Every book is an interesting soul

Shinsuke Yoshitake, a new-generation god-level figure in the Japanese picture book world, used a fantasy book “You Ye Ye Ye Bookstore” to activate all our imaginations about books and marketing methods. This has made many people see that books themselves have life, soul, joy, anger, sorrow, and death.

“Is there a “Morning Tea and Evening Reading”?” “Yes, yes!” No matter what kind of books the person who enters the bookstore asks, the boss uncle will immediately respond “Yes, yes, yes”, this bookstore is called “Yes Yeah there is a bookstore”. This opened my mind and my horizons. I finished reading this comic in less than forty minutes. I hope that there will be such a bookstore by my side. Any book that I want to read can satisfy my wish.

This is a very cute book. The author Nobuyuki Yoshitake created this picture book comic with his love for books, which demonstrates his extraordinary and unconstrained imagination. At the same time, it allows book lovers to worship, cherish and rejoice in the book. Great resonance with gratitude. Therefore, as Shinsuke Yoshitake himself said: “Books have vitality, feelings, skills, and fragility.”

Although “YaYaYaYa Bookstore” is a picture book comic, it looks like a childlike innocence, but in fact it is full of fun, enough to make people love it, and produce a meaningful continuation of thinking. Nobuyuki Yoshitake even showed us books that can eat, books that praise people, and books that can cough in an interesting space of imagination… and through the weird book collection methods of “Ya Yee Bookstore” Bring into a world of strange books.

“Books related to books” are exclusively sold here. In the picture book “The Home of Books”, a large number of books are broken down by the recycling center in the “dead years”, and the stories in the book are scattered in the air and every corner of the earth with various emotions. After being recycled, decomposed and rebuilt, they will be reborn and reintegrate into society. An old grandfather went to pick up a stone every day, imagined the story of each stone, and recorded it in a notebook. Day after day, these stones with stories formed a book, which was buried with the dead grandfather. The description in the picture book is very symbolic of life and full of philosophical thinking. It can’t help but remind people of the poem “The stone in front of you is/brown-skinned child/a tree that grows a long thought shape”, like a mysterious metaphor of life .

The book shelf in the tombstone tells that the tombstone of the late book lover is an openable bookshelf. Those who came to the tomb-sweep brought in one of the best-selling books of the year, then chose a book they liked in exchange, then closed the door of the tombstone and prayed quietly. I was fascinated by what Nobuyuki Yoshitake said, which became a wonderful way of exchange and greetings. The book transcends the length of life in this scene and becomes a continuation. Therefore, Shinsuke Yoshitake wrote in the picture book: “Books have life, and then have the ability to reproduce, companionship and praise, and there is an additional relationship between giving and accomplishment between people and books.”

Picture books such as “Library in the Water”, “A Book Journey Around the World”, and “The Movable Book Stand” not only show the degree of Yosuke Shinsuke’s obsession with books, but are also gifts he presents to all book lovers. Both adults and children can arouse great curiosity and love for books and bookstores after reading.

There is always a kind of book that not only makes us feel happy, but also feels warm and enlightening after reading it. “You Ye You Ye Bookstore” is this kind of book. As Shinsuke Yoshitake said: “Owning a book no longer means having the right to read it at any time. This kind of waiting for the right time and place makes reading more grateful and ritual.” I get the most from Yoshitake’s picture books. The inspiration is that every book is an interesting soul, and so is life.

“Human beings are actually very similar to books, always waiting to be discovered and understood by others,” said Shinsuke Yoshitake. Just like the life before us, there is no lack of daily trivial or boring. Fortunately, people have all kinds of bookstores, and we can always find miracles when we walk in. We therefore retain a lot of beautiful visions and a good impression of the world.