Knock down the first domino

I’m watching a TED talk entitled “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone”. In the video, Louvier Ajay in a bright yellow suit said: “In the second year I officially started writing as a living, I dared to call myself a writer, and it has been nine years since I first started writing.” Even so, she is still worried about her old age without a pension after retirement.

Lu Vier originally wanted to be a doctor, but when she first entered university, basic chemistry made her “fell” a big somersault, “I’m not a doctor, forget it.” So, she gave up without hesitation. Started running my first blog. This is the end of one dream and the beginning of another.

This reminds me involuntarily that when I was a freshman in college, I was an obscure little transparent in various writing competitions held by the college. I, a tangled and turbulent “perfectionist”, always tried to block The challenge ahead is to do our best one by one. But reality tells me-you are not suitable for journalism.

I have never seriously thought about whether these things are my true passion. Since I was young, I have just walked here step by step. Perhaps, I am just stuck in something that doesn’t matter if I win or lose, and I’m competing with myself. I started to write literary works “without doing what I was doing.” Sometimes the submission went smoothly, and soon it would appear in the newspaper. There were also dozens of articles running into the deep well without splashes or sounds. However, I never let go.

I still love such entertaining and relaxing text, which refers to the theme and mood, not the form and writing process. In short, intermittently, I began to win awards in writing competitions held by colleges and universities, and these awards added a lot to my final comprehensive test.

Thanks to this “not doing business properly”, I passed an interview in the new media department of a magazine and went to Beijing for an internship. This is undoubtedly the highlight moment in my student life.

I came back to my senses. There was a video playing in the video. Louvier was jumping off the plane with the huge wings of the paraglider flying behind her. At the same time, she on the stage looked directly at the audience and me. : “Don’t be afraid to be the first domino in your life.”

I am very glad that I did not give up the “toss”, because once the change begins, it will sweep the land like a flood. You no longer need the submerged comfort zone, but will be obsessed with how to make a more beautiful footprint in the new world.

A roommate who was an intern in Hangzhou once asked me to chat. When talking about work, she said: “I can’t stay any longer.”

I tentatively asked: “Is the job not going well? Or is it too hard to live alone?”

The roommate hesitated for a while, and said: “Maybe they all, the most important thing is that I don’t even have the courage to touch the things I like. I have always wanted to go to the vintage store, in Hangzhou. I didn’t even dare to go. That’s hidden in my heart. Low self-esteem, I dare not even chase what I like.”

In many cases, the closer we are to what we want, the easier it is to withdraw, doubt and deny ourselves. Just like it took Luvier nine years to say “I am a writer” to others.

Finally, Louvier shared his secret, that is, standing on the edge of silence and indecision, asking himself three questions: Am I serious? Can I defend this dream? Am I passionate? If the answer is yes, there is nothing to hesitate.

I feel that my heart and throat are getting hot, and I eagerly tapped the words on the keyboard: “Dare to come out alone and give it a try. It is much better than most people who stay still. When the things you arrive are different, people will be different too.”

“You and I are the same, which ordinary girl is not inferior, but we have worked hard, knowing where we are now, where we can go, and where we want to go.” This is what I want to tell my roommate, and even more so. The tangled and disturbed own whispers.

I really like this sentence: “Courage will not appear when needed, but the result of continuous reflection and down-to-earth efforts.” All I can do is to use my hard work to build the beautiful balance between fear and courage.

Thus, the first domino began to fall.