Men need marriage more than women

Last month, my cousin said on WeChat that I had something to interview, so I asked him to come to my studio. As a result, let me introduce him to his girlfriend.

The cousin was divorced two years ago. Everyone was surprised when they heard that there was no Primary Three, no cheating, no mother-in-law, and I didn’t know which one was the trouble.

Only later did I know why, because my cousin was too lazy. When there are no children, the housework is basically done by his daughter-in-law; but after having a child, his daughter-in-law is at work, taking the baby, and doing housework. The cousin is still the owner who can’t help the oil bottle. His daughter-in-law Arguing with him a few times also won’t help.

The incident finally broke out after a quarrel, and the daughter-in-law returned to her family with her two-year-old children. After living in her family for more than a month, her cousin didn’t even make a phone call. This kind of “widowed marriage” was better than divorced, so the cousin’s wife proposed a divorce.

The cousin has a kind of blind self-confidence, feels that he works well, makes a lot of money, and looks handsome. He is a treasure in the marriage market. After the two divorced, the woman didn’t want anything, including children. It is estimated that there was also an element of anger. I wanted my cousin to taste the taste of bringing a child alone.

The cousin asked for a week’s leave to accompany the child. Who knew that the child was not close to him at all, crying all day to find his mother. Less than 3 days after the divorce, the cousin collapsed, and the house became a pig’s den. The grandfather couldn’t even eat hot food, and called takeout every day. The cousin’s parents couldn’t see it any longer and took his grandson to take care of it. They thought, in this case, the son could find the target again.

This time, my cousin had a very strange request for spouse selection: the woman must be the first to marry and like to do housework. But two years later, I watched my cousin change from a handsome guy to a greasy middle-aged uncle.

His requirement to choose a spouse has also been reduced from first marriage to being single, but he still has no suitable partner to find. Under desperation, let me introduce him to him. It is really difficult for a man to live a life.

I couldn’t help crying and saying, “The women’s economy is now independent. You are looking for a daughter-in-law in the spirit of looking for a babysitter. No one wants to follow you.”

The cousin nodded frequently, saying that he would definitely change.

I have a female classmate who owns a dance studio with a high income, good taste, and people who love cleanliness. The house is always spotlessly clean and has good cooking skills. She has been divorced for more than ten years but has not remarried.

In recent years, many people have been introduced to her, but she has learned the lessons of the first failed marriage. She has become more cautious about marriage and will never enter the second marriage on the spot.

Last year, someone introduced her to the CEO of a company who was also divorced. She was five or six years older than her. A junior high school son followed him, and her daughter followed her ex-wife.

As soon as the two met, they talked and fell apart. The man said that he had divorced for two months, and he needed to find a wife quickly, life was a mess, clothes were not known where to put it, the house was too messy, and his son thought that his meals were unpalatable every day. I have learned a few dishes from the Internet. It is good to be cooked. Now I know that cooking is not as easy as imagined. There are many ways in it.

As soon as my classmates heard this, they made an excuse and quit, making the introducer very embarrassed. I talked to her about it, and asked her why she wouldn’t stop, the man was pretty good.

She said: “If marriage can only reduce my quality of life, not icing on the cake, I would rather be single. There is nothing wrong with one person, and I am not incapable of taking care of myself. Being unhappy with two people is better than myself Live happily.”

Who needs marriage, man or woman? Someone really did a survey. As a result, the man felt that the days after his marriage were nourished and his life was organized. However, more women feel that they have become old mothers after marriage, and they do laundry and cooking to watch their children take care of the elderly, and they are getting rougher.

Marriage is essentially a cooperation, because happiness is never the result of one’s efforts.