Meixi Lake Frog

  Howard said: Let us go back to our hometown, back to the countryside of the city. Seeing this sentence, I felt a little bit awkward, because Meixi Lake where I live now is the countryside of the city, and even the north and south shores separated by the lake have distinctive characteristics. The north bank is brightly lit, commerce is booming, and typical urban style; while the south bank on my side is full of trees and wild trails, just like a country.
  To say that I feel like living in the country, apart from many vegetation, rare jumping rocks and Taohualing, it is the croaking of frogs.
  On days without wind and rain, after dinner, I walked around the Neihu between Qifu Avenue and Huanhu Road and listened at will. Slowly, I heard a lot of odors and a lot of feelings. It was March, and the remaining cold was not over, and it was indeterminate. A spring night in the middle of it was too warm. A few frogs croaked unexpectedly by the silent lake beside the sound of cars. I immediately followed the prestige, but seeing the wave as flat as a mirror, the sound disappeared without a trace, as far away as a few stars in the sky. When I turned back and walked forward, I sneaked into my ears again, like a naughty child. Yes, this should be a small young frog, not familiar with solar terms, and can’t wait to make a sound when the temperature rises. The monotonous voice cut through the long silence of the night, adding a little bit of life. The voice of a frog is weak, like dripping water into the sea, even if it works hard, it will still be high and “nothing”. When I walked around the lake, I returned to the place where I heard the frogs croak. I guess it had realized its gaffe and recklessness and was silent.
  Where is the most popular poetry? The sound of frogs in the evening mist. As April heats up, the water temperature rises, and the frogs lurking in the grass begin to show their magical powers. First, they make one or two shy calls, tentatively calling out their friends with long-lost affection. As the so-called “simultaneous seeking and simultaneous response”, the first quotation is the assembly number. The frogs scattered around, including the young frog that once couldn’t hold back the height of the lonely frog, responded in unison. . High and low, far and near, one after another, one after another, one wave after another. After listening to the truth for a long time, the frogs crowing turned into flowers in my mind. The flowers were clustered and boundless, taking away the mind and body that had been in the red dust for a long time, and escaped into the Zen realm of “Lonely Listening Frog in the Green Grass Pond”.
  The sound of the frog is an authentic local accent, with the spirit of the world and the mountains and rivers, listening to it thousands of times, definitely not getting bored. The wanderers who entered the city from the countryside returned to their hometown again and again in the sound of frogs. I grew up with frogs on my back once a year. When the village came in late spring, the frogs crowed like a net, putting the village in the center. Every night, the frogs are so clear and loud, so unbridled, so hearty, as if they are the real masters of the night. No one dislikes this somewhat monotonous sound that is almost noisy, because it is in the croaking that the rice crops joint, tiller, and set seeds, and the harvest continues.
  When I grew up listening to frogs, I later walked out of the village and traveled around to make rice and beams. I was busy with socializing and singing. For a long time, I mistakenly used Shengge as the sound of frogs. “The sound of frogs in the twilight makes noise. This year, the rice field is very autumn.” And I couldn’t find a trace of golden autumn in the busy cities outside the country. Running in the dust all day long, when have we ever thought about listening to our inner voice, let alone the croaking of frogs.
  I have tolerated Lingli for ten years, and the setting sun will destroy the chaos in the mountains. I know that many frogs croak, and many frogs disappear, just like the people in this city, do not demand self, do not blame others, but seek peace and enjoyment. Now, returning to the side of frogs’ croaking, empowering the rest of his life, he can sleep soundly at night in the city as if being in a swaddling place.
  I think of Norwegian writer Alan Lu said: We are used to the so-called comfortable city life, but occasionally we need to experience the vastness of nature and feel where we come from. Many times, I have been thinking hard about how to return to the mountain, two hectares of village land and one mu of officials. If the long-cherished wish comes true in the future, if you want one acre of officials, only one acre of frogs. The sound of a mu of frogs is transmitted in an orderly manner in the country at night. Think about it, it is extremely beautiful.