Shirley is an American like a fake, but she speaks smooth Mandarin.
  Unbelievable, the place where she first studied language turned out to be a hospice center.
  Shirley moved to Singapore from the United States at the age of 21. She was eager to help others and signed up as a volunteer. When she followed the arrangement to report to the hospice center, she found that the patients she cared for did not speak English.
  The supervisor said to her earnestly: “In this place where death is shadowed, language is not important. What patients need is a pair of listening ears and a warm love. You just need to be patient with them and listen to them in peace. , Is their greatest comfort.”
  Xueli sat quietly in front of the bed with a mentality of “try it for now”, holding the patient’s hand like a wood in her soft palm, tilting her head and listening attentively The patient speaks. Sure enough, as the patient said, the original jagged eyes suddenly became plump, and the original deserted face suddenly had content; moreover, the godless eyes were covered with glaze little by little, and the content on the face was little by little. Land enriched.
  ”Frankly speaking, I didn’t understand half a sentence at first, but my expression and my eyes were telling her that I was listening and I was listening attentively. The words accumulated in the patient’s heart had a flow Where to go; the mental emptiness of the patient has a space to fill; even though death is close at hand, with someone warmly accompanying her, the fear of incompliance in the depths of her heart gradually disappears.”
  During the long years of volunteering at the hospice care center, Xueli not only learned the art of listening, but also, from listening day after day, she learned Mandarin, killing two birds with one stone.
  She said with deep feeling: “Before the great grief, companionship is the best language; on the road of learning, listening is the most effective way.”