Do you want to travel back to Europe to be a nobleman?

After watching the life in ancient castles described in novels such as “Harry Potter”, or visiting other castle attractions such as British and Irish castles, I believe many people want to travel back to the European Middle Ages and live the addiction of being a nobleman in the castle. People’s longing for life in aristocratic castles at that time mainly stems from the following two points: one is that those princes and nobles live in the castle, there are a large number of servants and maids waiting on them, you can do whatever you want, and you don’t have to worry about anything; the second is these The castle is spacious and comfortable, with good lighting, warm in winter and cool in summer.

However, novels are novels after all, and scenic spots are scenic spots after all. What people see in novels and scenic spots is the product of combining modern life with the life of the time, eliminating the inferior and keeping the superior. In fact, many of the noble lives at that time were unacceptable to us.

Thousands of years without bathing
Junior high school textbooks have already told us that the reason for the opening of the era of great navigation and the opening of new European sea routes is because Europe was looking for spices at that time. At that time, because of the rise of the Ottoman Turk Empire, the original land Silk Road was cut off and the price of spices soared. Europe needs a lot of spices, so they had to find new routes to import spices, which led to the opening of the era of great voyages.

However, the junior high school textbooks do not tell us what Europe needs spices for, is it really just for cooking? But it seems that cooking does not require much spice. Like we are now making a black pepper steak, just sprinkle a little black pepper on it. Generally, a small bottle of pepper can be used for several months without any problems. How much spice can be needed? I believe many students are puzzled by this.

The fact is indeed the case. Although Western food uses slightly more spices, it is not so large that a huge amount of spices is needed. Therefore, the main purpose that Europe needed a lot of spices at that time was not for cooking, but for making perfumes and powders to cover up the smell on the body. As for why there is a smell on the body, this is related to the European aristocratic culture of not taking a bath at that time.

According to historical records, the famous French sun king Louis XIV only took a bath once in his life. This is an autograph of his doctor, which is absolutely true and reliable. The Queen of Spain, Isabella, who supported Columbus’s journey to sea, only took two baths in her life, one was born, and the other was the night of the bridal chamber. Other European aristocratic monarchs bathed in only a handful of times. Some hermits and nuns are more likely to have never had a bath once in her life. For example, the famous Joan of Arc, who has never had a bath once in her life, just wipes her body and face with a dry towel every day. Rong.

The only person who takes a lot of baths is Queen Elizabeth I of England. She has always claimed that she has a hygienic addiction and needs to take a bath once a month. Because she often claims to do so, and is out of gregariousness, many historical documents have records, so her record of the frequency of bathing is also quite reliable.

So if you travel back to Europe to be a nobleman, you must not take a bath often, otherwise you will definitely be regarded as an alternative.

Maybe you would say, I take a shower secretly in the castle, as long as I am not too high-profile and not exposed, I should be fine. Or I also declare to the public that I have a habit of cleanliness and wash a little less. Like Queen Elizabeth back then, it should be fine. What’s more, it seems to be an exaggeration not to take a bath in the past thousand years, because judging from some artworks that have been handed down to this day, many people also take a bath. After all, civilians can’t afford the expensive spices, so they also have to take a bath. That’s all, I’m just a bit of a civilian habit at best.

This seems to work. But the other point is that you can’t avoid it, that is the habit of Europeans at that time to urinate and defecate everywhere.

Urinate anywhere
Many tourists who have been to Paris have visited the three famous palaces of the French king: Versailles, Louvre and Fontainebleau. However, I believe many tourists will be surprised that these three palaces are so close that they can’t play any role in summer vacation. Why did the king of France spend money to build these three palaces in the small city of Paris? Isn’t this a waste of manpower and material resources? The fact is very simple, that is: sanitary cleaning.

In medieval Europe, people did not have the concept of toilets, or did not develop good hygiene habits, and almost always urinate and defecate anywhere. Most people just find a slightly hidden place to solve the problem, take a shovel and shovel against the wall, and it’s done. Only the noble king will set up one or two toilets in the palace castle, and the servants will clean it regularly. But because the servants don’t have toilets, the palace is still full of fragrance.

After a long time, the taste in the palace will not be so good. Facing the lingering smell, His Holiness had to move. Move from the Palace of Versailles to the Louvre, let the servants go to clean the Palace of Versailles and clean the Palace of Versailles. But time was not enough, so I moved from the Louvre to the Fontainebleau and cleaned the Louvre by the way. Then move back to Versailles, which has been cleaned up. Only by rotating in these three places can we barely live a little more comfortably without being swamped by the smell.

For this, anyone who crosses back is inevitable. After all, to build so many toilets and to teach all the servants, this project is not an ordinary one. Therefore, before crossing, everyone should think again about whether you can endure the pain of not taking a bath for a few months, and the “scent of stool” palace everywhere.