Inventory of the world’s most exotic sports

  Perhaps after understanding the following strange sports, you will feel that today’s mainstream sports are really normal. Let’s take a look at the inventory of the world’s most exotic sports with the editor.
  of the sport originally from a small town in Finland villagers game, is now evolved into a fit and healthy movement patterns show affection. In the annual North American Wife Carrying Contest, the champion not only can get a beer equivalent to his wife’s weight and a cash prize 5 times his wife’s weight, but can also get promotion to the “World Carrying Wife Contest” in Finland. Coupons.
  Chess boxing
  name suggests, this sport requires contestants alternated four minutes of chess and blitz chess boxing match three minutes, both contestants are knocked down in the fist stage, will die or be on the board, will immediately Lose the game. It should be said that the dual test of intelligence and physical strength is the charm of this sport.
  Cheese Rolling
  This movement originated from the UK, and now has evolved into an annual May “Cheese Rolling Festival.” Participants will chase a huge cheese wheel rolling down the mountain in the game, and the final player will own the cheese. Although the giant cheese weighing 3.6 kilograms may seem tempting, but sliding down the steep slope of nearly 200 meters high, many competitors still paid the price of injury.
  Extreme Ironing
  In 1997, the British Phil Shaw, who was tired of the same weaving work, had a whim. After work every day, he started climbing and ironing. Two years later, traveling the world, he began to carry forward the sport. The requirements for exercise are very simple, just a man, an electric iron, an ironing board, plus various dangerous environments that are “up to the sword and the sea of ​​fire”. However, as the contestants said: “It is not us who is in danger, but our clothes.”
  Throwing eggs
  This is also a sport? In fact, it is still known as one of the oldest sports in England! In addition, they also have their own “World Egg Throwing Championship”, which contains a variety of small items-including the “receiving and throwing eggs” competition 45 meters away, choosing one from a box of raw and cooked eggs to oneself. The “Russian Roulette” hit on the head, and the easy-to-understand “target throw”, etc. I love these eggs…
  Underwater hockey
  In the 1950s, this new underwater sport like hockey and ice hockey was invented by a group of British diving enthusiasts, and has since spread to all over the world. Although the game itself makes it impossible for spectators outside the water to enjoy it, the movement itself is absolutely safe under the protection of water resistance and equipment. Not long ago, Chengdu also established the first underwater hockey club, and some players will also represent China in the 2015 Aquatic Asia Cup in Indonesia.
  Tibia to play
  two players pulling together, play each other the other side of the lower leg bone, until one fell to the ground can not support so far – you can think of so cruel sport was actually from the usual polite British gentleman right hand? As early as five to six hundred years ago, this sport evolved from wrestling was the country’s Olympic Games in the Cotsworld district of the United Kingdom. The tibia is the main load-bearing bone in the calf, and there is almost no protection from any muscles. Therefore, players will stuff straws on their legs and wear special soft shoes to compete.
  Toe wrestling
  arm-wrestling game we used to, but breaking the toe contest you heard of it? This sport originated from the British farmer George Burgess in the 70s. The rules of the competition are also very simple: two contestants clamp their big toes together and put their feet on a “toe stand”. “In the competition area, and in the end the player who pushed his opponent’s foot to the edge of the wooden frame won the game.
  Sepak Takraw
  Similar to Korean net football, sepak takraw can also be called “volleyball kicked with feet.” This sport originated in Southeast Asia and has become the most popular sport in the region since the 15th century. Nowadays, Sepak Takraw is Thailand’s national ball, and they are also the overlord of this sport. Therefore, when Sepak Takraw was used as an Asian Games event, it was very difficult for us to see the monopoly of China, Japan and South Korea, and this diversification phenomenon also avoided to a certain extent the situation of a dominance.
  Athletic man dog dancing
  the mixture of obedience, tricks and dance movements, requires the completion of a dance with the music together between dog and owner. Perhaps, the skilful cooperation and graceful dance between the dog and the owner really interpret what is meant by “dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind”.
  Russian swimming inflatable doll
  St. Petersburg, Russia held a military Oksana river on inflatable doll swimming competition, the game Russian man holding inflatable doll to swim across the river. The official name of the inflatable doll swimming competition is “Foam Barbara Challenge” and it is held once a year. The biggest attraction of the competition is that the men who participate in the competition have to cross the river together with inflatable dolls. The atmosphere of the competition is strange and funny.
  World Championships sauna
  12th Sauna World Championships ended in tragedy, race men’s champion of Russia’s Lardy Burzynski shock in the sauna, after she died.
  The contestants steamed and grilled in the sauna at 110°C, and they were better than anyone who insisted to the end. At 8pm on the 7th, the men’s finals began, and the temperature in the sauna room was as high as 110°C. Every 30 seconds, 0.5 liters of water will be automatically sprayed on the hot stones in the sauna heater.
  The last two players competing for the championship-Timo Kokonen, a Finnish player who has won the title of sauna world championship 5 times, and Radyzhinski, a Russian player over 60 years old, are not to be outdone, and compete in the sauna room. After steaming for more than 6 minutes, she had double shock and was carried out of the sauna by the staff. Radyzhinsky died on the spot after the rescue failed. Kokonin was taken to the hospital by ambulance to continue emergency rescue.
  Run in Fire
  The Scottish man broke the world record for the farthest run in the fire: 39-year-old male nurse Keith Malcolm broke the world record for the farthest run after firing on his body with a score of nearly 259 feet.
  Mud wrestling
  at home and abroad, the war has been more and more mud especially young people. Fighting in the mud for three hundred rounds is the most natural and natural way, which is not only an emerging fitness exercise, but also can vent the pressures of people’s daily life and work.
  Smell stinky shoes match
  the annual “National addicted to taste those smelly shoes Competition”, was held in Montpellier, Vermont has a “stinky shoe capital of the world,” he said. During the competition, the contestants did their best to “carry forward” the odor on their feet and show their stinky feet in front of the judges’ noses. After several levels of selection, the 7-year-old boy, Joshua Bush, broke out of the siege, and “Smelly” crowned Qunlun and took home the crown of “Smelly Shoe Prince”. With a pair of extremely “lethal” tattered sneakers on his feet, Booth not only won a $2500 bonus and a free “New York Luxury Tour”, but also a free year of deodorant products provided by the manufacturer of deodorizing supplies VIP treatment.
  Alternative aircraft diving competition
  Moscow River organizes the annual “Fall Festival”, with a variety of performers design their own “craft,” the courage to jump into the water from a height, but each time the participants to design aircraft modeling are shameful .
  Championship breath
  deep-water race Hunan Zhangjiajie Baofeng breath held, players from Italy’s David Moli Ni at 20 minutes and 55 seconds to score to win over opponents Danes Sewolinsen hit in mid-2010 Guinness Book of World Records.
  Office chair race
  in Frankfurt, Germany held riding office chair racing, the players have done their best to participate in the game.
  Pull Hook racing
  a special athletic competition held in Madrid, Spain, called a “cold-blooded” group, performing at the event back hanging hook La car.