Encounter a stalker

  Kerry Daynes is a British forensic psychologist. It is her daily job to deal with criminals. She is also a frequent guest guest on TV legal programs. A few years ago, a strange man sent her a message via Facebook saying that she had built a website, and Danes felt that something was wrong.
  It was a Saturday morning. After breakfast, I was surfing the Internet and suddenly received a Facebook message from a strange man. He told me that he bought two domain names with my name, and he needed some personal information and photos of me to make a website for me. This is a weird thing, and it’s not that I worry too much. As a consultant forensic psychologist, dealing with notorious criminals is commonplace for me. I have developed a super psychological quality a long time ago. Even when ordinary people may panic, I can still be at peace and be in danger. . It’s not unprecedented to frequently appear on TV as a criminal psychologist and receive letters from strangers.
  I politely declined him, saying that I don’t need a personal website, but I am willing to pay for the domain name. He immediately replied to me that he didn’t want me to “analyze” him. He was just a fan of me and wanted to build a website for me and publish some things he liked on the website.
  After browsing those two websites, I really became anxious. The content on the website shows that the man spent a lot of time spying on me and my life: I saw photos stolen from my Facebook homepage, and the website’s profile clearly stated that my marital status was “single.” “He also knew that I had delayed my tax filing and said that I was guilty, implying that I knew the law had broken the law and should be punished. When I browsed the messy information about me, I realized how vulnerable it is to be a single woman, and I called the police.
  It happened in 2011. At that time, there was no relevant legislation in the United Kingdom. This meant that even if the police found the man, even if he admitted that he was stalking me, the police could not arrest him or issue a restraining order. The police asked me to collect evidence that he followed me, but I don’t know what he looks like. At that time, when I went to the supermarket, I thought that every man in the supermarket could be him.
  Later, I moved to live with a friend. We also installed an alarm in our house, and I bought a dog. After that, he started posting pornographic information on the website and started commenting on my figure. What worries me even more is that some of my colleagues thought that the website was made by me, and asked me if I could link to the work website. I was worried that some important information and sensitive details might fall into his hands, so I sued to shut down the two websites.
  In court, we met each other head-on for the first time. Except for a glance at him at the beginning, I reminded myself not to look at him. I didn’t want to give him any chance he could imagine. My main impression of him is that he is a 50-year-old man who is a little flat. When the judge told him that he could no longer release any information about me, he replied: “We are over, I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.” He must feel that we have been in contact.
  After leaving the court, he disappeared for a while, but I kept a low profile, stopped accepting invitations to show, and stopped working with male felons. I feel both angry and upset, but also feel very fragile, like a wounded animal. Before this happened, I could view the criminal’s criminal behavior objectively and calmly, but now I can’t do it.
  The following Sunday, while I was walking my dog ​​in the street, a car galloped past us and almost knocked us down. The driver flashed past my eyes, looking a lot like that man. A few days later, I received his letter, and he asked me for £20,000-compensation for his loss in court, and for him to spend time researching my hourly payment of £150.
  Then last summer, my cat had an accident. It was healthy and lively a minute ago, and in a blink of an eye I found its body in front of the door, as if its neck was broken. When I picked up the cat, I saw a few words scribbled on the door: “Jill Dando”. My heart slammed, and the blood froze in an instant—Dando was a newsman and often appeared on crime shows as a guest, but she was murdered.
  I called the police immediately. At this time, a law was enacted regarding the tail line-since 2012, tracing the tail line has been classified as a crime-so the police arrested him. In the end, according to the mental health assessment, the police believed that he was not capable of violent crimes. He was only given a warning order, and I had no choice but to accept the judgment of the police.
  In the past few months, my mentality has changed again, and I have begun to accept the invitation of crime TV shows to appear on the screen again; I am no longer afraid, but fundamentally despise his existence-I will no longer hide At home, I hope he will not appear in my life again, because in reality, he will not disappear from now on, although he has never contacted me since he was issued a warning order. As for me, I have always been proud of my independence, tenacity, and mental resilience to quickly refresh myself. I will not allow a sad and incompetent man to take them from me.