Early morning call

  Because I lived alone all year round, I was hooked on ghost stories for a while. In order to make ghost stories more exciting and horrible, and to achieve a certain psychologically stimulating super effect to attract attention, I deliberately chose to start writing after midnight and end when the first rays of sunlight appeared in the morning. It is said that during this period of time the demons danced wildly, and the ghosts and creatures would roam freely between the heaven and the earth. Writing ghost stories in this time period not only feels a kind of weirdness in reality and horror in the absurd, but also can use the mysterious aura generated when ghosts and charms are active, and the information transmitted to inspire inspiration. This kind of inspiration is like the eyes of the two black and white fish in the Tai Chi Yin and Yang picture. Although it is only a single point, but when zoomed in, it is a time tunnel that can travel through the ancient and modern world and the Yin and Yang world. Human thoughts can freely shuttle between them, and ghosts and monsters can also come and go freely.
  At around 4 o’clock in the morning, I was working on writing, and I was interrupted by the sudden ringing of my cell phone. I picked up my mobile phone: It’s a bit late to make a call at this time, and it’s a bit early to say good night, unless it’s a foreign friend with jet lag, but I have no foreign friends or acquaintances. When I saw that it was an unfamiliar number, I immediately became vigilant. Because of such unfamiliar calls, I have received a lot of calls. It was either a nuisance call or a fraudulent call. Occasionally, there are exceptions. A friend once called and hid the number deliberately, which made me suspect for a long time before I could answer the call.
  Once answering a call from a stranger, the other party was a woman. I was on night shift in the office. The other party asked: “Are you the master?”
  I heard “Are you the director?” I thought that the phone number of the director is in every office. If you still make a mistake, I said angrily: “I’m not. I made a mistake.” After speaking, I pressed the cancel button, and then vaguely heard from the headset: “I asked if you are the owner of this phone? I want to talk to you.
  Let’s talk…” Unfortunately, the fingers moved too fast, and I realized that after pressing the cancel button, I regretted it for a long time. Think about it, there is a strange woman who wants to chat with you in the middle of the night. There must be a story. In addition to the psychology of being curious, for me who is a bit bored and a bit lonely, maybe this is the best way to pass the time. Alas, what would you think if you call back again? Forget it, the phone bill is also very expensive.
  Once more interesting. I just finished reading the newspaper, and there is an article in it about the recent emergence of some criminals in the society using telephone fraud, which makes me feel very interesting. After reading it, I was a little sleepy, and I lay on the bed for a while. The ringtone of the phone call suddenly rang in the chaos. I looked at it and it showed that it was an unfamiliar number, but I still answered it. The call came:
  ”Hello, hello, you Your phone is in arrears and you need to pay the bill as soon as possible, otherwise it will stop, please send the money to the designated bank card number immediately…”
  I didn’t say a word. It is really inconvenient to answer the phone in bed, so I just said “Um , Um, um…”
  Suddenly asked over there: “Did you hear? Are you listening to me? You…”
  I still said: “Yeah, um…” The
  other side hung up the phone. After an interval of less than ten seconds, I changed another number and called, still repeating what I just said. I still didn’t speak, nor did I hang up, just “umhhhhh”, but I kept snickering in my heart: call it, talk it, edit it, cheat… Anyway, I don’t need money to answer the phone, and I haven’t found fun in a long time. At this time, I was completely drowsy. I wanted to hear what other clever tricks the other party would have. What’s not fun is that the other party might have guessed something. After asking “Did you listen to me” again, I hung up.
  The newspaper said these scammers were very capable. Many people have been deceived. After a long time with such a clumsy scam and a few words without any technical content, there are people who have been deceived? Whose IQ is the problem? At that time, I was still using PHS, which was the same number as the fixed line. The scammer mistakenly believed that I was a local, so I used local dialing to call me. This liar must have had his brain drained. The fixed-line phone pays monthly bills, and there is a 10000 notification for PHS arrears. He doesn’t even understand this common sense and dares to cheat. I really should put up the cruel words “I will make you die ugly” at the end, and let these swindlers have a long time to know, don’t let them look down on people, think that people in the world are mentally handicapped.
  There was another call. The other party was still a girl, saying that the court had a subpoena for me. Before she could finish speaking, I hung up…
  But this call is really not the time, because my ghost story is writing a wonderful place: “From a metaphysical perspective, the two realms of Yin and Yang have strict restrictions, and it is difficult for the’spiritual’ to cross this boundary in the early stage of formation. , They can only communicate with the Yang through invisible electric waves…” What is
  even more strange is that this call only has five numbers. There is a short number service locally, and many people have activated it, but I have not activated it. I didn’t think about it, I just wanted to hear where the “Xianjia” was.
  ”Do you believe there are ghosts in the world?” It was a woman, and she asked me this.
  ”Hey, who are you?” I felt a little strange, because nobody knew about my ghost stories late at night.
  ”I’m your former colleague. I just get off work…” “Why don’t you go to bed after getting off work so late? Call, what’s the matter?” I answered her casually, trying to distinguish and recall through my voice. Who is she.
  ”Slowly listen to what people say. I was riding a bicycle on my way home after work and was hit by a dump truck when I was turning. I was knocked down by the side of the road and nobody cared about it. The leader also ran away. I came here with the dump truck. ”
  I still didn’t remember who this former female colleague was. The voice was still not clear enough, but it made me creepy, thinking it was a big joke. Up. I write ghost stories at this time for fun and excitement, not to scare anyone, it is pure entertainment; but she deliberately told me these stories at this time, it is clearly a kind of “terrorist attack”, even if I am a pure man. unbearable. I was a little bit sullen and said: “Who broke your heart again and made you drink so much alcohol? You can’t talk nonsense, unlucky. By the way, who are you?”
  ”It didn’t hurt my heart.” , But hurt my body. I just want to tell you that there are indeed ghosts in this world.” The phone went off immediately.
  I was sleeping the next morning. My former colleague, Wang, called and said: “Axia died in a car accident last night.”
  I had a cold war and suddenly remembered the call yesterday morning, but I never thought of it. That familiar voice turned out to be former colleague Axia.
  ”What time?”
  ”It was when she got off work at 3 o’clock in the morning, she was killed by a car on the road while riding a bicycle. The car that caused the accident also ran away…”
  My heart was pounding, and I really responded to that sentence: “Always go night The road will eventually meet ghosts.” According to the legend, the “spiritual body” likes to wander around and to see rare things; the building I rented is close to the road, I live high, and the windows of the whole building are dark every morning. The light in my room stayed on until dawn… I suddenly remembered her conversation with me, and the five-digit phone number—the mobile phone number is 11 digits, and the fixed phone has 8 digits. It seems… like there are 4 and 5 license plates on a car?
  Could it be…in the afternoon I found an official message and called directly to the 122 service desk in the downtown area where Asya belongs, and only said one sentence in anxious manner: “The accident and dump truck that happened at XX last night…” I said the five numbers on my phone again, and then hung up without waiting for the other party to ask who I was. I kept muttering in my heart: Hope is true… Hope is true…
  Sure enough, within a few days, Lao Wang called me and told me that the car that killed Axia had found a car passing by another city and came to me. Dump truck in the city. I also heard that the eyewitness who provided clues was one in your city who did not want to reveal his identity…
  Since then, I have changed my habit of writing ghost stories at night. I started to write romance novels, and I am always waiting for every strange call…