For the sweetness in my heart

In the “Hedong Mining Fashion” in early August 2020, I visited three provincial non-genetic inheritors. They have different backgrounds, different life footprints, different education levels, different industries, and different skills. However, they have a common quality, that is, they have dreams in their hearts and light in their eyes. They set up a banner in their respective fields, strengthened their original aspirations, and guided future generations.

Let’s start with her story. She and her wife work in public institutions, and the pension is sufficient for daily expenses after retirement. She could have fun with grandchildren and plant flowers and grass, but she did not choose this kind of comfortable lifestyle. Instead, with a deep feeling for the hometown food-Wenxi cooking cakes, she devoted all her belongings and worked hard to start a business. She just hopes that this sweet bite can be shared by more people.

She was born in Wenxi in 1954. When she was a child, she often watched her grandparents make biscuits at home, and sometimes her grandfather would hold her little hand to carry and sell. The homemade biscuits have become a delicacy shared by neighbors in the neighborhood, and a sense of pride spontaneously arises in her young child. This kind of taste is hard to replace by any other delicacy; those scenes have become the warmest pictures in her memory. The dream about cooking cakes seems to be a seed quietly planted in her childhood. When the time is right, she unstoppable bursting out of the ground with great power, leading her to start writing and writing for decades. Life is a completely different chapter of life.

When she retired, Wenxi cooked biscuits, a traditional snack, had disappeared: it was produced in the workshop, the product was single, the packaging was simple, the pricing was chaotic, and the product quality was uneven. She saw it in her eyes, and was anxious. In order to find this sweet bite, a grandmother who is almost 60 years old, she is not inferior to young people in terms of enthusiasm. Although she is ready to suffer and suffer in her heart, there is always a distance between dreams and reality, and love alone is far from enough. She immersed herself in asking the master for advice, and asked if she didn’t understand, she was often covered in water and oil; she developed products and thought about improvements, often traveling thousands of miles day and night. She said she couldn’t remember how many hurdles she had crossed in the past ten years after retirement.

Don’t make a donation. She gave without complaint and finally ushered in the day when her dream came to fruition. With her heartfelt love and dedication to dreams, she has created countless industry firsts in cooking biscuits. Under her leadership, the types of Wenxi cooking biscuits are becoming more and more abundant, and their reputation is getting bigger and bigger. The unique and sweet taste is also known and loved by more and more people. (See the “Inheritance” section of this issue for details)

In Wenxi, there are many people who have grown up eating the biscuits made by the elders. She is just one of them. Her name is Hu Wenling. In Shanxi, in China… there are many things that carry our hometown cares and childhood memories like Wenxi cooking cakes, and it is a group of people who have dreams like her, who use their actions to guard the love in their hearts and write A new chapter in life.

Such stories happen every day. So, what about your story? (If you want to know the stories of the other two provincial inheritors, please continue to pay attention to this issue.)