Epididymal tuberculosis is why the cause of male infertility

The experts pointed out that epididymal tuberculosis is often just the reproductive system tuberculosis highlighted the case of epididymal tuberculosis, many parts of the reproductive organs have been involved. Inflammation and secretions not only can block insemination channel, but also because of the role of toxins, tissue damage, but also seriously interfere with and disrupt the spermatogenic environment, resulting in spermatogenic failure.

Epididymis is a tenuous, sperm maturation and storage spaces, sperm can be a pathway into the vas deferens, epididymis suffer from TB violation of not only destroyed the sperm maturation, storage and internal environment, so that the sperm activity. epididymal tuberculosis nodules and cheese necrosis, ulcers appear, resulting in the epididymal lumen blockage, so that sperm can not pass. rifampicin, product rifampicin, china rifampicin

2, in the male reproductive system, prostate, seminal vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis and testis can be suffering from tuberculosis, but the epididymis tuberculosis is relatively easier to find it. Several organs of the male reproductive system tuberculosis often occur together, and each of these organs play an important role in reproductive function, therefore, epididymal tuberculosis incidence, easily lead to infertility.

Of Mycobacterium tuberculosis primary lesions often in the lungs, intestine, lymph nodes, tonsils, kidney, bone and other parts, is spread through blood or downstream infection caused by this disease, epididymal tuberculosis is often caused by bilateral epididymal involvement incidence not education, it is inevitable the emergence of

Epididymis tuberculosis course of time, more than can be spread to the vas deferens, the vas deferens feels high and low, were beaded to change, in fact, the vas deferens cavity is therefore blocked, causing the sperm can not enter the seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct, can not be discharged at ejaculation, resulting in infertility.

Why epididymal tuberculosis caused by male infertility? By introducing believe we all know, epididymis tuberculosis can cause male infertility, epididymal tuberculosis symptoms, examination and treatment should be approaching formal professional medical institutions, so as not to delay the best diagnosis and treatment period.