How to become a superhero Batman

  Bat helmet
  As one of Batman’s important equipment, the bat helmet undertakes the task of protecting his head while also hiding his true identity. Bat helmet is a graphite-based composite material, which should be carbon fiber composite material. This material is widely used in the aerospace industry. Carbon fiber composite material is a composite material with resin as the matrix and carbon fiber as the reinforcement, which emerged in the mid-1960s. The advantages of this material include: ①The weight of a helmet made of carbon fiber composite material is 1/3 to 2/5 of that of a metal helmet, and its density is 1/5 to 1/2 of the density of other metal materials. ②The specific strength (the ratio of the tensile strength of the material to the density) and the specific modulus (the ratio of the elastic modulus to the density) are both high. Its specific strength is 5 times that of steel and 4 times higher than that of aluminum alloy; its specific modulus is 1.3 to 12.3 times that of other materials. ③It is an anisotropic material with completely different physical properties in different directions. This is conducive to designing things that fit the shape of the head or odd shapes (such as Batman’s two ears). The designer can meet the strength, stiffness and various special requirements by choosing the appropriate layering direction and number of layers to obtain a composite material that meets the requirements of use and has the best performance-to-quality ratio. ④The fatigue resistance of carbon fiber composite materials is twice that of metal materials, and the fatigue limit can reach 70% to 80% of the tensile strength. ⑤Anti-vibration and high temperature resistance, will not deform under the high temperature of 400℃. ⑥ High damage safety. Since the inside of the material is a single fiber, even if one is broken, there are other fibers supporting it, and it will never break directly. ⑦Can be integrally formed. The bat helmet is an integrally formed product, without any connecting parts, and is manufactured at one time. However, carbon fiber composite materials have no bulletproof function. This is because the fracture extension is too small and the impact energy per unit area is low. Therefore, it is necessary to coat the surface with a layer of bulletproof materials, such as aramid and polyethylene fibers. At present, bulletproof helmets used in developed countries such as the United States and Britain are made of aramid. Unlike body armor, these materials are hard, and their deformation and breaking energy are very high, which can absorb the energy of bullets. When the bullet reaches the bulletproof material, the energy propagates in the form of shock waves, including longitudinal waves and transverse waves: the main form of longitudinal waves is compression waves, and the main form of transverse waves is shear waves. The bulletproof material undergoes 5 stages of high-speed compression, shear failure, tensile failure, back convex formation, and rebound, which completely prevents bullets from entering the material. Of course, there are night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras, sonar devices, gas masks, miniature radio receivers and walkie-talkies in the bat helmets.
  Bat armor
  It is said that the new version of the bat armor consists of a double-layer reinforced titanium alloy panel and polyester fiber. Titanium alloy is a kind of lightweight material. For example, Ti-555 alloy produced in the United States has high strength, good toughness and excellent cold workability. Oil-resistant and oxidation-resistant titanium alloy materials are not easily deformed even at a high temperature of 540°C. However, when the strength of titanium alloy is high, plasticity and toughness will decrease, so there are still problems. The polyester fiber used in bat armor must have been improved. At the end of 2002, the global output of polyester fiber was 21 million tons, accounting for 63% of all chemical fibers. This material can become very comfortable through chemical, physical and other technical means. Bat armor uses multilayer composite materials. Under the premise of impact resistance, the inner layer material can absorb sweat, and the outer layer material can quickly discharge water.
  Bat armband gloves
  biggest feature of this glove is a replica of gecko adhesion force, this force from the multi-scale micro-nano structure of gecko claw end. Gecko’s feet are lined with dense bristles, each square millimeter has 5000 bristles with a length of 30 to 130 microns. There are millions of bristles on each toe. There are 400 to 1000 bifurcations with a diameter of 200 nanometers on each bristles. The van der Waals force (molecular attraction, a weak electromagnetic attraction between neutral molecules) generated in this way is completely sufficient to support the gecko’s weight. And the greater the humidity, the stronger the adhesion. Regarding debonding, it mainly uses the anisotropy of the material: when pointing in different directions, the stickiness of the bristles is completely different.
  Currently, wall-climbing robots are more and more widely used, and there are many technologies used, such as AFM etching method, alumina template hole injection molding, inductively coupled plasma etching technology, array carbon nanotube preparation, photolithography technology, Reactive plasma dry etching method, negative pressure adsorption, etc. Some wall cleaning robots have been put into use. So, it is probably not difficult for Batman to have such a pair of gloves. However, it is not possible at present, because most of the materials that imitate bristles will bond with each other and reduce the contact area, either with poor performance or too short life span. Although Batman is not bad for money, he still can’t have Bat Armguard gloves in real life.
  Bat boots
  This is a relatively low-tech equipment, except for the bat transmitter. Bats use ultrasound for echolocation and hunting, and they also use ultrasound to communicate with each other. Therefore, it is not impossible for the bat transmitter to gather bats using ultrasound. Of course, our current bionics has not done this yet.
  Bat cloak
  this cloak host material should be conductive fibers. Batman’s cloak may be made of metal oxides, organics, and other conductive materials, compounded or blended with polymers. This material has the ability to resist friction, oxidation and corrosion, and can absorb electromagnetic waves to achieve the purpose of stealth. It is also a kind of memory fiber. The characteristic of memory fiber is that under certain conditions, it can be restored to its original appearance. At present, the better memory fiber is to mix memory alloy into the fiber. It can be seen that its electrical conductivity also comes from the alloy. Nowadays, nickel-titanium alloys and electronic control fibers are more commonly used. The electronically controlled fiber does not wrinkle or shrink, and it can be washed as many times as you want-this saves money. However, Batman’s body is made of titanium alloy, which is quite valuable.
  have a lot of darts, claw gun, a cable transmitter, a gel explosive ejector, electric saw, laser gun, the gun solenoid, a hydraulic, a time bomb launchers viscose belt arms Batman, the most powerful It should be a laser gun. The main function of the laser gun is to make the enemy stiff and lose the ability to resist. Electromagnetic gun is an existing weapon, which has the advantages of flexible initial velocity control, high precision, and long range. It uses the magnetic coupling mechanism between the driving coil and the projectile to work. First, the coil is driven to discharge to generate a pulsed strong magnetic field; then, the projectile induces a current, and the induced current will generate electromagnetic force under the action of the pulsed strong magnetic field. Speed ​​up under the action.
  Batmobile, motorcycle bat, bat aircraft, helicopter bat, bat boats, jet skis bats and other vehicles, in fact, the nature and means of transport The difference now is not too large, is up to more weapons installed and running Faster and more stylish.
  What do you need to do if you want to become Batman?
  It’s very simple. First, there must be 1 billion U.S. dollars. Of course, if you don’t have that much money, you can’t do it. Just lower the grade: the helmet and armor can be made of plastic; the cloak can be cut with chemical fiber, and some steel wires are placed inside to support it; The transportation is not easy to make, so just pretend it is not driving. As for the laser gun, put the laser pointer in the toy gun. Anyway, it is not really to help the poor. In short, print what can be 3D printed.
  In fact, the reason why Batman can become a superhero depends more on his wisdom, bravery, and the character of upholding justice.
  In the movie “Batman v Superman”, Batman continues to be handsome and cool. Although it is impossible to become Superman in real life, it is still possible to become Batman. Of course, to become Batman, equipment is very important. Without the high-tech equipment of Wayne Industries, Batman would be nothing more than a samurai at best. So, what equipment does Batman have?