Looking for the Mayan Tunnel

Mysterious discovery

  In March 1942, during the raging season of World War II, US President Roosevelt took the time to meet with a couple of archaeologists. Later, an insider revealed that the archaeologist David Ram was in Mexico. During an inspection in the state of Chiapas, they discovered the legendary “Mayan tunnel”. They reported the news to President Roosevelt as soon as possible, hoping to obtain the support of the authorities to further explore the mystery of the Mayan tunnel. Due to the negotiations between countries involved and the harsh situation at the time, President Roosevelt ultimately did not approve the inspection plan.
  It is said that David Ram was exploring the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple in the dense forest of Chiapas. During the exploration, he accidentally discovered the entrance of the tunnel. Just as they were about to enter the tunnel to find out, a group of looks Strange Indians surrounded them and ordered them to return the same way. They were not allowed to reveal the secrets of the tunnel, or the gods would impose severe punishment. What is even more amazing is that these Indians are not yellow people, but have white skin, which also matches the characteristics of the legendary Mayan descendants.

  In fact, the legend about the ancient Mayan tunnel has a long history. As early as the 17th century, a Spanish missionary discovered an underground tunnel in Guatemala, Central America. Judging from the several entrances that have been discovered, this tunnel is located under the Andes. , The length exceeds 1000 kilometers.
  The German writer von Daniken once entered this tunnel. In the tunnel, he was extremely surprised to see the wide, straight passages and glazed walls. Many exquisite rock door openings and gates, flat and smooth roofs, halls with an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, and many ventilation shafts with an average length of 1.8 meters to 3.1 meters and a width of 80 cm appear at regular intervals. . There are countless well-preserved prehistoric relics in the tunnel, including beautifully decorated stone plates and statues of various shapes. The rigor, grandeur, and magic of the tunnel that surpassed the wisdom of modern humans made the writer who is known for his bold imagination also stunned. Von Daniken concluded from this: This is the most ambitious project in our world, and it is also the largest and most difficult mystery in the world.
  In order to prevent people’s rash actions from destroying this well-preserved cultural heritage site, many countries that discovered the tunnel entrances have closed all the tunnel entrances and guarded them strictly, and UNESCO has also listed this place as a world cultural heritage.
  According to the existing literature and data records: the structures of these tunnels are very close, and the inner walls of the tunnels are smooth and clean. The top of the cave is flat, like a layer of glaze. It does not appear to be formed naturally, but like the result of some mechanical cutting. At intervals in the tunnel, there will be a particularly empty “hall” with “furniture” similar to tables and chairs. The strange thing is that the materials of these objects are very special. They are neither steel nor stone, nor plastic or wood. They are as hard and heavy as steel and stone. No such material has been found on the earth. There are many metal blades in the “hall”, most of which are about 100 cm long, 50 cm wide, and about 2 cm thick. They are arranged one by one, like a bound book. Many symbols and pictographs are written on the metal plates. According to experts, those symbols are the result of regular stamping on the machine, and more than 3,000 pieces have been found. These words have not yet been deciphered.
  These discoveries have caused a lot of controversy. Some historians firmly believe that it is impossible to build such a large and exquisite project with the backward technological level in ancient times. Therefore, it is very likely that the ancient Mayan civilization is related to the alien civilization; some researchers have put forward the opposite opinion. The legendary eight wonders of the world are all the crystallization of human wisdom at a certain stage, but some specific reasons lead to the interruption of civilization.
Across the world

  In 1983, researchers found an abandoned Mayan ancient city in a jungle in Honduras. The huge cornerstones on the collapsed temple were all carved with exquisite carvings. The road paved with stone slabs marked its once busy traffic and continuous flow. Although most of the stone houses and noble palaces have collapsed, the noisy and joyous scenes of the past can still be vaguely glimpsed. Such barbaric natural scenes and exceptionally majestic man-made sites make people wonder: What caused the annihilation of Maya civilization?
  Some researchers speculate that the large-scale ancient tunnel is probably a refuge and migration channel set up by the ancient Mayans to avoid natural disasters or wars. According to some ancient documents, this tunnel is likely to cross the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and traverse Europe, Asia, America, and Africa are all continents, so the mystery about the Mayan tunnel needs to be solved one by one by researchers.