Many countries suspend vaccination against AstraZeneca

“There is a blood clotting panic in Europe!” According to a report by the German News Agency on the 12th, at least 10 countries in Europe have suspended vaccination against AstraZeneca in the UK because of severe thrombosis after the vaccination. The European Medicines Agency said on the 11th that the vaccine is still “more advantages than disadvantages” and that it can continue to be vaccinated while continuing to investigate cases of thrombotic events. World Health Organization spokesperson Harris said on the 12th that the Expert Advisory Committee is currently studying the suspension of AstraZeneca vaccines in some countries, but there is currently “no reason to stop using AstraZeneca vaccines.”

According to reports, the three Nordic countries Denmark, Norway and Iceland said on the 11th that they have suspended vaccination against AstraZeneca’s new crown vaccine. The Danish health authorities explained that a 60-year-old woman died of thrombosis after being vaccinated with the same batch of AstraZeneca vaccine used in Austria. It is not yet possible to conclude whether there is a connection between the two, but a thorough investigation is still needed, so the country has decided to suspend vaccination against AstraZeneca for two weeks. On the same day, the Italian government stated that it would suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine numbered ABV2856. A few days ago, a 43-year-old naval sergeant and a 50-year-old national policeman in Sicily, Italy, died after being vaccinated with the batch of vaccines. Italian health authorities ordered the withdrawal of this batch of AstraZeneca vaccine. Romania also said on the 11th that for the sake of “extreme caution”, it has suspended the use of the same batch of 4200 vaccines as Italy, but will still use other batches of vaccines.

In addition, European countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Luxembourg have also stopped using the same batch of AstraZeneca vaccine as Austria. German “Der Spiegel” Weekly stated on the 12th that Austria’s AstraZeneca vaccine number is ABV5300, with a total of 1 million doses and has been shipped to 17 EU countries. Austria announced on the 8th that it has suspended the use of this batch of vaccines because a 49-year-old nurse in its country died of “severe blood clotting problems” a few days after vaccination, and another 35-year-old man also developed pulmonary embolism.

Also out of concerns that the vaccine may cause blood clots, Thai Prime Minister Prayut and the country’s top leaders decided on the 12th to postpone the AstraZeneca vaccine vaccination plan in the country. The Thai authorities purchased approximately 61 million doses of vaccine from AstraZeneca. The first batch of 117,000 doses arrived in Thailand last week and was originally scheduled to start on Friday.

However, the European Medicines Agency issued a statement on Thursday stating that so far, the agency has received only 30 cases of coagulopathy after vaccination with AstraZeneca. At present, nearly 5 million people in Europe have received the vaccine. The UK is backing the AstraZeneca vaccine, calling it “safe and effective.” The French government vaccine consultant also praised the vaccine for its excellent efficacy on Thursday and reiterated that France will continue to vaccinate. The French Minister of Health also stated that it was “not necessary” to stop it. Australia, Canada and Mexico have also indicated that they will continue to use the vaccine.

According to the German “Times”, the AstraZeneca vaccine has now been approved by nearly 70 countries. However, the United States has yet to approve the use authorization. The AstraZeneca plant in the United States has stocked tens of millions of doses of vaccine, but has refused to export the vaccine to the European Union. The European Union said that AstraZeneca recently lowered its delivery to the EU in the first quarter of this year to 30.1 million doses, which was only one-third of the original target and 25% less than the promised last month.

With vaccination facing challenges, the European epidemic has a tendency to rise again. According to Italian media reports, as of the 11th, the country’s cumulative deaths exceeded 100,000. According to monitoring data, starting from next Monday, most parts of Italy may fall into a “semi-blocked” state.