Join forces to fight tuberculosis

Jointly initiated by the Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University School of Medicine, 2012 – Tsinghua YEUNG Sum of Public Health Day activities on April 26 was officially launched. This year’s campaign theme of “elimination of TB, we in Action”, which is also following the “Tsinghua University – YEUNG Sum Infectious Diseases Joint Research Centre was established in 2011, Janssen Pharmaceutica partnership of strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University School of Medicine to further deepen. china rifampicin, rifampicin china, product rifampicin.

Vice President of Tsinghua Qiu Yong, Dean of the School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University School of Medicine, executive vice president of Yigong Shi, Xiao Dong F, of the Ministry of Health, Disease Control Bureau of National Health Ombudsman, President of Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd. He Oceanside, etc. areas of government officials, pundits, experts and scholars at home and abroad attended the event and delivered a speech.

The Public Health Day activities on TB diagnosis, treatment, prevention, research and development and clinical trials and other issues of common concern in-depth discussions, aimed at raising public awareness and awareness of prevention of tuberculosis, and by sharing the field of domestic and international TB control the experience of working together to eliminate TB plagued the human race, to continue to promote the development of our country and the people of the world health cause.

When talking about TB prevention and control of innovative tools and platforms, Clinical Center of the Chinese Center for Disease Control TB control director of the Office of Liang said: “The treatment and prevention is the key to control of TB spread. Chinese Government has adopted a series of innovative techniques to improve TB diagnosis and treatment, strengthen the patient’s self-awareness of prevention and in strict accordance with the prescribed medicine, the TB can be cured disease. ”

It is understood that tuberculosis is one of the most important infectious diseases in China, is also a serious global public health problem. Although in the past 20 years, in reducing tuberculosis infection has made significant progress, but new strains, such as multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), still threaten the lives and health of patients present new challenges and continue to medical experts. Therefore, this issue, Strong Health medical research and development of infectious diseases and vaccine areas of the world’s competent Fan and Friends of the, said: “With the Tsinghua – YEUNG Sum this platform, we can exchange information, share research results, effective communication, combined with multi-power jointly cope with the challenges of TB. ”

Day of the event also announced the 20 experts and scholars formally joined Tsinghua University – YEUNG Sum infectious disease research center, jointly supported by the five-year plan of the Ministry of Health on the implementation of the national TB control.