Happens to be here

In Lu, a famous hot spring country in Japan, I met the old Zheng couple. The hot spring is located in the middle of the mountain. Lao Zheng is pushing the wheelchair sweating on the ramp. The old Zheng wife who is sitting on the wheelchair has gray hair and curly hair.

At the end of the cherry blossom season, Yae Sakura and Weeping Sakura screened for a burst of pink and white flower rain. The wheelchair stopped from time to time, and the old Zheng wife in the wheelchair opened her hands like a young girl and happily caught the fallen flowers. Her excited expression infected me, and I stepped forward to talk and assist the cart. From this, I knew the story of the nine-year-old couple who walked tens of thousands of kilometers on wheelchairs.

The old Zheng couple are both over seventy years old, this is their second visit to Japan. Lao Zheng’s wife suffered from knee problems more than a decade ago. Since 2009, she has been relying on wheelchairs for a long time. In the year when he first got into a wheelchair, his wife was like a trapped beast in the house, and he lost his temper from time to time, offending all relatives and friends and caring for her nanny. The following year, 63-year-old Lao Zheng submitted his retirement application to the university he worked for. The dean kept him, Xu Yi with a higher project allowance, and “threatened” him, “You will face your wife’s stinky face day and night.” Old Zheng Xiongcheng said: “She is in a state of depression now. It’s entirely because the horizon is not wide enough. I took her back as a backpacker when I went back, and while I was still physically fit, the Arctic and Antarctic wanted to go. ”

For a while afterwards, Lao Zheng went to the gym to raise iron to run and reserve physical strength; he also encouraged his wife to lift dumbbells to exercise the wheels of the wheelchair on the uphill slope; he learned how to save luggage space so that he could replace the big box for convenience A small box for action; he also bought car repair tools and learned to maintain and repair the wheelchair from the bicycle repair master; he even learned a foot massage to help his wife relieve the numbness caused by the bumps in the wheelchair for a long time.

Most of the time, the two chose to travel by themselves. Lao Zheng’s wife especially liked cruises. At first, Lao Zheng thought that she liked the romance of watching the sunset by the sea breeze. She liked the cruise ship’s open style and all the amusement facilities. Until later, his wife said to him: Choosing a cruise Part of the luggage is stored on the boat. When disembarking and playing, Lao Zheng can take her light car, go back to the boat every night, and sleep well. Lao Zheng was very moved, which shows that after a few trips, his wife’s attention has shifted from her painful stiff knee to elsewhere. She knows how to perceive the hard work and hard work of others, which shows that her life is changing from a suppressed black and white image to an optimistic and active color image.

They walked for 7 years, 12 long-distance trips exceeding one month, which allowed them to create an unprecedented model of support and companionship in their lives. In order to make his wife “spiritually strong,” Lao Zheng encouraged and pushed her to do what seemed impossible: soaking in hot springs, sleigh rides, shearing wool, drawing bows and archery, and joining locals in circle dance. He also encouraged her to speak with people in simple English.

In an age that is supposed to be heavily restricted, the old Zheng couple felt the disappearance of physical and age barriers. Travel has become a “wall-breaking machine” that breaks through the obstacles of life. They are learning new skills every day, and they can’t talk to each other.

In 2015, the two took a cruise to Antarctica, met penguins, magnificent blue ice; in 2017, the two went to the Arctic and Norway ’s most beautiful fjords, and saw the huge waves of rolling sea lions and whale tails, See the rapidly changing aurora dancing in the sky. Lao Zheng said that the two people go hand in hand to see the scenery at the end of the world, which is the best reward in this life.

When I said goodbye to the old Zheng couple, they were already enjoying the pleasure of bathing in a hot spring: a pool of green water with water vapor and pink flowers rippling like a dream. Snuggle and share a small bottle of sake. After a long journey, there is no more touching moment: I am looking at this stunning beauty, and you happen to be here.