Everyone will eventually grow up alone and bravely

  She is a girl I like very much. She has been working together for nearly a month. If you want me to summarize her character, she must be optimistic, cheerful, and lovable.
  But the sublimation of our friendship was on a certain night. In the middle of the night, we couldn’t sleep, so we lay in bed and chatted, and somehow raised our heads and chatted to our families. After a long time, I found that she wept in the dark.
  She talked about her childhood. When she was young, her parents went out to work. She grew up with her grandparents in a small village. She worked at sunrise and died at sunset. At a young age, she learned to do laundry and cooking. , Just moved a small bench and stepped on it to prepare meals for the family. The old man ’s preference for men over women is deeply ingrained, and the way to educate girls is to use the most direct scolding. What impressed her most was that she made a mistake once. The grandfather’s heavy palm threw a slap at her, and the young body instantly passed out. When her mother knew it, she was scared and sent her to the city’s aunt’s house.
  At that time, she was just at school age, and her life under the fence was full of unspeakable secrets. Her cousin, who was about the same age, was in constant friction. She lacked the company of her parents at the age when she needed the most affection and care. She often thinks, what exactly is affection? In the dark night, she choked back to me: “I sometimes feel that there is nothing in this world that is worth me to cherish.” The memory of that left-behind child’s memory brought her the only gain is the broadcast every evening at school, she walked every day On the way home, I will hear Jay Chou’s “Rice Fragrant” being played on the school radio.
  ”Remember that you said that home is the only castle. As the Daoxiang River continued to run, smiling slightly, I knew my childhood dream.” What was my childhood dream? I want to have a family accompanied by my parents, I want to be an adult who can have freedom and independence, and I want to be able to step on this land firmly and firmly.
  After graduating from junior high school, she disregarded her father’s objection and insisted on going to high school and was admitted to a good university. On the first day of her freshman year, she asked her father, who worked in the same city, to accompany her to school, but he did not come. She was the only girl in the dorm room to register herself. When she carried her own luggage, went through various procedures and bought daily necessities, when the roommate’s parents praised her ability, she was a little sad. Talking about her estrangement from her father, she said enviously: “I only knew when watching the video of you and your dad. It turns out that someone can really be like this with dad.”
  Now, I feel a little sad for me.
  Speaking of those stretched years and the obscure fragments deep in her memory, she still can’t help crying, but she thinks a little bit more, who said that the painful experience itself is not wealth, but the reflection on the experience is . She began to accept that unhappy childhood and the unspeakable grievances she suffered in the life under the fence, and she also began to try to understand separated parents. In the process of reshaping her memory, she gradually grew up, and gradually saw through, with some understanding, like “a soft and simple silk after being washed repeatedly.”
  In the dark night, her voice was like a quiet river flowing quietly into my heart. I ca n’t imagine life that I ’ve never experienced, and secretly marvel at her ability to heal, but I can be sure that in those rough years, how great and beautiful a girl like today can be. . In this process, she did not learn badly, did not be cynical, did not violently give up, but still believed in life, believe in the fate between people, uphold a kind heart, live softly and abundantly, and move forward.
  She let me know that the true courage is to explore and hone myself, and eventually to cross myself.
  Later, I received a message from her saying that the original stubborn father seemed to be slowly changing. When she was eating the hot bowl of dumplings, her heart was not without waves. The stubborn man’s two temples in her memory also began to become gray. Perhaps as she grew older, the way he expressed love also changed. The sentiment has always been, never reduced.
  I want to say a lot to her, each of us will have all kinds of regrets when we recall our past, just like when I think of my adolescence, I can never forget that the heavy school bag is slow in the sunset The back of the march, the face numb by the examination and ranking. In those ignorant years, we all have unsatisfactory thoughts that we will remember for life. We have all looked at the golden sunset in the sky and imagined that the future. We must get rid of everything now.
  Each of us will eventually grow up alone and bravely.
  Young experiences, books I have read, songs I have listened to, and people I have loved will become our lives in later years. Those experiences that still shed tears when I think of it in the dark, and the regrets that are secretly unwilling, have become no longer important in her heart. What is important is that we now have the freedom we once dreamed of, and the ability to pursue the life we ​​expect. This world is no longer a world that is worthy of her nostalgia, there are still a lot of scenery that has not been seen, many places have not arrived, and many new touches and new lives are waiting for us.
  And the regrets in those old days, let it become a moon in the sky, hang high, illuminate a corner of the heart in the night that can not sleep. Those solitudes that have never been felt, let it be a garden in my heart, covered with fragments of stars, shining in my heart.