Moving melody can stimulate skin orgasm

When hearing high-pitched music or heart-pounding stories, do you feel a thrill of excitement flashing through your body? Scholars call this experience “skin orgasm”, which specifically refers to the physiological response that occurs when a work of art (such as a song, a painting, or a book) deeply touches you.

This feeling is a bit like shivering, usually caused by sensory stimulation, accompanied by strong emotional reactions, such as pleasure, excitement, shock, etc., physiologically, it is also manifested as goose bumps on the skin. The duration is generally 4 to 5 seconds.

Studies have found that in music, stimuli that can trigger skin orgasms include loud and unexpected music clips. In addition to music, other stimuli such as the sound of scratching a blackboard with your nails, the smell of sour lemon, the touch of massaging your head, the visual impact of a magnificent picture, and being moved by sad stories, your body will tremble as if suddenly “electric”.

Fundamentally speaking, skin orgasm is an emotional or aesthetic reaction, a physical manifestation triggered by too strong. In addition to the tremor on the surface of the skin, there are also a sharp spine from the beginning to the end, choking in the throat, gushing tears, muscle tension, and rapid heartbeat. When experiencing a skin orgasm, the brain’s “reward center” is very active, releasing more happiness hormone dopamine, which makes people feel good and happy.

Of course, not all people have experienced skin orgasm, only 55% to 86% of people have this blessing.

A Harvard University study found that people who can experience skin orgasms have a closer connection between auditory cortex, reward center and emotional center. These people also have their personalities in common, such as being open, that is, being more imaginative, willing to appreciate and feel beautiful things, pursuing novel experiences, and easily immersed in art.

Music psychologist Mitchell Cole believes that this ability can be cultivated. For example, when listening to music, try to focus on the music, put on headphones, close your eyes, and indulge in it. You may feel a pleasant tremor.