After moving to a high-end apartment, Lao Wu felt like he was dreaming. 2000 yuan per square meter, 2 million yuan per 1,000 square meters. Old Wu is also a millionaire.

Old Wu used to live in Clementi’s four-bedroom flat. Two years ago, his wife said he should upgrade to an apartment. HDB sold more than 400,000 yuan, but bought an apartment of 2 million yuan. No one believes that Lao Wu has the ability to live in a high-end apartment, not even Lao Wu himself. However, I have to believe that Lao Wu has a capable wife. She is a managing director of an energy company. It is an iron fact and indestructible. His wife Xueren has a vision. In recent years, he has learned to jump three levels, from company A to company B, and then from company B to company C. The higher the position, the higher the position. Now he is a managing director.

Old Wu recently had a problem with his prostate. During the treatment, the company was enlightened and allowed him to work from home for part of the time.

Before his wife Xueren went out this morning, she hurriedly let the orange juice wet her handbag. She changed a handbag and hurried out.

The maid did not return to Pasha. Old Wu Aiwu and Wu, carefully wipe the handbag clean with a damp cloth and hang it outside the window to dry.

After processing some documents in the study room, Lao Wu tried to put away his handbag and found that the handbag hanging outside the window was gone. It was a brand-name bag, he was anxious and went downstairs to find it immediately. No, he thought of the apartment management office. He suddenly remembered that when he first moved in, the management office also told him not to hang clothes or something outside the window, which is indecent and damages the image of the apartment, not to mention the danger of objects falling downstairs and hurting people. If the object falls, use the parabola of high-rise building to punish severely.

Old Wu returned to the house with a sullen mood, and was in a bad mood. What about his wife’s brand-name bag?

After returning from lunch, Lao Wu passed the notice board downstairs with a notice of “Lost and Found”: He found a handbag downstairs in Building A this morning. Please come to claim it.

Old Wu is not stupid, the management office can not find the parabola of the high-rise building, this trick is used to attract the snake man hole, and let the parabolic throw himself into the Internet cafe.

Think again, no, the handbag is the wife’s, there may be money inside, there are important documents. Old Wu finally dared to go to the management office.

Seeing the administrator, old Wu opened the door and said: “My wife’s handbag, I hung it outside the window to expose to the sun and accidentally fell downstairs.”

“What color? What brand?”

“Green, the brand can’t remember, in short it is a famous brand.”

“What’s your wife’s name?”

“Xueren, oh no, it’s called Sharon.”

The administrator opened the handbag, looked at it, and said, “How to prove that you are her husband? There is no document with the address in it.”

The same is said, old Wu hesitated.

“Well, you said there is something in the handbag.” The middle-aged administrator was quite friendly.

“I don’t know. I never look at my wife’s handbag. This is privacy.”

The administrator rolled over in the handbag again, looking at Lao Wu with wide eyes.

“Do you want to take the lead?”

The administrator immediately took a photo of the man and woman from the handbag. The man’s arms around the woman look intimate. Although it was sturdy in winter clothes, the charming dimple of the woman could be recognized as Xueren at a glance. Old Wu felt dizzy. The man is… The background of the photo is the winter snow scene, the snowflakes are flying, it seems that it is in Japan, isn’t Xue Ren just returned from the Japanese business? Is it…

“Not your wife’s handbag, did you see that? The man living in the attic of Block A is a big boss.”

Old Wu’s legs softened and he quickly pressed the administrator’s desk with his hands. After a while, he recovered and said, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Help Jing, when someone comes to claim, don’t say I’ve been here.”

“Forget it, look at you like a gentleman.”

The administrator put away his handbag and went to do his business.

Old Wu walked down in dismay, handbag, photo, snow scene, snow kernel, snowman…

In the blazing sun, he stood downstairs, staring up at the loft of the senior apartment.