In the early 1980s, there was a big debate between Chinese science and academic circles about the mystery of ghosts. However, is there really a ghost in the Great Thousand World? What is the form of the ghost? What is the real face of the ghost? For thousands of years, a series of questions puzzled the thinking of the spirit of all things.
  A psychoanalyst from the University of California pointed out in a research report: “The existence of ghosts is still uncertain, but it is an indisputable fact that some people have seen ghosts. Almost all of these self-reported witnesses have witnessed ghosts. They have been severely traumatized and hit mentally. After experiencing pain, they have the hallucinations of seeing ghosts.”
  This is the psychoanalyst who analyzed and studied the mental state of patients when they were psychotherapy for patients. The conclusion reached afterwards.
  This psychoanalyst once performed psychotherapy for a 9-year-old girl. After the little girl witnessed her sister’s death in a car accident, she kept seeing her sister’s ghost appearing next to her.
  However, some people who have not experienced pain have also claimed to have seen ghosts. What is the explanation for this? This psychoanalyst believes that the incident of seeing ghosts is contagious and can affect people around them. Therefore, the group of people who have seen ghosts has a much higher chance of seeing ghosts at the same time than other groups; at the same time, this is also one of the important factors that cause group witnessing of ghosts. The recurrence of this group infection is commonplace.
  From brain injury?
  The British “New Scientist” published in October 2000 disclosed that a Swiss scientist published a research report saying that the so-called encounters with ghosts and ghosts are not supernatural experiences at all, but the result of human brain damage.
  Peter Bragg, a neuroscientist at the Zurich Medical School in Switzerland, said: “The ghost phenomenon is actually caused by people’s illusion about things around them. The reason for this illusion is probably the damage to the parietal lobe of the brain. ”
  The parietal lobe of the brain is one of the human sensory centers. It is mainly responsible for controlling and identifying the relative positional relationship between the human and the surrounding environment and discriminating the surrounding things. When these brain cells are overactive for some reason, people’s judgments about themselves and the surrounding things will be biased, which will cause a certain illusion. Ghosts are created in this situation.
  Peter Bragg also pointed out in the research report that sometimes people feel that they can see themselves from the side, as if their eyes are growing on someone else. This is actually caused by the abnormal excitement of brain cells, and it is probably also vision. The nerve center is damaged.
  In addition, there are some supernatural experiences, including dual images, abnormal perception abilities, etc., which are actually caused by some kind of damage to the brain’s nerves. It is not a ghost or a special function.
  Sensory hallucinations?
  For more people who witness ghosts alone, in addition to preconceived psychological factors, parallax illusions caused by environmental influences may also occur. Specifically, the former is psychological, while the latter is physiological; one is to see ghosts without ghosts, and the other is to mistake other things for ghosts. This type of event is most likely to occur on specific occasions (where ghosts haunt) and at specific times (early morning, dusk, or night).
  Let’s take a look at the story about the ghost passenger first.
  This happened in the south of England. On a dark night, a carpet weaver named Felton drove home after participating in a javelin competition.
  At this time, a man with a haggard face and a long chin appeared on the side of the road. He stretched out his thumb and asked for a ride. Felton stopped the car and let the man get in the car. After getting into the car, the man said nothing, but pointed his finger forward. At this moment, the sky was already dark, and the road became more illegible. Felton didn’t have time to pay attention to the man’s rudeness, and just drove forward with all his attention. When Felton finished this section of the road and was about to take out a cigarette to the hitchhiker, he couldn’t help being surprised: the hitchhiker had disappeared.
  In fact, Felton’s encounter is not the first time. Such ghost passengers have also appeared many times in nearby villages.
  A scientist named Gross was interested in this. After a long period of investigation and research, he came to a conclusion: The ghost passenger is not a human being, but an illusion of an eyewitness.
  Gross analyzed that there may be two reasons for this illusion: First, since riding in a carriage, there have been rumors about ghost passengers. This absurd folklore affects everyone. Far-reaching; secondly, most of the time for such hallucinations is at night. Drivers are often exhausted and drive alone on a dark road. If a person with a weak will, it may be in his (or her) Subconsciously, the ghost passenger appeared and sat beside him (or her). Moreover, similar hallucinations not only appear in ordinary people, but also occasionally happen to people with firm will and rich experience.
  The famous female explorer Mrs. G. Leda encountered the following strange thing when she was exploring the ice source alone: ​​When
  I was working, I suddenly saw a monster approaching me. The rustle of the monster stepping on the snow was clearly audible, and it got closer and closer, as if it rushed towards me.
  I was so scared that I closed my eyes and yelled, and after a moment I couldn’t hear any sound.
  I opened my eyes and saw that the ice source was still calm, and there were no traces on the snow…
  Therefore, medical experts pointed out: witnessing ghosts is actually a physiological hallucination such as auditory hallucinations and visual hallucinations. Auditory hallucinations and visual hallucinations are both a kind of illusory perception, which is a perceptual experience produced when there is no objective thing acting on the senses, and is caused by brain dysfunction and nervous system disorders. However, normal people can also experience auditory and visual hallucinations under the effects of extreme fatigue, fear, hunger and thirst, long-term loneliness, and certain drugs. This phenomenon of seeing ghosts due to physiological hallucinations is most likely to occur among people living alone, especially widowed people. The ghosts they saw were mostly their dead spouses, and they appeared in places where they often stood, stood, and lie down during their lifetime. Therefore, the experience of witnessing ghosts must exist in the sensory world of some people. These people can see, hear and even touch ghosts.
  Ghost truth
  Some researchers also from the perspective of physics, the phenomenon of ghost useful exploration.
  ●The ghost is a field of biological particles. The so-called biological particle field, that is, biological electromagnetic waves, is emitted by living beings. The objectively existing substances that are invisible to the naked eye can be manifested in the advanced form of bioelectricity, biomagnetism or bioelectric vibration when stimulated by radiation or other external conditions. Whether it is a living life or a dead human body, as long as it has existed objectively, it will appear because of resonance. The reappearance of a dead person is naturally regarded as a ghost, and a living person occasionally becomes a ghost.
  ●The ghost is the thermal radiation imaging of the human body. As we all know, everyone has a constant body temperature (except for illnesses), and there is heat radiation corresponding to the body temperature. This heat radiation will be accepted and stored by long-term use items (such as beds, chairs, etc.). In the case of relatively quiet or the same environment (such as temperature, humidity) at the time of acceptance, this heat radiation will be released-this is the ghost that people see.
  However, with a little interference, the ghost will change or disappear, which is also an important reason why the ghost appears for a short time and the image is blurred.
  When a person is alive, the longer he stays somewhere, the more heat radiation he accepts, and the greater the possibility of ghosts appearing. The two are in direct proportion.
  The appearance of ghosts has a long history; the scientific research on ghosts has only been in the past ten years, and it can be said to be in the ascendant. Of course, legends belong to legends, science is about facts, and people will not become ghosts after death. However, as long as the ghost legend exists for one day, human beings will never stop exploring their own mysterious phenomena.