How they forced me to become an artist

Every time I talk about my “literary and artistic career”, I must mention my name at the beginning. This is the same name as “Ma Liang, a magic pen.” The original origin was that I was the second child in the family. In Shanghai dialect, “two” is often pronounced as “liang”, “liang” and “liang” are homophonic, so my parents who work in art gave me the name “Ma Liang”. If my name is Ma Er, maybe my life will be more comical, right? But my name is Ma Liang. Because of this name, everyone I met in childhood asked me: “Why don’t you paint?”

Later, a female classmate I admired in elementary school asked me again in a very serious tone. She is an unsmiling little white girl who is at the same table with me and has a hostile arrogance towards boys with poor homework. Unfortunately, I have always been her opposite. When this word came out of her mouth, I could clearly hear a bit of ridicule. If she usually said this, I would be speechless. That day, I suddenly remembered that there was a set of watercolor pens in my schoolbag that my uncle had brought me from a business trip to Japan. I had never seen the children at that time, and I couldn’t help being a little smug. So, I calmly took out my “magic pen” from the ruined military schoolbag, turned over the old test paper, and started my painting career. Thirty years have passed since this matter, but until now I still remember that that day, the girl suddenly changed her face and looked at me painting very tenderly. Every time I drew a stroke, she gave a soft compliment. That day, I realized the charm of art for the first time, and I planted the seeds of becoming a painter in my heart, although later I also realized that the girl’s purpose of praising me was mainly to borrow my watercolor pen to take home and describe her. Cut flowers and paper cuts, but anyhow I fell in love with art.

This kind of love pushed me to finally enter an art school, a little shameful proof that the name is worthy of the name. But in a professional school, my drawing ability is stretched again. Most of my classmates paint better than me, especially a female student I like, who paints much better than me. This is really a great shame. I have struggled for a long time, but my inferior skills cannot be made up for in a day’s battle. I was ashamed and unwilling to admit defeat. At that time, “pen pal” was popular. I found this girl was following this trend. So during the summer vacation, I often wrote to her, holding the “Xinhua Dictionary” to find some profound words, and try to put that thin The translucent letter paper is written in clusters of flowers to show that he is rich in knowledge. It was written, “Xinhua Dictionary” was not enough, so I went to my sister’s bookshelf to look for a book. My sister is more than ten years older than me, and was already a college student. In the beginning, I extracted various translated poems, and later copied the maxims into various books on Western philosophy and aesthetics. After the pitiful copy, I sometimes have to memorize a few paragraphs so that I will not show up in the future. But I can’t memorize it if I don’t understand it. In order to be able to understand the ins and outs a little bit, I started to read the context, flipping through the book on my sister’s little shelf, and then I walked to my father ambitiously without knowing it. Of larger bookshelves. For the girl, I walked to the vast sea of ​​books recklessly, and for the unrequited love one after another, I finally became a “student”.

When I was in college, I was in love, and the motto in the book could not express my heady happiness, so I started to write poetry. Now it seems that none of those poems can be read, but after all, I started my “creative career” subconsciously, like a bald-haired peacock in a zoo. I only need to pick it up with a colorful veil, and then shake my ass in anguish. brilliant. That is the subconsciousness of a male. I want to tell the world proudly that Lao Tzu is really a colorful character.

Later, writing poetry was not enough. In order to please his girlfriend, the innocent teenager began to learn all kinds of “nirvana”: self-taught cobbler, make her own leather bags; learn tie-dye, white T-shirt for her; she likes an antique wood that I can’t afford Box, I quickly became a woodcarving technique; she liked rag dolls, and it didn’t take long for my needlework to become superb. Fortunately, she dumped me in time and I finally retreated from the cliff. At that time, I had just borrowed a book on crocheting sweaters from the library and was planning to learn how to knit sweaters. In the words of my sister, I was like a faint king at that time. In order to please the beauties, I had to play with the princes. Now it sounds like a joke, but aren’t all the first loves of teenagers like this? The king of Zhou You, who played various princes as monkeys on the beacon tower with a smile for praise, became the throne at the age of thirteen, and was chopped off by an eager dog at the age of twenty-four. He estimated the age of doing that absurd thing. It is also in their early twenties. He gave his life to Qingcheng with a smile, but my fate was just to become a craftsman, which was much luckier.

Zhang Yusheng sang: “Are you busy pursuing like me all day, pursuing an unexpected tenderness.” When I listened to this song, I was still a young faint gentleman. I didn’t take it seriously, and the tenderness was not all stuck to the girl’s body. ? Three thousand weak water wants to drink more. Later, when I got older, I became more and more desperate, and wanted to love more women, men, everyone, and even the whole world. Only then did I know that this job originally started from love. There is really unexpected tenderness in this world, and that is art and beauty.