Home office, want to say love you is not easy

When I was running on a crowded subway or bus, I would imagine how comfortable it is to work at home; how much I used to think about not going to work in the company, working at home freely, now I want to go back to work in the company, so I leave the noisy Home office environment.

This Spring Festival, because of a new coronavirus epidemic, everyone had to quarantine at home, delaying the pace of rework, home office has become a trend, and online office software such as Dingding, corporate WeChat, and Feishu have become sweet.

Home office for 200 million people
The birth of the “SOHO” (Small Office Home Office) family in China can be traced back to about 20 years ago. At that time, it was more of a term for freelancers, and it also represented a new free and flexible way of working.

In fact, with the use of WeChat, QQ, Dingding and other office communication tools, home office is no stranger. Under the epidemic this year, many people had to choose to work from home and were forced to become the new “SOHO” family. According to Ali Dingding’s data, on February 3, in the past, the top days of labor mobility, nearly 200 million people in tens of millions of enterprises across the country switched to home office.

Pros and cons of home office
Working at home has obvious advantages, such as eliminating the long commute to work, especially those with long distances, who need to spend 3 hours a day on the commuting road. There are reports showing that people who choose to work outside the office have slightly lower stress and fatigue. Studies have shown that home workers get better performance evaluation results. In addition, allowing employees to work outside the company’s office means that employees living in remote areas and with disabilities have more opportunities. And for mothers who are breastfeeding, they can not only finish work at home, but also take care of their children’s breastfeeding, and insist on breast milk for a longer period of time, which is more conducive to children’s physical and mental health. “It’s really comfortable working at home. I will lie down when I’m tired. I have enough rest and continue to work.”

However, home office also has a negative effect. Although employees can arrange their time more freely, many people find it difficult to balance work and personal affairs, especially when there is a lack of physical isolation between the work place and home, all matters are mixed together. This will cause a lot of trouble, the situation encountered can be described as varied. Under the tide of 200 million people online, Dingding has launched the video beauty function urgently, saving the vast number of unwashed friends who are about to have a morning meeting; the topic of “how to feel more tired from working at home” on Weibo has 2.1 Yi Yi’s reading, the voice of “absence, cumbersome operation, inexplicably tired …” keeps on going.

Researchers believe that when people work at home, they will automatically assume family responsibilities, take care of children and housework, etc., and this may cause time constraints, especially when they are working hard. “For most people, home is not a suitable office environment. Too many piecemeal things will lead to distraction. Due to the lack of supervision from leaders and pressure from colleagues, it is easy to appear burnout at work.” It is still work efficiency, and most people work at home with a chaotic schedule.

How to work efficiently at home
The epidemic blocks work, which office artifacts can help? Instant communication is mainly used for necessary online communication such as QQ and WeChat. The simplest and most direct is WeChat pull group, but because WeChat will be confused with private information and the files are easy to fail, it is only suitable for temporary emergency, and it is not recommended for long-term use by the team.

Enterprise WeChat and WeChat communicate with each other, which is consistent with the usage of WeChat, and employees will naturally use it. Employees can not only communicate on corporate WeChat, but also mobile offices such as punching cards, approving, reporting, and contacting customers.

In response to the outbreak’s demand for video conferencing, corporate WeChat meetings have upgraded the 100-person access restriction to support 300-person unlimited free video conferences.

Dingding and WeChat have many similar online office functions. During the epidemic, Dingding announced that it has officially released a complete set of free solutions to support “working at home” to 10 million enterprise organizations. The main functions include remote video conferences, group live broadcasts that are convenient for educational institutions and schools, the DING function to ensure that the news is accurately reached during the outbreak of the enterprise organization, the schedule sharing, task coordination, online document collaboration, and remote punching function to ensure the decentralized office efficiency of the organization There are also basic online office functions such as log reporting, office OA, approval, intelligent personnel, nail tray, nail mail, announcement, check-in, project group, etc., all free of charge.

Different ranks of staff have different opinions on the pros and cons of home office

The premise of efficient work is to eliminate outside interference as much as possible and focus on the current work. Creating an independent, comfortable, and tidy office area at home can greatly improve work efficiency. Among them, study is the best choice. If there is no separate area, the available space in the home can also be transformed and planned, and tables and chairs and laptops can be placed to create an office atmosphere. Communicate well with your family in advance and give you a relatively independent office space and time. This will not only disturb your family, but also allow you to enter the office more quickly through reminders of specific locations and furnishings.

Make a reasonable distinction between working time and rest time. After finishing the work at hand, go to the living room to relax. Even when working from home, regular breaks are required and work and rest are combined. Define your meal time and lunch break in the morning and afternoon, and use the alarm to remind you. Reasonable rest can help increase efficiency.

Home office is not an excuse to sleep, on the contrary, you need to be more disciplined. Not only do you need to specify a clear office hour for you to get to work on time, but you also need to get up on time, dress neatly, and stay away from the comfort zone. Working hours should be as close as possible to those of other colleagues. Do n’t have a regular work schedule because you work from home. This is neither efficient nor easy to get into work.

Although you do n’t need to dress up like you do when you go to work at home, decent clothing can also allow you to enter the work mode more quickly; you can change your lazy pajamas into a neat and refreshing home service. Clothing always maintains the professionalism and rigor of work.

In case of emergency, you can make a phone call or voice directly. If you can make phone calls without using text, you can improve the concentration and efficiency of your work.

Regarding meetings, remember to hold meetings with topics and clear expectations, minimize the number of participants, make full preparations before the meeting, have meeting records and follow-up actions, and strictly control the meeting time.