Make the game warmer

There is no color, no shape, only the sound of a blind stick hitting the ground…This is the world of the visually impaired, and it is also the world that the players want to experience in the game “See”. In this first-person game, which lasts nearly an hour, the visually impaired person played by the player needs to start from home, pass through different obstacles along the blind track, and head to the beach park.

This game is completely different from traditional games. There is no battle, no recharge and ranking. Some are just players’ pure life experience for the visually impaired group, like an interactive micro movie. However, it is such a simple game that has won many players’ praise. In TapTap, a game community that has always been known for being critical and strict, “See” received a high score of 9.8. Some users commented: “You can’t find it while playing. Lu will be really impatient. Later, I thought, I was just playing a game, and I could quit at any time. What about those who are really blind? It feels too uncomfortable to think about it.” And these few words, It is the collective feelings of the players after playing this game.

In fact, games like “See” are becoming more and more. They have a unified name called “functional games” and “serious games”. As you can see from the name, these games are not designed purely for entertainment.

As early as 2018, Tencent took the lead in deploying a large-scale functional game business, and at the “UP2019 Tencent New Cultural and Creative Ecological Conference”, it launched the “Tencent Game Dream Chasing Program” with the realization of social value as the core. In recent years, Tencent has successively launched a number of popular and popular functional games such as “See”, “Forbidden City: Pocket Palace Craftsman”, and “Blue Bridge Cafe”.

At the just-concluded “2020 Tencent Game Annual Conference”, the “Tencent Game Dream Chasing Plan” first released its annual core proposition “Make the game warmer”, and launched “Mandarin Town”, “Health Defense War”, and “Painting Environment”. “Everlasting Regret” three brand new functional games.

Regarding the “Temperature of the Game”, Xu Yuhui, the person in charge of the “Tencent Game Dreaming Project”, said that functional games need to be given real and warm social and humanistic care. This is the core value fulcrum of the “Tencent Game Dreaming Project”. For a long time, functional games have emphasized functionality. Behind every function, there are “people” who need to solve problems, solve the problems people encounter in life, and let their difficulties be understood and helped. It is the “Tencent Game Dreaming Project” comment on “the temperature of the game”.

Start with function and point to being human. “See” is true, “Mandarin Town” is true, and so is the mission of the functional game. Functional games should first have excellent product quality, and the judgment criteria should also have three characteristics: applicability, professionalism and gameplay. Applicability means that functional games require certain application scenarios and can achieve certain social functions, such as “Seeing”‘s attention to the lives of visually impaired groups; professionalism requires the game to have academic authority, such as “Mandarin Town” Cooperating with Chinese Publishing House; the gameplay does not need to be said, functional games must have the interactive and interesting game.

It can be seen from this standard that a successful functional game needs to have two qualities: on the one hand, it has valuable social application value; on the other hand, as a digital cultural product, the reputation of functional games also determines whether it can be used More people see and realize the existence of social problems.

Nowadays, games are regarded as a kind of art, but its value beyond entertainment is far from being discovered. It is precisely with games such as “See” and “Mandarin Town” launched by “Tencent Game Dream Chasing Project” that games like “See” and “Mandarin Town” come to “watch”, let us see that under the tide of technology, there are still a group of people who insist on making the game become More temperature.