Horror Cruise

  American lawyer Hopson Johnson was invited by the client to take the “Tulip” luxury cruise ship to Honolulu. While talking with the sailor, he accidentally learned that there had been a bizarre murder on a cruise ship 24 years ago. And that night, the ship was surprised to see the terrible sound from the murder scene that year. The strange thing is that not everyone can hear this voice. Is it because the culprit has a ghost in his heart, or is the ghost of a ghost ship really appearing on the high seas?
  Midnight strange sound, cruise ship discovered ghost cry
   Hobson Johnson, a lawyer is a senior partner of a New York law firm senior, part-time professor of law at the State University of New York. Although he is 62 years old and has inconvenient legs and feet, he has served as perennial legal counsel to many super-rich people. On March 17, 2018, he received a call from Tyner, urging him to participate in a luxury cruise in Honolulu.
   Tyner, 51, runs a chain of gas stations and is a billionaire. Hopson wanted to refuse, but Turner said there was something important to discuss with Hopson. Helpless, Hopson agreed. After boarding the ship, Hopson in a wheelchair found that the tourists were all elderly. It turned out that they participated in a TV station’s prize draw for an elderly over 55. In order to facilitate the communication between everyone, the captain, sailor, attendant, security, etc. on the cruise ship are arranged by personnel over 45 years old.
   Hopson met Tyner in a sea view suite. “Why would you be interested in participating in the lottery event?” Tyner said with a smile. The show was sponsored by him. He wanted to go to sea with a group of elderly people of similar age.
   At this time, a dark-skinned young man came out of the bathroom, and Tyner hurriedly introduced him, William, his illegitimate child. Twenty-four years ago, Tyner gave birth to William with a beautiful Hawaiian woman in Honolulu. It is only now that his mother has passed away that Tyner decides to recognize him and plans to leave William’s name in his will. Because he was worried that his other son, 31-year-old Ronnie, would object, he organized this trip to sea, and then asked Hopson to negotiate with him about changing his will.
   William is probably the only young man on this cruise ship. After William went out, Tyner said to Hopson: “I received an anonymous email a few days ago saying that William was suffering from a serious mental illness and was paranoid. He often acted crazy.” Tyner believed that if William There is such a problem, it is obviously inappropriate to leave him too much money. Tyner hopes that he will use the eyes of a senior lawyer to identify whether William is really delusional.
   As the two were talking, there was a loud noise on the deck. Hopson shook his wheelchair out of the guest room and saw a group of elderly people arguing around the waiter by the deck swimming pool. It turned out that the waiter was going to play a bloody horror movie by the swimming pool, but it was met with unanimous opposition from the elderly. The waiter grievedly explained that it is the tradition of the “Tulip” to play horror movies. That horror movie is based on real events on the Tulip cruise ship.
   Twenty-four years ago, Paula, a young Hawaiian man, was murdered on a boat on the way back home. The body was chopped into pieces and thrown into the Pacific Ocean. The murderer has not been captured. Many tourists who choose to take this cruise ship are just to experience the scene of the murder, so this horror movie will be played on the deck during the first night of each voyage. However, it is obviously out of fashion to show horror movies in front of elderly tourists. Tanner immediately stopped the broadcast.
   At night, Hopson and Tyner were sitting on beach chairs drinking gin. After a while, Hopson was about to go back to the room to rest, and suddenly, there was a scream from the pool.
   The person who screamed was William. He was holding his head, looking straight ahead, screaming loudly, almost bleeding from his throat. Several security guards rushed to hold him tightly and asked what had happened. William bent down in pain and said: “I heard the cry, it was harsh, it was made by a young man, like a wailing before death.” He slammed the collar of the security guard, “Didn’t you hear it?”
   The security shook his head helplessly, and Hopson was sure that he did not hear any crying. Of course, Tyner didn’t hear it either. It seems that the anonymous email is not groundless, maybe William is really delusional.
   Ghost transmission, the old suspicion gradually emerged
   That night, Hopson slept very restlessly. William kept screaming. He kept saying that he heard the cry of young men. Even though the doctor on board injected him with tranquilizers, he kept screaming.
   Early in the morning, Hopson shook his wheelchair to the deck and saw many elderly people talking about something. It turned out that the old people living on the ground floor also heard crying. But it was not the cry of a young man, but the cry of a little girl.
   Hopson asked Tyner to call the captain. Faced with the question, the captain said depressed, indeed, there was a little girl crying in the luggage compartment last night, and he did not know how the little girl got into the luggage compartment. Hopson and Tyner came to the captain’s office and met the little girl.
   The little girl is called Annie, 10 years old. She said that she was originally an actor in the circus. The day before the circus was performing in Brooklyn, New York, in an alley, she was stabbed and fainted. When she woke up, she stayed in the luggage compartment. She rolled up her sleeves, and there was a pinhole on her arm.
   Could there be criminals selling girls among the elderly tourists on the Tulip cruise ship? Hopson asked Anne with concern: “You found yourself alone in a strange place, and you were afraid to cry?” Annie shook her head, “I was scared to cry when I heard an uncle’s miserable cry.”
   Hope Sen was taken aback. The little girl couldn’t lie. Could it be that the cry of a young man really appeared on the cruise last night? Why didn’t I and others heard it, but only the little girl and William heard it? Was it the cry of the young dead after he became a ghost 24 years ago?
   “Besides crying, what else do you hear?” Annie recalled: “The uncle also said that his name was Paula, and he wanted to avenge Mabila…” The captain on the side quickly explained: 24 years ago, the Tulip happened. After the murder of the corpse and the corpse, there was indeed a suspect named Mabila, but the police were unable to find evidence and had to release him.
   As a senior lawyer, Hopson naturally knew that evidence was necessary for the police to convict. 24 years ago when there was no DNA technology, if the murder happened on a deck with only two people and there were no witnesses, the police could not convict him as long as the murderer insisted that he was not guilty.
   Just as Hopson was wandering, Annie screamed again, “I heard Paula cry again. He said that Mobila and his son are on this cruise ship, and he will kill Mobila first. The son of, kill Mobila and throw them into the Pacific Ocean!”
   Almost at the same time, they heard William scream. “Dad, the ghost named Paula said he wanted to kill me and you and threw the corpse into the sea…” He covered his head and cried in pain, “I can’t be killed by him and then smashed. !” While crying, he rushed to the side of the ship. He stepped over the barrier of the ship’s side and plunged into the sea. His figure immediately disappeared in the sea.
   The captain hurriedly ordered the ship to stop for rescue, but William was still found nowhere.
   Seeing that his son was buried in the vast ocean, Tainer suddenly grew older. Only then did Hopson remember that he had seen Tyner’s birth certificate before. Tanner’s previous name was Mobila Nix, and his name was changed more than 20 years ago. In other words, the person the ghost was looking for was Tyner, who was the murderer of the year.

   Truth, oriole case after case has
   thought of this in mind, Hopson quickly Yaozhelunyi into luxury suites. As soon as he entered the room, he saw Tyner holding a razor blade on his wrist. Hopson was busy stopping him from doing stupid things. Tanner said weakly: “I noticed that Paula first killed me, and when I was defending, I killed him by mistake. I was afraid that I couldn’t tell afterwards, so I just threw his body into the sea. . Now he becomes a ghost and seeks revenge on me. I don’t want to be smashed and thrown into the sea. I would rather commit suicide like William.” Seeing that Tyner was about to be cut off, Hopson sneered: “You will be fooled if you cut it down. . It is not a ghost’s deceit, but a human trap.”
   “What do you mean?” Tyner hesitated. Hopson took out a voice recorder from under the wheelchair. He turned on the recorder, but Tyner heard nothing. Hopson called Annie into the room again. As soon as he played the recorder, Annie shouted: “It’s Uncle Paula’s voice.”
   Tyner asked in surprise, “What’s going on?”
   Hopson didn’t answer. Instead, he asked the captain to find a laptop. After connecting to the Internet, he downloaded a software, and then imported the audio files from the recorder into the computer. After the audio file was processed, a clear young man’s voice immediately appeared on the computer speaker: “Mobila and his son are on the boat. I will kill them, then smash them into pieces and throw them into the vast ocean. ! ” ”
   it’s not Paula’s voice! “Turner murmured. He did not understand why he could hear the sound recorded by the voice recorder after the software was processed.
   Facing Tyner’s doubts, Hopson explained that this matter had to be talked about six months ago. When he was teaching at the State University of New York Law School, he often saw students in class suddenly take out their mobile phones to answer, but he did not hear any ringtones. He found a student who was familiar with him and asked about it, only to realize that a mobile phone ringtone that only young people can hear is popular among students, but middle-aged and old people cannot hear it.
   Hopson conducted research on this and learned that this mobile phone ringtone, called “highring”, is actually a kind of artificial high-frequency sound.
   There are subtle differences in hearing between the elderly and the young. Due to the long-term hearing loss of the elderly, many people lose the ability to hear high-frequency sounds after middle age. It is medically called presbycusis. Most elderly people over 50 have such symptoms. .
   On the Tulip cruise ship, with the exception of William and Annie, the other tourists, including the crew, were all over 45 years old. So when high-frequency sounds appear on the ship, only the two of them can hear it. After Hopson recorded the high-frequency sound just now, the audio frequency measured with the downloaded software was 14400 Hz, which is very close to the theoretical threshold of the upper limit of human hearing, so it is no wonder that all the elderly cannot hear the cry of the ghost.
   When Hopson used the software to adjust the audio frequency to the acceptable range of human hearing, he and Turner finally heard such a weird sound.
   After listening to Hopson’s introduction, Tyner guessed that his son Ronnie had done the trick in order to drive William crazy. But Hopson believes that if you just want to drive William crazy, you only need to keep playing the high-frequency sound, and there is no need to kidnap the little girl Annie to the boat. The conspirator must have another conspiracy.
   The high-frequency sound came from the horn on the ship, and there must be someone on the ship to assist the real conspirators. Hopson asked the captain to call the cruise ship announcer into the luxury suite. Faced with conclusive evidence, the announcer admitted that he had an extra amount of money in his bank account before he boarded the ship, and then received a courier containing a CD for him to play on the ship without interruption. The announcer had heard the CD and thought it was a blank CD, which would do no harm. He never thought that this CD would cause such a big trouble.
   Tyner was very depressed, and he couldn’t prove that Ronnie had done it. But even if the law cannot punish Ronnie, he can punish his son by modifying his will.
   But Hopson patted his shrunken thigh, “If Ronnie did it, he wouldn’t need to kidnap Anne. Anne’s appearance can only prove that William didn’t lie, and that he did hear the voice of the ghost. This is a false accusation. The original intention to call William suffering from delusion is contrary. So it must not be Ronnie
   who did it !” “Who did it?” Tyner asked. Hopson said to the captain: “You send someone to search the cruise ship Tulip. I guess there will be amazing discoveries.”
   The captain immediately followed suit. An hour later, two crew members found a thick rope tied to the railing at the stern under the side of the ship. A young man was pulling the other end of the rope. It was William.
   Hopson smiled and said: “William must have listened to my class in law school, knowing that I know something about high frequencies. He wants to use all of this to make us suspect that Ronnie is the ghost. When you modify the will , He reappeared in the name of being rescued by a passing ship after drifting for a while on the sea, taking all his inheritance.”
   Facing Hobson, William finally bowed his head weakly.
   On June 1, 2018, the Tanner Journal announced the severance of father-son relationship with his illegitimate son William. At the same time, William was charged with kidnapping a young girl and inheritance fraud. The case is currently under trial.