How is Li Ziqi made

 Li Ziqi was on fire. This little woman who lives in the mountains of Mianyang, Sichuan, made a lot of men and women look at it: The veil worn by the heroine in the “White Hair Witch Biography”, the style of the Republic of China in the “Dahong Rice Shop”, “The God Carving” The scenes of flowers and flowers in the unforgiving valley in Heroes, the fruit-filled and long corridor of melons and fruits… everything seems so far away; everything seems so kind again.

  Li Ziqi conquered hundreds of millions of fans with video. The huge popularity brought huge rewards. Some people say that the video of “Li Ziqi’s first public disclosure of backyard ingredients” has exceeded 100 million.
  This kind of popularity is reminiscent of the crazy traffic of Han Han’s blog. After a lapse of ten years, Han Han retreated and Li Ziqi walked to the front desk. Han Han hawked opinions on Weibo, and Li Ziqi sold chili sauce, Tieguanyin and chopped pepper sauce on Tmall with huge influence-from idealism to “chili sauceism”, which is a microcosm of changes in the times.

  Aesthetics, tradition, memory, in my opinion, all the secrets of Li Ziqi are here. In other words, Li Ziqi’s flow and huge wealth come from here.
  What makes hundreds of millions of fans interested? Basically, it seems idealistic.
  For a generation or several generations who grew up watching “Swordsman”, “Eternal Dragon Sword” and “Returning to the Princess”, the life in Li Ziqi’s video is the ideal state in the hearts of the public.
  ”Daer hoeing beans in the east of the river, Zhonger is weaving chicken coops. He likes children to die, Xitou lying peeling lotus.” Such a life, environmental protection, tradition, elegance… The main point is: slow.
  In “Slowly in the Past”, Mu Xin wrote: “The old days have become slow/cars, horses, and mails have been slow/only love one person in a lifetime/the locks used to look good/the keys are beautiful/you are locked , People will understand. “A lock will let everyone “understand”, this kind of life is gone.
  Along with the slow life and farming civilization, there are the values ​​of traditional society.
  Of course, it’s not just that we enter into our lives, and that it’s life and death, it’s more like the helpless father and son in the movie “When Happiness Comes Knocking on the Door,” sleeping in the toilet and office building, and having to make hundreds of calls a day. hardships. In this society where food and clothing are abundant, everyone is working hard, and everyone clearly realizes that once they miss, they will “can’t catch up in one step, and can’t catch up in steps.” Life is so real and of course cruel.

  Li Ziqi was killed at this time, or Li Ziqi and her team were killed at this time.
  On December 14, 2019, Li Ziqi wore an ancient dress, as the “cultural communication figure of the year”, and appeared on the “China News Weekly” list of 2019 influential figures. At the awards ceremony, when the host asked what she thought about the different voices of the outside world, she replied: “It’s an unexpected gain to be able to do what I like to do.”
  Her answer won a lot of applause and applause. Of course There are also many questions.
  Of course, behind any huge success, there is always great controversy.
  Li Ziqi may indeed be doing “things he likes,” but it seems that it is not an “unexpected gain” in winning huge influence.
  In February 2019, she uploaded a video to film the process of making snacks such as candied gourds and snowflakes. At the time of the year, various fruits and vegetables were placed on the table, and the shelves beside her were also filled with bacon.
  In real life, few people will go to learn to make candied fruit. After all, the social division of labor is different and the price of candied fruit is low. You can buy a few skewers for just a little money; and few people make their own bacon because they are available everywhere on the market Arrived, and there are really not many people with that time.
  However, this time someone came out and fulfilled many people’s dreams by live broadcast. This person is Li Ziqi.

  The “slow life” concept conveyed by traditional craftsmanship or “Chinese style” runs counter to the rush of modern society. The so-called slow life is ultimately a traditional way of life.
  ”A millionaire can be created overnight.”
  ”It takes three generations to train a rich man.” The
  former sentence comes from the Internet; the latter sentence is said to be said by oil tycoon Rockefeller.

  Girls who like to wear blue floral tops with cardigans and velveteen shoes on their feet may not be born that way. What they like is the kind of beautiful things that contain Chinese elements, the kind of retro style or small freshness, and those unremarkable traditional skills. This is the trend of the times.
  When a society rushes to modernization in a racing posture, because it runs too fast, our head is left behind by our feet. At this time we will say: feet, please slow down, my head has not responded yet!
  So, we began to miss slow life. Nostalgia has since become a sub-theme of an era.
  So, Li Ziqi came out slowly from her mountain village.

  Of course, you have to be clear: Li Ziqi itself is a cultural product after being packaged. Regarding her packaging copy, the back is full of nostalgia and the pursuit of interests.
  She is a cultural phenomenon of an era. Hegel said “existence is reasonable”, Li Ziqi’s popularity, of course, also has its huge rationality-those who work hard in a foreign country can open the video to see the scenes of life in their childhood; those who are tired of urban life The white-collar worker found a reason for detachment in Li Ziqi; those upstarts who were so tired of the taste of Shanzhen and Haiwei found a fresh taste in Li Ziqi… The reality is so ridiculous. Some people ran to Wutai Mountain after graduation from college, and there was also Peking University. After graduating, he ran into a ravine to grow land. Everyone seeks a different lifestyle.
  In the mountains, the bitterness is enough, the sweat is about to flow, and most people return to the modern life of the city. If you have a keen sense of business, you should go online.
  ——In a real society, it is difficult to think of a homestead in the countryside, not to mention going to the mountains to plant a lot of raw melon and pear dates?
  Do you think that Li Ziqi is living a slow life of “Xitou lying peeling lotus”, in fact, people are doing the main business products.
  In reality, there is such a paradox: the more scarce, the louder the voice.
  Therefore, when you see someone shouting “Caring XX” in the media, XX is actually a vulnerable group in this society. The slogan highlights the justice standpoint of the action, but the reality is often awkward or even terrible.
  Just like those who chanted to return to the pastoral and slow life like Li Ziqi, when they returned to the village in memory, they might face the hysterical roar of the bulldozer in the demolition.
  The country is a legend and our spiritual bond. When you really go back, you will find that the original memory is fragmented. The iron teeth and steel teeth of the urbanization process have cut off the blood of childhood memories. It’s Li Ziqi, helping us restore the old scene.
  Of course, the dream she led us to was more perfect than our own dream.
  This dream is based on the agitation of group emotions based on the business society.
  This dream cannot be done in the real slow life era.