Does eating change the color of the skin

  Is there any truth to these claims? If this is the case, are there other chemicals that have a similar effect on our skin?
  The answer is yes.
  Orange skin is
  an example of a widely circulated that someone eating a lot of carrots, the skin will turn orange or yellow. Because carrots contain a biochemical substance (or pigment) called “carotene”.
  The color of pure carotene is deep orange, it dissolves in oil but not in water. If it is stored by fat in the human body, it may turn human skin into orange or yellow.
  If you want to deliberately change your skin tone by eating carrots, this is indeed achievable, but the effect is not ideal, because your skin is like the skin of a person suffering from jaundice. In scientific terms, this It is “caroteneemia” or “peel orange disease”.
  Caroteneemia is caused by the deposition of carotene in the skin. Therefore, where the blood flow is slow, the skin will turn yellow first, the most common is the palms and soles of the feet. With the gradual increase of carotene, the skin of other parts will gradually turn yellow, and eventually the whole body may turn yellow. If the symptoms are severe, caroteneemia may be fatal, but this situation is very rare. The latest case of death caused by this disease appeared in 1972.
  In fact, not only the well-known carrots and oranges, but also fruits that contain carotene or carotenoids may cause caroteneemia in consumers. In West Africa, caroteneemia is endemic because the locals often consume palm oil rich in carotenoids.
  Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene. Lycopene is an inert isomer of carotenoids. Its metabolic process is also similar to carotene. Its pigmentation is darker than caroteneemia, and it is more orange rather than yellow. yellow.
  Did the Smurfs appear?
  In 2013, Paul Karasson, a 62-year-old American man, became famous for his skin color-his skin was blue.
  In fact, Karasson originally had a normal skin tone like ordinary people, but more than ten years ago, in order to treat inflammation on the face, he began to take a “drug” that is known to have sterilization and antibacterial effects. “Apply directly to the face. After so many years, the side effects of the “drugs” made his complexion blue.
  As his skin turned blue and his appearance resembled the Blue Papa in “The Smurfs”, Karason was awarded the title of “Papa Blue”.
  The “drug” that caused Karaxun to become the Smurfs is called “colloidal silver”, also known as “nano silver”, which releases silver ions. Silver is a heavy metal, and a small amount of silver ions can inactivate and denature bacterial enzyme proteins, thereby playing a bactericidal effect. In modern medical treatment, silver nitrate eye drops are used to prevent and treat neonatal ophthalmia, and silver nitrate ointment used to disinfect burn wounds and other silver-containing drugs.
  Because the nano-silver particles in colloidal silver have a large surface area, only a small amount of nano-silver particles can maintain the presence of local low-concentration silver ions for a long time. Therefore, in terms of antibacterial clothing and surface antibacterial equipment, colloidal silver has Significant effect. There was a boom in the use of colloidal silver in the United States. At that time, many advertisements described it as a “magic bullet”.
  It was under the influence of these advertisements that Karason applied colloidal silver to his face for a long time. Over time, his facial skin absorbs a large amount of silver ions. Under the action of photochemistry, silver ions are transformed into metallic silver particles and silver sulfide particles in the skin and deposited, thereby turning the skin blue. This phenomenon is called “silver.” Composure”.
  Because the chemical properties of silver are relatively stable, once these small black particles are deposited, they will almost never disappear. Although this will not seriously harm human health, Karason will never find his normal skin color anymore. Therefore, after his skin turns blue, he no longer likes to go out.
  In fact, the medical effect of colloidal silver has never been scientifically proven. Although the colloidal silver applied by Karason for a long time is harmless to the human body, it is useless.
  Who became the red man
  In another case, a person’s skin color changed to red because he drank 8 liters of beverage in one day, which was called Ruby-Red Squirt. Because this person is extremely sensitive to bromine, and it happens that the vegetable oil used by Ruby-Red Squirt contains trace amounts of bromine. So unfortunately, his skin turned bright red. This symptom is called “bromine rash”.
  There is also a similar but more serious case. After drinking 2 to 4 liters of beverages (containing brominated vegetable oil, but the normal content), not only the skin turned red, but also tremors and extreme fatigue appeared. , Memory loss, headache, decreased muscle coordination and drooping right eyelid.
  It took the doctor two months to find out the cause. However, the patient had already lost the ability to walk. To remove bromine from the body, hemodialysis is necessary.