Love is the strongest in the silent place

  On the train returning from a business trip, I chanced upon my colleague Gao. Sister Gao is one year older than me and is an accountant in our company.
  Along the way, you talked and talked so happily, a few hours passed without knowing it. When the car reached the end, we hurried out of the carriage and crossed the platform overpass. When we were about to reach the exit, Sister Gao stopped suddenly, turned to look at me, and stopped talking. I hurriedly asked her: “What’s the matter?” Sister Gao smiled timidly, and then whispered: “I’m sorry, my husband picks up, he is a bit cautious, shall we leave? I’m afraid he will misunderstand. ”
  Sister Gao’s face actually showed a little shame, under the apricot light of the station, like a clean lotus. I hurriedly stayed a few steps, and then saw Gao Jie quickly jump into the open arms of a middle-aged man. I was moved to think that at this moment, Sister Gao’s care and cherishment of love must be sweet and delicate with two hearts that care about each other.
  I went to a friend’s house to be a guest, just catching up with my friend’s cooking in the kitchen. A plate of scrambled eggs with fungus just came out of the pot, but the friend was not in a hurry to take it out, but bent over and carefully picked what was on the plate with chopsticks. Upon closer inspection, he was carefully picking out the chopped green onions. I was suddenly puzzled. It turned out that my friend’s wife would not eat the chopped green onion when she was young, but was willing to enjoy the fragrance of the chopped green onion. Therefore, after getting married, friends with superb cooking skills must come and choose carefully after cooking the dishes.
  I imagined that for 8 years, a big man, with thick hands, awkwardly and carefully pulled the finely chopped green onions, doing this every day, taking the trouble, what a moving and warm picture.
  Go back to my hometown for a short stay, and overnight at the big brother’s house. My sister-in-law told me that some of my eldest brother’s things were not coming. I joked: “So disobedient, just don’t live with him.” The
  sister-in-law said, “It’s not bad, for example, in winter nights, he is always rushing to get under the bed like a child, and always likes to occupy first. On my site, when I was sleeping, he took the initiative to move to his position. Later I learned that he deliberately warmed my bed because I suffered from cold hands and feet when I was a second child, and I was most afraid of getting under the bed. With this advantage, I will follow him in my life.” At that moment, I found that my sister-in-law’s eyes were full of happiness and contentment.
  Love in marriage is like this. There is no high-profile expression of perfume roses, and there are no more sweet words about me, but in the seemingly mediocre small details, there are deep attachments that are the most difficult to give up in each other’s lives. Love is silent. Getting thicker.