Ghost hitchhiker

  Reports of ghost hitchhikers are usually filed in the category of urban legends, but people who have encountered such incidents for a while have written their own first-hand information. Looking back in the 1990s, Rob Gundy wrote about a similar encounter in Lancashire. When he revisited Halsol Moss, he found that the remote streets were still as weird as usual.
  I love anecdotes, and I am also interested in urban legends. This is because I was influenced by Jane Harold Bouwand’s “Disappearing” book. A party in the late 1980s surprised me a lot. A colleague of mine told the story of his own experience of ghost hitchhiking. At that time, he drove frequently between Southport and Omsik in West Lancashire, often passing by Halsol Moss. What happened:
  Bill drove his mini-car, driving on the Gregory Lane in the direction of Omsk. It was February 1965, at 11:30 on Friday night. The weather was fine, but it was completely dark. When Bill approached the bridge over the railroad, he saw in the rearview mirror a tall man, about seventy years old, sitting peacefully in the back seat. Bill observed him for a long time. The old man wore a gray and white scarf around his neck and tucked it under his shirt. He was also wearing a flat hat. Feeling frightened, Bill stopped the car and got out of the car, holding the crank in his hand as a defense. But when he looked at the back seat again, the man had disappeared. Bill realized that he could not escape the mini car, and the more he thought about it, the more he became afraid, so he quickly jumped into the car and drove on the road. He was sure that what he encountered was not light and shadow. Games, or flashes of illusions, are real life experiences. This point was corroborated 6-7 years later: at a social event, a man Bill knew described his own experience exactly the same as Bill, and it happened in the same place, he also saw a sitting The older man in the back row looked similar to what Bill had seen, and suddenly disappeared without a trace.
  At the end of 2014, I realized that Bill’s experience of the miracle was 50 years old, and thought that it would be meaningful if we could collect instances of similar miracles that happened repeatedly. So I contacted the “Champion”, which Once assisted in finding relevant miraculous experiences from readers. They published in Southport on January 21, 2015 in the history of Orms and the events in West Lancashire. The title of the article is: Unraveling the mystery of ghostly free riders. I specially invited the authors of the first-hand report, at most the second-hand report, to discuss, and deliberately did not disclose the appearance of free riders Bill saw, so as not to affect the answers of the participants.
  Halsall Moss is a fertile farmland, which occupies most of the western part of Halsall District.
  Halsol Moss is at the center of the multiple incidents and encounters reflected. This is part of the vast area of ​​West Lankshire County, starting from the hills between Halsall and Omsk in the east, to the coastal towns of Southport Einsdale and Formby in the west; from the Southport-Wigan Railway in the north Line, south to the Alte River and McHale Brook.
  I am very happy to receive 6 first-hand reports, all related to disappearing free-riders or similar phenomena, and the other 2 somewhat strange stories. I decided not to sort the events, but numbered from north to south from the location of the incident. AF is the first-hand report, plus two other stories, G and H.
  Incident A: White truck driver
  In the summer of 2005, my mother and I drove back to Liverpool after staying at my sister’s Nangang home for one night. We encountered very strange things on the road. I was a nurse at Merseyside Hospital. It was Sunday, but I was on duty at 7 in the morning, so my mother and I got up early and drove forward in a hurry.
  I chose the main road of the A570 truck and headed towards Omsk; this is the straight road outside Nangang City, and in front is the bridge across the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. My car speed is 48 kilometers per hour, and the time is 5:50 in the morning. The weather is fine and the window is very bright, so I opened the window next to me without any traffic on the road.
  Suddenly, a white truck appeared from somewhere beside me. I turned to see that a man was driving. He is about 40 years old, with a clean shave, and he greets me with a smile. It looked like the white truck was in the super-ego car, but it disappeared into the thin air. What is even stranger is that the white truck made no sound.
  At that time, my mother was completely stunned. She was the only witness to the incident other than me. She asked: What happened? But in less than 2 minutes, the white truck went parallel to us again, and then disappeared completely.
  I parked the car on the side of the road, thinking about what happened just now. My mother was still in consternation, and I couldn’t explain what happened. There is no fork on this road, the area is very flat and the line of sight is far away, so it is impossible for the car to suddenly disappear before our eyes.
  Incident B: A man wearing a winter coat
  In October 2004, Mrs. B, who lives in Nangang, drove home alone after work at 9:30 in the evening. She took the A570 main road from Omsk. It was very cold and it was pitch black outside.
  When she approached the Blue Elephant Restaurant, Mrs. B felt someone in her car. After crossing the restaurant and about to cross the Leeds-Liverpool Canal bridge, she glanced to the left and found that there was a man sitting in the front seat, sitting side by side with her. She didn’t know who this person was, she saw him wearing a men’s wool winter coat, but did not see his face. When she concentrated on driving across the bridge, she turned her eyes and saw that the person had disappeared. She said that she didn’t feel scared at the time. It was only the next day that she thought of how it was so strange.
  Incident C: Allen’s Story
  On a Sunday morning in July in the late 1990s, taxi driver Allen drove along the Gregory Lane from Halsall to Birkdale. Since he had just taken a detour, he felt a little tired, so he slowed down and prepared to cross the bridge across the abandoned railway line.
  Suddenly, he saw “an old man in a hat” standing right in front of his car. He seemed to be wearing a peasant-style coat. Allen braked hard, but the person was too close to the car. Allen was sure that the car had knocked him down. Alan’s hands and feet were trembling when he got out of the car, but when he looked under the car, he found that there was nothing, and the man disappeared for some reason.
  Allen wondered if he had knocked down an animal. Perhaps he had misjudged the animal as a human, but he found no evidence that he had hit anything. To this day, Allen is sure that his experience is true, but cannot explain it.
  Event D: Shadows on the windshield
  On a rather unpleasant evening in November 2013, Mrs. W drove from Omsk to her home in Eindell after work. It was windy and rainy this day, and it was dark. She passed the house by the Grigory Lane, entered the speed limit zone of the national highway, then turned sharply to the right, then turned left into the tunnel, and came to the Hal Riding and Stable Center.
  Mrs. W described what happened here: “When the car stopped, pedestrians crossed the road from the rear of the car, and they cast shadows on the rear windshield. But when I was driving at a speed of 64 km/h , I don’t think anyone will cast a shadow behind my car. But in a very short time, the whole car was covered by the shadow.”
  Mrs. W felt a little upset, but on this nasty night, she thought it was still Be calm. She regards the shadows as caused by telephone poles, the light from the barn on the side of the road, or the illusion of fatigue. Since nothing happened the next night, Mrs. W forgot about the shadow. Until the recurrence of similar incidents in September and October 2014. These two follow-up incidents occurred at the same time, both from 5:10 pm to 5:35 pm, and both occurred on the same road section, and Mrs. W was also alone. She did not particularly remember when the latter two incidents occurred. The weather, but the weather was not bad at the time. She had put forward quite a lot of ideas for possible explanations. However, because the shadows only happened 3 times instead of every night, she ruled out the conventional factors that cause the shadows, such as : Trees, telephone poles and similar objects.
  Event E:
  Mrs. H, a man wearing a gabardine coat, is an intellectual woman and a senior staff member of the British Health Service. She felt that an article in the “Champion” resonated with her. Mrs. H recounted that she drove on St. Helens Road (A570) twice. From M50 to Edge Mountain College, strands of lilac drifted across the road. She saw the illusory figure of a woman in the lilac, twice All happened in the same place. She told her husband about the experience, and her husband said, “You must have seen a ghost.”
  On a dark winter night in the 1990s, Mrs. H wanted to drive alone from Cliffs Hill to Halsall. At the blind junction of the Halsall driveway, she stopped to check whether the road was unblocked, when she bent over to look. When I was in the car, I found a person sitting in the back seat of the car with a blurred face. He was a tall man in his 60s. He was wearing a gray-yellow gabardine coat and a light brown scarf. He did not see a hat on his head. He looked ordinary and peaceful, with no expression. Mrs. H was not scared. She admitted that her first reaction was that I saw a ghost. If I could go home soon, I would let my husband take a look. But when I got home, the hitchhiker in the car No trace, although the time of the incident is very short, but Mrs. H can vividly remember the details of the incident.