If i were my wife

  I often think about how I would live my life now if we exchange lives.
  For example, eating in a restaurant, I was thinking, if I were that waiter and the waiter was me, what would I do now. I may fall in love with me immediately. I will probably take a look at this guest, judge what kind of person he is from his words and manners, judge the relationship between them from the expression of the woman sitting opposite him, whether they part ways or go straight to home after eating . When the guests are gone and the night is quiet, what will I do and what will I think about? Looking at the bright lights of this city, will I feel like a person ignored by the world? How can I work hard to gain a foothold in this city? I remembered the guest who ate today, how did he not blink even when paying the bill? I want to listen more to what the guests discuss, intentionally or unintentionally, in case there is a new opportunity in it? I can’t be a waiter all my life, at least I have to be a foreman. Thinking of this, I immediately smiled at the waiter and asked myself not to yell at her, because in the future she is to be the foreman and not to destroy her self-confidence at this moment.
  What if I am my wife? Can I cook meals on time, and then sort out the housework, watching the game lying on the sofa, I sincerely say “I love this man”? He looked down at the phone without expressing gratitude. What secrets did he have? Well, I ca n’t come to see it. How stingy do I look, or should I play with my phone? Forget it, the old lady should go to read the book. The “Xieyou Grocery Store” bought last week hasn’t finished reading. A man is not as reliable as a book. He feels accustomed to how much you pay. If you turn the book two pages at random, it will tell you many secrets. Thinking of this, I quickly put down my phone, left the clothes in the washing machine dry, warmed the bed, and yelled, “Mother, it’s time to sleep!”
  Is it fun to think about life in this way? If everyone can often switch roles to think about things like this, I believe everyone can appreciate the difficulty of the other side and be conscious of the moment. We often stay too long in our own world, just want to make ourselves brilliant, and forget to share a little sunshine with others.