Let’s fight

  An inadvertent little thing sometimes changes the whole person!
  One day I was walking on the road, my heart was full of melancholy.
  My heart was heavily oppressed by strong unrest, and the whole person was immersed in frustration. I raised my head, and in the middle of the two rows of pillars in front of me, the road stretched out into the distance like an arrow.
  Crossing it, crossing this road, in a place ten steps away from me, in the dazzling golden sun rays of summer, a group of sparrows jumped lively one by one, happy free and full of confidence.
  One sparrow among them is very special. It jumps along the road with all its strength, trying to challenge itself, and seems to conquer the world in its eyes. It raised its small chest high and screamed proudly, as if to say: “I am not afraid of heaven and earth!” What a warrior!
  At this moment, an eagle hovering and peering in the sky above my head seemed to be looking for an opportunity to eat this little warrior.
  I looked at them, laughed, and immediately lifted my spirits, and the frustration swept away. I think I feel the power of confidence, courage and enthusiasm again. Let this eagle hover over me too! Come, die or live, let’s fight, and then give me hell!