Fireworks of marriage

At a gathering of friends, we were going to barbecue by the beach. Mr. Guan, and Mrs. Li and Xiaoli were responsible for purchasing ingredients. At the entrance of the supermarket, Xiaoli’s husband suddenly said: “I won’t go in, you women just go and buy it.” Then he said to Mr. Guan: “Let’s go have a cup of coffee and wait!” Mr. Guan said: ” My wife doesn’t know how to buy it. I’ll just go with you. Your husband and wife can go and have coffee.” Before Xiao Li could speak, her husband said, “How can it be done? We can’t work alone. “In the end, Xiao Li followed us into the supermarket.

In the raw meat area, Mr. Guan and I had a disagreement because of which meat was delicious, and Xiao Li picked it up. I embarrassedly said to her: “Your cooking skills must be very good.” Xiaoli sighed: “Isn’t this a husband who can’t cook at the stall, I have to practice it.”

Xiaoli’s husband has never been willing to accompany her to the supermarket, because he thinks buying vegetables and cooking are all things for women. After two people join hands in their marriage, they face the trivial matters of food, clothing, housing and transportation, three meals and four seasons together. The man who is unwilling to go to the supermarket just pushes all the trivialities to his partner.

There is a passage in the Japanese drama “The Most Perfect Divorce”: Being together does not mean that they are husband and wife, and husband and wife are not equal to family members. Being a husband and wife does not mean being a family member. The family can sit down and have a good cup of tea and have a meal. And only in order to drink that cup of tea, eat that meal and work together, can we become inseparable family members. Only when you go shopping with your wife, you will find out how much she has put in to match the nutritionally balanced meals; only when you go shopping with your wife for daily necessities, you will know that she always picks the most cost-effective one for housekeeping Things; only if you have been to the supermarket with your wife, you will feel that the space at home is filled by you together. And this home is built by you together.

As the old saying goes, marriage is firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Supermarkets and vegetable markets are places where marriage is the essence. Only if you are willing to choose these elements of life with your heart, and choose the ingredients and objects that are most suitable for your family, can you make your marriage better and better.

Marriage research expert John Gottman said in the book “Happy Marriage”: “Being close to your spouse in all the trivial things in life is the key to a lasting romance.” Most people’s disappointment in marriage comes from their relationship. The flowers before the moon under the moon seemed to become trivial suffering overnight. But as long as you do these little things with love, firewood, rice, oil and salt can also be very romantic.

The normality of a marriage relationship can be reflected in the supermarket. Well-connected couples can also relish about one vegetable, one vegetable, firewood, rice, oil and salt, which is full of fun. Couples who have a bad relationship either don’t want to go to the supermarket together, or they both go to their own way in the supermarket and complain about each other.

The literary master Qian Zhongshu, from a famous family, did not know how to deal with the trivialities of life, but after being with Yang Jiang, he awkwardly boiled eggs, baked bread, heated milk, and made mellow dishes. Bring black tea to Yang Jiang on the bed. When Yang Jiang was in confinement, Qian Zhongshu would also go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, stewed chicken soup, peeled the broad beans, boiled it in the soup, and served it to her. During the turbulent years, Yang Jiang was arranged to grow vegetables and Qian Zhongshu was the correspondent. He went to the post and telecommunications office every day to get letters, and he would deliberately walk to the east of the vegetable garden to find opportunities to chat with Yang Jiang.

The writer Haruki Murakami said: When you treat the seemingly boring little things in life with an interesting attitude, you will reap a small but sure happiness and feel that life is very beautiful. When the other half learns to take the needs of this family seriously, it will definitely bring you a full sense of security.

Whether the marriage is good or not, just go to the supermarket to know. The best marriage must be able to bloom in the soil of human fireworks.