. In SpaceX’s planning, the manned dragon spacecraft will begin to provide space tourism services to private users in 2021 or 2022. Earlier, Texas-based startup Axiom Space has reached an agreement with SpaceX, which will send four space passengers to the International Space Station in the second half of next year.