Last train at midnight

  First, the subway massacre
  recently, I changed a new job, came home from work need to take the fourth line of the last one subway.
  The last bus line at midnight was newly opened recently. It took five years to complete. It is said that it was almost completed two years ago. However, when the construction team dug this station, they suddenly dug an old stone monument and many old ones. The bones, and then a stream of spring water emerged from the tunnel, smashing the scaffolding down, wounding and killing more than a dozen workers. People say that it was because the sleeping souls were disturbed during construction, which caused an accident. Since then, the construction team has encountered various inexplicable incidents. Sometimes the equipment was damaged, sometimes there was a landslide, and sometimes it was a fire. Therefore, the construction was carried out intermittently for five years before it was finally completed.
  I have always sneered at such legends. I don’t believe in ghosts and gods, but in fate. I believe that as long as I work hard, I will finally take root in this huge city of steel and iron.
  That night, when I was waiting for the car, I found a mysterious man wearing a black jacket and black pants, his face pale and expressionless. Seeing me looking at him, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a cold smile.
  At this moment, the train roared out of the tunnel and stopped by the platform. I quickly picked up my backpack and walked into the carriage.
  Suddenly, I noticed a very strange thing. The man in black on the platform just did not get on the bus.
  I quickly stood up, put my face on the glass window, and looked out the window. No one can be seen on the platform.
  The second time I saw the man in black, it was on the platform of the same subway station. There are a lot of people in the subway station. As usual, I was observing the passengers on the platform boredly, all kinds of passengers bustling.
  At the top of my line is a post-90s who is stylishly dressed, humming and watching the direction of the train in the tunnel from time to time.
  I turned my head again and saw his familiar face in front of the pillar not far away.
  He seemed to recognize me, and nodded slightly at me. I hurriedly turned my head and pretended not to see it.
  After a while, a few gleams of light flashed in the distant tunnel, and the train arrived at the station.
  At this moment, the girl in front of me suddenly stopped humming, and then jumped into the track.
  When the train brakes, it is too late. The girl was fluttering like a kite with a broken wire. She was quickly drawn under the heavy wheels, crushed like falling into a meat grinder, and even a few drops of blood splashed on mine. Face.
  Crowd raged as if someone makes a piercing scream, people began holding stomach, vomiting, someone was scared being smart, his legs trembling ……
  Second, the souls of the legendary
  police arrived to investigate a lot, can not find the murder The clues can only be attributed to the mental fragility of the post-90s generation. A kind policeman also advised me to see a psychiatrist, saying that most people who have witnessed deaths will have varying degrees of psychological shadow, not to mention that I am so close.
  I just shook my head and said that I didn’t feel scared at all, nor would it leave any shadow.
  The policeman frowned when he heard it. He said that you should see a psychiatrist.
  I didn’t answer, just smiled at him.
  A large number of passengers shook their heads and sighed, and walked out of the station at the same time. Yes, who would want to take a bloody subway?
  I also walked out with the flow of people, and suddenly thought of the man in black again, I turned my head and searched for his figure in the crowd.
  I watched carefully for a long while, without him, since the girl jumped into the track, I haven’t seen him again.
  Suddenly, I felt a slight chill in my heart. I seemed to have never seen him get on the train. This is the last subway. If he doesn’t take the train, what will he do? Is his purpose to watch the last train pass and then leave the station?
  A terrible thought suddenly came into my mind, maybe he was just looking for opportunities to push people off the platform! But the person behind the girl is me! Could it be that he is invisible? Or maybe he… is not human!
  I couldn’t help but think of the legend about the Metro Line 4. Maybe the disturbed souls will wake up at midnight, stand quietly behind the waiting passengers, and gently push these nasty humans, and it will be dark from then on. A few more wandering souls have been added to the tunnel…
  Since then, I have quietly observed the mysterious man in black.
  Almost every time I take the last bus I will find him, sometimes leaning against the pillar in a daze, sometimes sitting in a corner chair playing with a digital DV, and every time I walk into the car, I always see through the glass window He stood on the platform at a distance and looked at me, sometimes showing a meaningful smile.
  In just one month, there were two more track-jumping incidents in the subway.
  The first time it was an emotional man. The man was talking on the phone when the train came, and he was arguing fiercely with whom he was arguing with. When the train passed by, he had become a bloody mass, lying quietly on the rails.
  The other time the woman was lucky. When she jumped down, she didn’t aim, and only half of her body was in the track. So when the train passed by, her internal organs were mixed in a large sticky, moist, red liquid. It slowly flowed out and landed in the track, while the arms and legs of the other half of the body were still nearly intact exposed outside, appearing whiter.
  The police investigated these two things for a long time, each time they came back empty-handed and could not find any clues. They had no choice but to suggest that the subway station should be equipped with a screen door device to separate the platform from the track to prevent people from using it as the best way to commit suicide. place.
  When the police came, the man in black always stood quietly in a corner far away from the crowd, as if he hadn’t seen what was happening at all. Seeing me watching him, there would be something like nothing on his cold face. smile.
  One day, I finally plucked up the courage, walked towards him, and said hello softly: “Hi.”
  He seemed to be stunned, and then habitually smiled at me and said: “Hello.”
  ”This A lot of people have died in the subway station recently.” I said the prologue that I had already thought of.
  ”Yes,” he said dismissively, and then mysteriously lowered his voice, “have you heard the story of this site? Legend has it that when the subway was built, many bones were dug out from the ground, so this site is always Either malfunction, power failure, or someone jumping off the track, because it annoys the sleeping undead.”
  ”Legend is still unbelievable,” I looked into his eyes and said lightly, “Although there have been ghosts and gods since ancient times, But no one has ever seen it before, and maybe someone pushed them down.”
  He was stunned for a moment, as if he didn’t expect me to say that, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, “Is it? But I’ve never seen anyone pushing them down. Have you ever seen it?”
  I didn’t answer his words. I just replied in an unquestioned way: “I heard that screen doors will be installed soon. Rail accident.”

  He seemed to have never heard the news before, and was stunned, and said nothing more.
  Soon, the train was about to enter the station. I asked him: “This is the last train, you do not get on it?”
  ”No,” he recovered, and smiled at me a moment and said, “I get the next.”
  Third, the subway ghost pull
  to go home Later, I turned on the computer and started to click on the webpage boringly.
  Suddenly, I thought of something. The man said he was going to take the next train. Did I remember the time of the last train wrong?
  I opened Baidu search, typed in the words “last train of subway”, and immediately, tens of thousands of search results were displayed in front of me.
  I clicked on a few webpages casually and browsed at will. Suddenly, a post titled “The Subway Empty Driving” came into my eyes.
  I was shocked, and quickly clicked on the post. It said: The subway company stipulates that the driver who runs the last train will have to drive again without stopping. It is said that this is because some graves were dug by the subway. The disturbed souls quit, so every day they have to drive a midnight shuttle bus to transport the ghosts, which is the price of disturbing them.
  I felt a cold wind blowing behind me, and the air suddenly became cold.
  I remembered what the man said, he smiled and said to me: I’ll sit next class.
  When I took the subway again, I began to avoid his eyes on purpose. Sometimes when I saw him smiling at me, I quickly turned my head as if I hadn’t seen anything.
  ”Hey,” the fat man in the subway who often rides with me nodded at me and said, “I heard no, in three days, a screen door will be installed at this station.”
  ”Really?” I was surprised. He opened his eyes wide, “So fast?”
  ”Is this fast?” The fat man rolled his eyes dissatisfiedly, “Which subway has killed three people in less than a month? It should have been installed long ago.”
  ”Yeah! Yeah!” the two young girls sitting next to each other interjected, “but speaking of it, this stop is evil enough, so many people died all at once, and all of them were so miserable…
  ” Hush,” a young man with glasses reading a book next to me put his index finger to his mouth, “It’s big night, don’t mention this, I’m so frustrated.”
  These words were like magic, and the car was quiet immediately. Come down.
  Fourth, mysteriously disappeared
  the next night, I arrived early than usual, started looking for his shadow in the crowd.
  After a while, I saw him still sitting on the corner chair, holding the DV in his hand, looking at the railroad tracks in a daze.
  ”Hi!” I called him, he turned his head, saw me, and smiled again.
  ”I heard that screen doors will be installed in the next few days.” I said, and then sat down on the chair next to him.
  He was taken aback and said: “Really?”
  ”I thought that with so many murders, people would strongly demand that this subway line be shut down, or this station should be closed, or no longer take this train. Subway.” I stared at the tunnel ahead, as if talking to myself.
  He did not speak.
  Suddenly, I have a strange thought. Those undead sleeping underneath, endure the dense crowd of people stepping on themselves every day. I wonder if they can fall asleep? If it were me, I would probably have insomnia all night and all night, right?
  But can ghosts sleep?
  I was amused by this weird idea in my mind, and I laughed out loud.
  He turned his head, looked at me, and suddenly said, “You look cute when you smile, it’s different from my imagination.”
  ”Really?” I deliberately scowled, “What should I think of you?”
  He did not speak, lowered his head, and fiddled with the DV in his hand. After a while, he raised his head, as if he had made some determination, and said to me: “You can do me a favor?”
  I asked suspiciously: “What’s busy?”
  He handed me the DV in his hand, “Just aim the camera at me.”
  I took the DV and didn’t understand what he meant for a while.
  Then, he stood up quickly, walked to the platform, turned his head, and blinked at me.
  In the distance, a loud boom came, the lights flickered, and the platform seemed to tremble slightly.
  Do not! As if I understood something, I stood up abruptly and yelled.
  On the screen, he made a “V” gesture at me, then jumped down without hesitation.
  The train made a piercing noise, creaked to a halt, and the crowd became commotion. I rushed to the platform and knelt down and looked into the track.
  No, nothing.
  I rubbed my eyes and looked again. There was no scene of flesh and blood that I had witnessed in the orbit, no minced meat, no blood.
  He just disappeared into the orbit, as if he had never existed.
  Fifth, the midnight train
  I started shaking, over and over again with the DV video playback.
  There are many videos in DV.
  In the first paragraph, I walked on the platform over and over again with no expression, looking thoughtfully into the dark and deep tunnel from time to time.
  In the second paragraph, I stood in the line waiting for the train with a relaxed expression. In front of me was a fashionable post-90s generation with thick eyeliner drawn on the tender skin, humming songs and watching the train from time to time. Coming direction. I carried the backpack on my chest and held the bag with my hands. There seemed to be no movement, but for a moment, under the cover of the backpack, I vaguely saw a hint of cold reflection, which was a special luster of metal, the next second , The girl jumped off the platform.
  In the third paragraph, I still ranked second in the team. The first place was an emotional man on the phone.
  Fourth paragraph…
  I shivered and pressed the delete button for all the videos about me, put down the DV, and saw him, smiling and standing in front of me.
  ”How did you do it.” My voice trembled a little.
  ”I am an employee of the subway,” he said relaxedly, “I have observed the track for a long time. The track is curved. There is a large gap between the track and the bottom of the train. If you lie flat in the center of the track, even a hair Silk is also indispensable. You just need to take advantage of the train to stop, quickly climb up from the other side, walk to the dark part of the tunnel in front, and then quietly go around the platform.”
  ”Why do this?” I calmed down. Looked at him and asked.
  ”In order to bet, I bet with my friend that I dared to jump into the track when the train entered the station, and won 100,000 yuan. I took many pictures of the train entering the station to study the braking speed and sliding acceleration of the train until there was One day…” He looked at me deeply, “I photographed a girl who always seemed to exude a sadness. I want to take pictures of her smiling, but…”
  ”Can you tell me why? ?”he asks.
  I didn’t answer, a few more lights flashed in the tunnel in the distance, and another train entered the station.
  I walked to the platform, suddenly turned around, and asked him: “The last question, after the last train, is there really a subway to take the undead home?”
  ”How can this happen,” he smiled, “There is indeed one The subway is just checking the safety of the line and pulling the subway employees off duty.”
  I didn’t speak, a loud noise rang out from the dark tunnel, and the train roared out of the tunnel as if it were a mighty army. It’s midnight, can those undead resting in the ground fall asleep? Father and brother must hate so many people still stepping on them at midnight, right?
  I took a step forward, faintly feeling the trembling of the platform under my feet, and the rumbling of the train getting closer and closer. I turned my head and looked at him, with a beautiful smile blooming at the corner of my mouth.
  He was stunned, I turned around again and jumped off the platform.
  I closed my eyes and whistling wind sounded in my ears. It seemed that my father and brother were calling me. I heard the sound of my bones breaking, and the last train at midnight stopped abruptly with the harsh brakes.