Meeting is fate

  On the eve of the Spring Festival a few years ago, a customer drove a Mercedes-Benz pawn and called himself Zhang. I evaluated the car in good condition, but there was a pungent smell in the car. It ’s not easy to ask, I ’ll open the ticket and give the cash to Boss Zhang. He left in a hurry, and after a while he folded back, saying that the goods in the carriage had forgotten to take. When the trunk was opened, the fishy smell came, and it was full of catches. He smiled and said that he operated a fishery company in Keelung, in order to make up for the employee’s year-end bonus, he came to be a car.
  Since then, he has come to pawns from time to time, and the more he meets, the more he knows each other. He said that the fishery company is an ancestral family business. He has been a captain for more than 20 years and owns eight ocean-going fishing vessels. Every time a fishing boat enters the port, it needs repairing operations such as derusting and painting. A boat needs to spend at least two to three million yuan.
Have fun with each other

  At the end of a certain year, he called me: “Boss Qin, this year’s year-end bonus is not enough, and I have to trouble you. I am too busy, can I ask you to bring one million yuan over, and then drive the car to your In the shop, I invite you to eat your teeth. ”
  I had to carry a bag full of cash, catch the Keelung Passenger Transport, and set off happily.
  Arriving in Keelung, it was found that the tail teeth site was located in the dock, and one-third of the employees were locals, and one-third were foreign boatmen. The most interesting thing is that everyone does not distinguish between each other. Toasting, singing and singing are more joyful than having a party. It is very rare to eat such a happy tooth. Boss Zhang shuttled between them and greeted everyone with a smile.
  I said: “Your work is really interesting. When you are busy, you still don’t forget to sing.”
  He said: “Think about it. It takes us a year to run a trip to South America. There is nowhere to go in the vast sea. It’s boring, no one can stay. So, no matter how sad it is, you have to sing and dance, and everyone can have fun with each other, so that you can safely spend your sailing days. ”
Choose kindness

  Pushing the time back for another year or two, boss Zhang came again as a car, accompanied by a Vietnamese with a good face.
  I could n’t help but ask: “Boss Zhang, is this person uncomfortable?”
  “Yes, I ’ll take him to the hospital for surgery later.”
  “Why do n’t you ask someone to take it?”
  “The chief engineer has shown him two times, each time said nothing, I’m getting more and more feel right, be sure to bring him to take a trip. when the car today, and I want you to help us drove to the hospital, then drove back to the store. ”
  to In the hospital, Boss Zhang went to register first, and the Vietnamese and I sat aside. I asked the Vietnamese: “Is the boss good to you?”
  He nodded vigorously and said, “The boss is very kind to me. My house is going to build a house, The boss also lent me 30,000 yuan. ”
  Later, when the Vietnamese went to the clinic for examination, I said sincerely:” Boss Zhang, you are really kind to these crew members. ”
  He said in a straight voice:” Because of the language barrier, they usually don’t say anything. As long as a few people have spoken well, they will kill the captain that night. We as captains are most afraid of this kind of people, so we should be particularly good to them on land, and it will not be a problem to go to sea. “He also said,” The foreign boatman arrives It ’s not easy to fight in a foreign country, it ’s good for them The point should be. At sea, we are all brothers who live and die together. Once on the sea, I stood in the cabin full of fish to deal with things. A new foreign boatman pointed to my feet anxiously, shouting whether I could not hear In a language I understand, I quickly pulled my feet from the knee-deep catch. The next second, the ropes on the ground were straightened. It turned out that the outside was getting out of the fishing cage. If he reminded me later, my The leg was broken by a steel cable. ”
Crew detained

  After another five or six years, boss Zhang called me and indicated that he would not only be a car but also a boat, hoping that I could help.
  I asked him: “What happened?”
  ”My boat was confiscated Argentine government, there are more than twenty crew members were detained, the other requirements to pay a million dollars, the money is received only client was incensed.”
  I heard The situation was serious and the amount was too high, so he introduced a person who specializes in rental business. The three of them arranged an appointment to meet in detail and boss Zhang successfully borrowed TWD 10 million.
  Before leaving, I asked him: “One million dollars is not a small amount, can your company sustain it?”
  He remained silent for a few seconds, and said: “No way, the company may have to close down.”
  ”Then you still have to find ways to raise money Money to save people? ”
  ” If the crew can’t return home, their family will be finished, so I must save people. In the future, I will never go to the fishing area of ​​South America. ”
All fate

  After a period of time, the Mercedes-Benz car of boss Zhang ’s pawn had expired, and the original call was left unanswered. I personally ran to his company to see it. When I asked my neighbors, I realized that the original fishing company had already resold, and boss Zhang lived in his hometown of Keelung.
  When I arrived at his house, I was half cold. Boss Zhang, who was so cheerful in the past, was so thin that he was only over 30 kilograms. His face was burnt yellow, as if pushed down.
  I asked nervously: “What happened?”
  His family raised the tone: “Last time was too serious, and he was completely torn down. The doctor said that he had a problem with his liver, time … time is running out. ”
  I was stunned for a while . I didn’t know what to say. He took the initiative to say:” The ship’s affairs have been resolved. When you give your Mercedes-Benz, please help. I am sorry, I know that I will lose money. Rest assured, there will be money later, I must compensate you. “I said sadly:” Money is not the point. How can this be the case for someone as good as you. “” Although there are not many days, but I am very happy in my heart. At least I saved the people and helped twenty Multiple families are reunited. ”
  He asked me to stay and drink tea. I was sad and couldn’t sit still. I quickly found an excuse to say goodbye.
  After going out, I met several boatmen, one of whom was the Vietnamese who visited the doctor last time.
  I said hello to him: “Is your health good recently?”
  ”No problem, now I have a new boss.”
  ”You come to see the old boss today?”
  ”Everyone takes turns, as long as the people at the pier, each morning, a person comes to deliver Meal, take him for a walk, clean. ”
  ” Is there a salary? ”
  He shook his hand and said:” No money, everyone spontaneously, because the boss is a good person. ”
  Soon after, I received the news of the death of boss Zhang.
  The encounter between people is fate, so is the boss and employees, sincerely treat others, others will certainly feel it.