Marriage is a good medicine for depression

German marriage experts found that marriage is very effective for people who are depressed. After surveying 3066 people with a history of depression, their symptoms include insomnia and persistent grief. After comparing their emotional and psychological states before and after marriage, experts found that marriage can help patients with depression The condition and frequency of the patient’s morbidity will drop significantly after marriage. Depressed people especially need the closeness of others, and this is what marriage can give.

5 hurdles for marriage

Professor Wei Qin, a German marriage and health expert, believes that a complete marriage requires five kaners. Only after these five kanels will the two of them reach their heads.

1. Mutual adaptation stage: 18 to 30 years old. The young couples of this period need to pay attention to the balance between work and family life.

2. Partner stage: 31 to 43 years old. During this period, the husband and wife have reached a certain balance in work and family life, and their opinions are similar, but their husbands value career development more.

3. Confirmation stage: 44 to 56 years old. Women in this period have laid down the burden of raising their children, and they need to prove that they are still sexy in the eyes of their husbands, and their emphasis on sex life has reached its peak.

4. Exchange stage: 57 to 65 years old. Signs of aging men are gradually emerging, and wives have become the most important part of their lives. During this period, women seek liberation, but men need a guarantee of love.

5. Love stage: over 66 years old. After years of knowing and loving each other, the couple was most comfortable and harmonious during this period.

Men easily dream of their predecessors

The results of a recent study in the UK may break some women’s hearts, because 25% of men often dream about their predecessors. More than 33% of women often dream of their current partners, followed by parents, children and girlfriends. In men’s dreams, the most common occurrence is not incumbency. Nearly 26% of men most often dream of colleagues, bosses and mother-in-law, and 25% of men often dream of their ex-girlfriends. But this does not mean that men do not forget their predecessors, but because of the pressure of work or the lack of security in the current relationship.

Wife is too busy, husband is unhealthy

A French survey found that if a wife’s work is busy, her husband’s health is likely to be poor. This is because men are more dependent on their partners for health, and wives are usually their health guardians. If the wife works more than 40 hours a week, the husband’s health will decline by more than 25% within 3 years, because no one is reminding them to take care of their health at any time, such as taking medicine, seeing a doctor or exercising. Wife is not around, men tend to work overtime, travel, drink alcohol or lie on the sofa and watch TV. On the contrary, if a man goes out to work too long, his wife’s health will not be significantly affected.

4 truths about happiness

In a joint survey on happiness in Britain, Australia and South Korea, experts found the following 4 truths about happiness:

1. Happiness is the state of a moment. The state of being married does not make us feel happy, but the beginning of a relationship will make people very happy. Getting a new job is often stronger than the stability of long-term work, and just being pregnant is happier than being a parent… …These show that the positive dynamic events bring happiness, which is far more than the static happiness.

2. Happiness can be passed. When your friends are very happy, your happiness value will also increase by 25%; the happiness of one husband and wife will increase the happiness value of the other party by 16%; the happiness effect between brothers and sisters will increase each other’s happiness value by 28%; neighbors The value of happiness in the world will increase by 70%.

3. Happy people have the habit of reviewing the happy moments of the past. A review of past successes will reduce your negative emotions and increase positive emotions, so that you will feel happy. Taking time to recall the moments when you successfully challenged difficulties and won victories in the past is of great significance for obtaining happiness.

4. People who are often encouraged are happy. These people will cherish friendship, love and affection very much. They get along well with friends, loved ones and relatives, neighbors, and often encourage and bless each other.