Feeling that humans must reconcile with nature

2020 is a year of disaster. The new crown epidemic has spread throughout the world, repeated outbreaks, and the number of infections and deaths continues to rise. Affected by the epidemic, the world economy has fallen sharply, factories and stores have closed down, air routes have been suspended, and unemployment has soared… There is no clear answer as to why the epidemic broke out, why it is so serious, and when it will end. But there is one point that basically reached a consensus: a major problem has occurred in the earth’s ecological environment, and the outbreak of the epidemic is a manifestation of the problem.

Not long ago, United Nations Secretary-General Guterres stated in an interview that humans are at war with nature, and nature responds to humans in a more violent way. He called for the reconciliation of mankind and nature to be realized, otherwise, he would face a greater crisis!

The reconciliation between man and nature contains profound meanings. Its main purpose is to restore the balance of the earth’s ecology and treat humans as the protector of the earth’s ecology, not the destroyer. For a long time, human beings have dominated the earth, and everything is oriented by human desire and kinetic energy, which has led to the imbalance and disorder of the integrated ecology, and human beings themselves have become victims.

Looking back at the history of the relationship between man and nature, the biggest change began with the Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution has greatly improved the ability of mankind to develop nature, and it has also greatly accelerated the speed of changing nature. The development and utilization of natural resources has greatly improved the level of human material life, and as more and more people enter the process of industrialization, the scale of human development and utilization of resources has also continued to expand.

In the 1960s, experts from the Club of Rome warned that natural resources would be depleted if production and lifestyle were not changed; in the 1970s, the United Nations issued a warning about the ecological crisis and raised the issue of sustainable development; the climate in the 1990s The problem of change has been highlighted, and countries have begun to take actions to respond to the Kyoto Protocol; in 2018, mankind signed the “Paris Agreement” on climate change for the first time, determined to take practical actions to prevent climate warming.

At present, the trend of climate warming is intensifying, and the greenhouse gas emissions that lead to the warming of the climate are also increasing. The melting of ice in the north and south poles is accelerating, and the world is considered to be “in a climate emergency.” According to the goals of the Paris Agreement, world greenhouse gas emissions should peak in 2030 and be carbon neutral in 2050. In 2021, a carbon neutral alliance will be established globally, and countries will set action plans to implement the targets in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Scientists confirmed that the earth is running with negative energy, that is, it cannot realize self-repair, the comprehensive environment of the earth’s ecology is continuously deteriorating, and the biological chain of the earth is being destroyed. For example, marine pollution leads to the deterioration of marine ecology, which not only affects the survival of marine life, but also affects the living environment of mankind. Scientists recently discovered that microplastics have been found in the placenta of pregnant women, exclaiming that this “becomes a worrying problem.” According to statistics, human activities have led to the extinction of more than 100 species, and the current rate of species disappearance is still accelerating.

Climate warming is the result of improper human activities and is the greatest threat to the earth’s ecology. The good news is that the newly elected President of the United States, Biden, promised to return to the Paris Agreement (the Trump administration withdrew from the agreement) after he took office. In the face of the crisis, countries have begun to formulate green development plans and take actions. The transformation of the energy structure is accelerating, the investment in coal power is decreasing, the use of renewable resources is expanding, and the development of new energy vehicles is increasing. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology may help change traditional production and consumption methods, thereby accelerating the transformation of traditional industrialization development paradigms.

For a long time, we have always believed that man will conquer the sky, but facts have proved that brutality that ignores the laws of nature is “self-destructing the Great Wall.” It has only been a few hundred years since the start of the Industrial Revolution, and the destruction of the earth’s ecology by mankind has reached an infinite degree. This is a crisis of mankind and a crisis of the earth. Because of this, Guterres called for humanity to achieve reconciliation with nature.

The signing of the “Paris Agreement” should be a big step forward for mankind in common understanding, but it is not enough. Reconciliation requires action, human collective action, like-minded action, and this may be the most difficult. In a country-based world, differences in interests, development, and governance among countries make it very difficult to form cooperation and effective collective action. At the same time, while emphasizing that countries take responsible actions, it is necessary to mobilize various forces, from United Nations organizations, regional organizations to civil organizations, and the initiative of individuals to form a huge synergy to promote change.

2021 may not be a good year for good luck. It is hard to say that the new crown epidemic has been completely surrendered, the economy and society cannot be completely returned to normal, and Sino-US relations cannot be returned to normal. Faced with so many major challenges, it is difficult for any country to deal with it alone. This requires enhanced cooperation.

In fact, in order to achieve reconciliation between mankind and nature, it is first necessary to achieve reconciliation between mankind itself, otherwise the former will be difficult to reconcile.