Go alone

Some time ago, there was a small video saying that the 56-year-old Aunt Su who ran away from home for a self-driving trip had arrived in Xishuangbanna. On New Year’s Eve 2021, Aunt Su wore a beautiful flower dress she bought, strolling around the night market and watching fireworks. Fireworks burst in the night sky, and the world is like a bright fairy tale paradise. Aunt Su walked through the crowd, beautiful, firm, free and happy. She took a sip of the drink from the cardboard box she was carrying, and looked at the camera and said happily: “The lights at night are so beautiful!”

The sky is full of fireworks, and the background sounds are “Happy New Year” one after another.

Back a few years ago, there was also a housewife like Aunt Su who decided to travel alone. The 46-year-old housewife lives in a small village in Kent, England, and has raised 5 children in 20 years. When she woke up one day, she asked herself: “Is it for the children all my life?” After some struggle, she announced to the family that she would travel the world. She lifted her luggage on the road, participated in a car tour to 17 countries, traveled through Europe, Iran, Nepal, India, and wrote articles for newspapers and magazines along the way.

The family did not understand her. The eldest son scolded her for being selfish, while the younger son was worried about not having spaghetti to eat.

But more people praised her, saying she was “cool”. Someone said: “It’s just traveling the world, not elopement with other men. What’s more, there is a mother who travels the world with a backpack is very stylish, maybe classmates will envy me.”

What would happen if she stayed at home forever and gave up the opportunity to go out and wander around?

One answer is chilling: “The child may complain that this mother is ignorant, and the husband may also dislike this country woman.”

That being the case, between diligently cooking food for your family every day but being ignorant, or traveling the world without cooking spaghetti for two weeks, which one do you choose?

As a wife, the important thing is not to stay home, but to be fresh every day.

As a mother, the important thing is not to cook spaghetti, but to set an example.

A survey by a British website shows that 60% of women do not refuse to travel alone, and a quarter of them said that they hope to “discover themselves” while roaming alone.

So, go ahead. To travel, to take risks, to see, to stretch the soul, to reach the far place in your dreams.

Pets are taken care of by children, children are taken care of by their fathers, work is taken care of by colleagues, and the world is taken care of by God.

They are fine when you are not at home.