Forest and Wellness

  Forest recuperation refers to activities that people use in their leisure time in a forest environment to eliminate physical and mental fatigue, treat diseases, and strengthen their bodies. Forest recuperation and forest recreation are closely integrated.
  In recent years, forest bathing has become popular in China, and it has become a favorite leisure and fitness activity for many middle-aged and elderly people. The forest bath is the same as the air bath and the solarium. It mainly adjusts the spirit through the natural environment, relieves fatigue, and resists disease and strengthens the body. European and American countries and Japan have also set up “forest hospitals”, using forest trees and flowers and plants to collect their fragrant aromatic odors, and using the “vitamins”-negative ions emitted from forest flowers and trees to treat high blood pressure, emphysema, Various diseases such as heart disease, asthma and neurasthenia.
  Forest bathing
  the best time to take a forest bath is generally carried out in the morning or after sunrise, this time with plenty of sunshine, photosynthesis significantly, the trees full of the essence of the forest, a good degree of purity, oxygen-highest forest, and very little dust, is an excellent opportunity.
  1. Forest bath when the temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Nude and semi-nude lying on the treatment bed, from the first 15 minutes, every additional 10 minutes, and finally up to 2 hours, once a day, 20 to 30 times as a course of treatment. In the subtropics or in summer when the forest is overheated, you can change to a bath in the morning and in a place with a breeze. You should be less active during treatment to avoid generating excess heat. This law is applicable to the elderly who are frail and have limited mobility.
  2. Forest bath when the temperature is 14 ℃ ~ 20 ℃. The patient gradually transitions from a comfortable temperature to a lower temperature environment. The treatment time should be reduced. It can be started from 10 minutes, increased by 3 to 5 minutes each time, and finally increased to 30 minutes, once a day, 20 to 30 times. 1 course of treatment. During the forest bath, the patient can exercise properly, such as rubbing the skin or performing light gymnastics.
  3. Forest bath when the temperature is 4 ℃ ~ 14 ℃. Due to the low temperature, you ca n’t adapt for a while. You can adapt it indoors or on the balcony. The first few times of the forest bath will not make the patient naked, but may be partially naked. Choose a day when the temperature is higher, and then gradually enter the low temperature forest bath. The treatment time can be shortened, from 1 to 2 minutes at the beginning, then slowly increased to 20 minutes, once a day, 20 to 30 times as a course of treatment. This method applies to people with strong physique.
  4. Walking exercise. When walking in the forest, walking in the forest consumes more calories than flat ground, but the fatigue level is lighter, and the fatigue is also eliminated quickly. This is because the mountain forest has a pleasant climate, the terrain is rich in changes, the scenery is pleasing to the eye, and it is away from the hustle and bustle, which makes the mood comfortable The reason for refreshing. Walking in the forest can especially achieve lung washing. On the one hand, because the forest has a dust-reducing effect, in addition, some plants have the function of absorbing toxic gases and sterilization. Therefore, the air in the forest is fresh and clean, and the amount of dust and bacteria is small, which is conducive to walking. . Every walk in the forest takes 2 kilometers as the basic distance.
  5. Do gymnastics and tai chi exercises. Take deep breaths against giant trees in the forest to vomit and rejuvenate, relax your body and mind, and increase the frequency and depth of absorbing fendol and negative ions. You can do gymnastics, yoga, tai chi or aerobic exercise, rhythmic gymnastics, climbing up and down, etc., sweat as much as possible, and feel a little tired. When convalescing in the forest, warm in winter and cool in summer, the temperature is adjusted, the skin temperature can be reduced by 1 to 2 degrees Celsius, the pulse can be slowed by 4 to 8 times per minute, the breathing is more uniform, and the heart burden is reduced.
  6. Push and pull movement. Grab a part of the tree with your hand, and move your body back and forth with the flexion and extension of the arm. It can be used to treat low back pain, and it can also stretch the head, shoulders and back, and eliminate fatigue.
  7. Close your eyes and raise your mind. Keep your eyes closed in the forest to recuperate, forget everything around you, relax the brain extremely in a quiet environment, and regulate the autonomic nervous system. The negative ions in the forest can regulate the autonomic nerves and are extremely effective for modern diseases such as sub-health and irritability.
  8. Yang Tian Chang Xiao. When you are sad, distressed, anxious, sorrowful, or mentally depressed for various reasons, you may be short of breath, depressed, and swollen at this time. You can let go of your throat in the forest, hold your head upright, and look up at the sky. Rhythm or call sound rhythmically, with one roar every half a minute to one minute, 10 to 12 consecutive sounds, once a day. By yelling, you can inhale a lot of oxygen, increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function, increase the relaxation of the thoracic cage, adjust the excitement and suppression of the central nervous system, and rejuvenate.
  Leisure health
  In recent years, the medical community has unanimously believed that the main culprits that cause “modern diseases” are the factors of oppression and tension, and the forest is the best environment to release oppression and tension. Go to the forest for leisure, make the modern people walk towards the green mountains and water, enjoy the taste of nature, immerse in the green forest sea, enjoy the natural fragrance of the trees, listen to the sound of the Songtao water, so that the soul can be thoroughly washed, and the mood can be restored to the original pace. Suffering from illness.
  Leisure and health-care forest recuperation is an excellent form of providing people with leisure and recreation, fitness and intelligence, cultivating sentiment and inspiration. From the perspective of clients, there are different modes for leisure and health care forest recuperation:
  1. Educational activities for young people. Experts in psychiatry believe that a green environment can provide unique benefits for comforting the human soul. Through the team lifestyle in the forest environment, teenagers can regain the fragrance of the earth and the greenness of the earth to cultivate a noble sentiment and open mind.
  2. Recreation and fitness activities for adults. Adults are the age group with the greatest work pressure and life pressure, so it is the main direction of the forest recreation area to design rich activities and help them release their sense of oppression. After entering the forest, swim in the mountains, breathe the fresh air, and bathe in the forest with high levels of negative ions. Activities in the forest are optional: seeking excitement, climbing mountains, hiking, painting, writing poetry, carpentry, scientific research, camping, dinner, creek fishing, sports, tennis, volleyball, etc. You can also plant trees, cut grass, sing , Moon appreciation or picking wild herbs, herbs, etc.
  3. Forest activities to enhance the interest of the elderly. With the aging of the social population, maintaining the physical and mental health of the elderly is an important issue. Creating space for the elderly to participate in fun forest recreation, health care and leisure activities can prolong life.
  Forest Sanatorium
  Forest nursing home is a special nursing home that combines “forest bath” with medical science. Forest sanatoriums have two main treatment methods for recuperators: First, “environmental therapy” under the guidance of doctors, which is basically the same as forest baths, that is, living in a forest environment for a short time, watching green forests, flowers, and grass every day. Listening to the sounds of birds and springs, and strolling on the soft branches and turf, it can be used to cure diseases and strengthen the body. For patients with intervertebral disc herniation, walking on the forest path covered with soft leaves can reduce the discomfort of the spine, legs and feet; the second is to carry out phytotherapy, exercise therapy and diet therapy under the guidance of a doctor. Phytotherapy is the most famous. Doctors use plant-specific aromatic substances to kill pathogenic bacteria, such as eucalyptus and pine to treat tuberculosis, laurel to treat dysentery, oak to treat high blood pressure, and cypress therapy, cedar therapy, geranium therapy, Crassulaceae plants Therapies can play a good therapeutic effect on heart disease, flu, measles, meningitis, respiratory center dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, neurosis, etc.
  It is necessary to pay attention to the forest recuperation. Before dawn, especially in the morning with thick fog and low air pressure, avoid activities in the forest. This is because plants need to perform photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. However, when the light intensity is insufficient, the plant mainly breathes rather than photosynthesis. It absorbs poisonous gas and exhales carbon dioxide. Especially before dawn, trees emit more carbon dioxide and have higher concentrations in the air. Exercise or other activities in this environment will absorb more carbon dioxide. After dawn, the trees began to exhale a lot of oxygen and absorb a lot of carbon dioxide, then it is beneficial to human health to go into the woods. Before taking a forest bath, you should ask if you have a history of allergies to plants or pollen. In the humid climate, patients with bone and joint diseases that are easy to aggravate the disease are not suitable for forest bathing.