FBI’s “eye thorns”

  The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Justice and is an independent criminal justice agency under the jurisdiction of the US federal government. As a law enforcement agency that specializes in handling cross-state and national cases in the United States, criminals and terrorists should be the thorns of the FBI. However, where there is power, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are conflicts of interest. It is not only the underworld that makes the FBI hate, but there are really many “eyes” on the white road.
  FBI bar Apple
  appearance, excellent software and hardware are Apple phone, is now a favorite of many people’s minds, however, for Apple phone, FBI can say is anything in the fire.
  Why can the FBI compete with Apple mobile phones? This starts with the powerful security features of Apple mobile phones. Generally, Apple users can set a 4 to 6-digit lock password for their mobile phone. Although the 4-digit password has only 10,000 combinations, it is not difficult to crack. However, the Apple mobile phone has encryption and data self-destruction functions. If you enter the wrong password continuously Up to 10 times, the phone will automatically delete the stored data. Such unfeeling secrecy methods have left the FBI at a loss. The FBI already has hundreds of Apple mobile phones that cannot access data.
  Some people may also say that this is not easy. Can you ask the suspect for a password? However, US law stipulates that the police have no right to require users to tell their mobile phone passwords, not to mention that sometimes the murderer has already escaped or died. In this way, in order to obtain valid evidence, the FBI can only turn to Apple for help.
  In fact, the reason why the FBI has a headache when it encounters an Apple mobile phone is that the technology is not enough. Because the FBI’s technology is not up to date, should Apple help the FBI unlock its mobile phone, which has always been known for its security? This is simply slap yourself in the face, so Apple will naturally not agree. They gave a persuasive reason: they should not infringe on citizens’ privacy rights. Such behavior will not only reduce the rights granted to citizens by the Constitution, but also undermine the principles of the United States.
  In fact, the dispute between the FBI and Apple over user privacy rights occurred 25 years ago, and the two sides had not yet broken their faces. Since then, Apple has been upgrading the system, and the security function of mobile phones has become more and more powerful, making the FBI more and more troublesome. Finally, in 2016, the FBI took Apple to court for the first time in California.
  On December 2, 2015, a shooting occurred in San Bernardino County, California, USA, which resulted in 14 deaths and 24 injuries. The key clue was the iPhone 5c of the murderer’s mobile phone. The FBI couldn’t crack the password of the mobile phone without trying its best. In desperation, the FBI asked Apple to help in the cracking, but Apple refused as always. The two sides eventually got into the court, Congress, and even President Obama. The US Federal Court and Obama are very supportive of the FBI. The judge ruled that Apple should unlock the phone, but the court order did not work. Apple still stubbornly refused it in the name of protecting personal privacy.
  This matter is almost impossible to get off the stage. If you continue to appeal, the court is actually very difficult to make a decision. If Apple is judged to enforce it, it will not get the support of ordinary people; if it supports Apple, the FBI’s anti-terrorism work will face difficulties and will put the entire country on it. in danger. Fortunately, the FBI was also interested and found a third-party method to crack the iPhone 5c and chose to withdraw the lawsuit.
  The matter was resolved smoothly. However, when Apple learned that there are other ways to crack the password, it said that it will design a better system in the future to reduce the ability of anyone (including Apple itself) to crack the user’s privacy and give users more power to control the password. . This means that the Apple system will be more solid in the future. The FBI wants to find Apple to unlock it, and Apple can do nothing. It is estimated that the FBI will cry again after seeing this news.
  Old rival CIA
  In 2012, the director of the CIA (United States Central Intelligence Agency) resigned due to involvement in an extramarital affair. He ended his career as a director of the CIA for only 14 months. He is arguably the shortest-lived director of the CIA. It was a little detective from the FBI who pulled him off the horse. What causes controversy is that the detective directly submitted the CIA boss’s extramarital affairs scandal to the Congress without authorization. Critics considered this to be improper. From this incident, it can be seen that the CIA and the FBI have always been at odds. The rumors are indeed true. However, this is not the first secret battle between the FBI and the CIA.
  From the day the CIA was founded in the 1940s, this grievance officially kicked off. The first director of the CIA was Donovan, and the first director of the FBI was Hoover. Donovan and Hoover are notoriously different from each other. Donovan opposed the activities of the General Intelligence Department under the FBI led by Hoover in the 1920s, while Hoover was very disgusted with the cooperation between the Strategic Intelligence Agency under Donovan and the Soviet intelligence agencies because Hoover believed in the Soviet Union. Will become America’s number one enemy.
  Since then, the two agencies have been fighting openly and secretly, and for a long time they have belittled each other’s intelligence. This has caused the United States to lose its predictive ability in the face of many major crises. For example, the reason why Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 was because the CIA devalued the value of FBI intelligence; years later, the “9.11” incident in 2001 occurred because the FBI devalued the value of CIA intelligence. Three years before the “September 11” tragedy, the CIA provided the FBI with a piece of information. The content of this piece of information is that a group of Arab terrorists may be planning to manipulate a plane full of explosives to hit the US World Trade Center. . However, this piece of information was submerged in numerous FBI documents.
  Some people may wonder. The FBI focuses on criminal activities in the United States and the CIA engages in espionage activities overseas. Both perform their duties and work together to protect the United States. What conflicts are there? In fact, terrorist organizations are often no longer confined to one country. For example, attacks like “9.11” involve both overseas intelligence and domestic counter-terrorism operations. Therefore, the CIA and FBI’s responsibilities in some areas will overlap. More importantly, although the CIA can collect intelligence, the FBI has law enforcement powers, so the two sides have to cooperate.
  So why does the United States divide its counterintelligence agency into two agencies? The mainstream view is that the CIA was established by the President of the United States to avoid the concentration of intelligence power in the hands of a single law enforcement agency. However, with the territorial dispute between these two institutions, the original intention of this establishment is posing an increasing threat to the security of the United States.
  The battle for territory with the ATF
  In April 2005, Seattle’s local police prevented a bomb in a suburban residential building from detonating in time, but could not resolve another embarrassing situation: the two enemies FBI and ATF (the Federal Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, Firearms and Explosives) ) Arrived at the scene almost simultaneously.
  The arsonists came from the Earth Liberation Front, an organization that specializes in planning domestic terrorist activities. Since the FBI is responsible for investigating domestic terrorist organizations, the ATF believes that it is its natural mission to investigate and stop gun crimes. Therefore, the explosion team experts of the two believe that each other should be responsible for the investigation.
  This battle for jurisdiction is just a typical example. For many years, the two organizations have handled cases independently, and both have their own databases, explosives, and laboratories. In some blasting cases like Seattle, there are often conflicts, either competing for merit or accusing each other, and an ATF employee even complained. Said that the FBI also threatened to arrest ATF personnel. In 2009, the inspector general of the Ministry of Justice publicly condemned the two subordinate agencies for failing to cooperate in the investigation of the explosive incident.
  In fact, the FBI is not only in conflict with the ATF. In the case of a tight federal budget in the United States, every law enforcement agency is striving for more resources and expanding its law enforcement territory, so they all hope that they can have investigative powers in certain criminal fields. As a result, It is because these institutions have serious internal conflicts with the FBI, which must manage everything. An investigation revealed that more than 40 FBI local offices have had many conflicts, both large and small, with other federal law enforcement agencies.
  It seems that the famous FBI in the movie, in real life, encountered troubles not only caused by the criminal suspect. Although the FBI has great powers, due to overlapping responsibilities, conflicts with other federal agencies are inevitable. With these conflicts, the FBI’s position as the leader of the law enforcement community in the United States will be threatened. This is undoubtedly a heart disease of the FBI.